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Best. Memeorandum. Thread. Ever.

Best. Memeorandum. Thread. Ever.

That Memeorandum algorithm is smart, really smart.  It not only finds the blog posts and stories which drive the debate, it also pulls a snippet of text from the post so readers get a sense of what’s really important in the story.

And in the case of Politico’s never-ending attempt to drive website traffic by portraying Herman Cain as a sexual predator without a single actual fact to back it up, the Memeorandum algorithm pulled up this post at Politico, Herman Cain accuser attorney: National Restaurant Association agreement expected  this afternoon.

But the Memeorandum algorithm is as sick of Politico’s shoddy reporting tactics as the rest of us, so the story title appears on Memeorandum as More on POLITICO, and the algorithm didn’t pull a snippet of text from the post but from the first comment:

Yaaawwwnnn…give it up, Politico.  Your Dan Rather-esque hatchet job is falling apart and you’ve been exposed as the DNC boot licking liberals you truly are.  The American people aren’t falling for it.  You’ve devolved into a complete laughing stock.

I think we just crossed the line where technology begins to think for itself.

Update:  Just noticed that Dan Riehl picked up on this also, but beat me to the post.


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hehe an aggregator aggravates politico 🙂

At least some”thing” is doing the thinking for the Politihacks!

I don’t know how the aggregator reached its conclusion, but I do know that Politico has breached the modern journalistic ethics of a local newspaper. They need an upgrade, because New York Times “ethics” are simply not good enough, any more.

I saw that and for a while searched all over for the quote INT THE STORY. Couldn’t find it.

Then went to the comments (which was the first one in line).

I’ve never seen Memeorandum pull a comment to quote for a story. Maybe because the story was so short. (Cause when you don’t have anything it’s hard to come up with a new angle.)

Me I prefer to believe that the brain waves from so many people (who disbelieved the story and felt it was a hit job by Politico.) influenced the algorithm into quoting how most all of us feel.

I think even some liberals got it.

This is where the Liberal Media is shooting itself in the foot; they are disillusioning their targeted readers and exposing their willful, hateful, sleazy tactics against conservatives.

There ARE SOME liberals who still believe in fair play and until lately they’ve been fooled into believing that there was a level playing field.

Now the blinders are coming off and some folks are rethinking what they’ve believed for so long.

Thanks Liberal Media. Thanks race huckster Obama. For allowing Democrats true colors to shine through for all to judge.

We reach the point where an algorithm running on a search engine is smarter than viewers of The Daily Show?

NEWSFLASH: Mold growing on food at the back of your fridge might be smarter than MSNBC viewers and is far more intelligent than all three of Olbermann’s remaining viewers.