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Thanks to reader Cathy who writes:

Spotted at Sonny’s BBQ, Sanford Florida, today at lunch. My favorite is lower left. ‘and we thought Carter sucked’. Amen

Personally, I prefer the “Tell Barack I’m baroke.”


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DINORightMarie | November 20, 2011 at 8:22 am

Hahaha! Very clever play on words.

And, yeah, Carter is now unofficially the 2nd Worst President in recent history, if not ever. Obama has surpassed him, indeed.

Now, if only someone could somehow get the MSM to stop lying, obfuscating, and protecting their Chosen 0ne……. Nah, never mind. Not gonna happen.

Good to see the word is out, people see what is actually happening – and who is responsible, and that people are spreading the word! Now, they need to make sure they VOTE – and work the polls and precincts to ensure a FAIR election. 🙂

My concern is the old timers who choose not to attempt computers and thus swallow whole the propaganda spin dished out by ‘abcnbccbs’. It is sheer torture to watch the so-called “news” from these sources at my mother’s house. Inevitably, a non-productive debate follows.

On the other end of the spectrum are the totally un-interested and uninformed younger folks who are interviewed and are totally ignorant of both historical questions (who was adolph Hitler? to “identify the person in this photo” (any Republican candidate for President) and they have no clue.

I hate to admit it but I’m missing the Carter years.
The economy sucked almost as bad as now but I at least could scrap up some extra money by gathering discarded items for recycling.

Now all the cities and counties and states are into that and cans and bottles have deposits. Places also chain their dumpsters now.

Used to go around and scavenged discarded cardboard, metal, cans, bottles etc and could get a fairly decent dollar doing so. Enough to pay for gas and an extra 20 or so.

Now there’s no sun in the distance under this cloud. This cloud we’re under goes all the way around the world and no sign of clearing yet.

A question regarding the so-called MSM: how “main stream” are they really? They’re losing market share, newspapers are dying, and the so-called alternative media has actually established certain public discourse. So how “main stream” are these leftist dinosaurs any more?