I was in the car this morning when I heard on the news that Barney Frank was retiring and would not run for re-election.

Obviously there is a lot of snark which could be thrown around, but this represents a bigger deal than Barney.  As more and more senior Democrats retire, the realization is sinking in that there is no next generation of Democrats.

The younger generation of Democrats in Congress was wiped out in 2010 (along with some senior Democrats as well).  On the eve of the 2010 elections I wrote:

The Democrats face a political decapitation tomorrow.

Dozens of senior Democratic Party leaders in the House and Senate, and in Statehouses around the country, are likely to lose.  Unlike Republicans in 2008, there is no next generation of Democratic leaders.

Who are the Democratic Party equivalents of Marco Rubio, Mitch Daniels, John Thune, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan or Eric Cantor?

The Republican Party has numerous rising stars.  I cannot think of a single Democratic Party rising star.

Can you?

The Democratic congressional problem remains the same.  Democrats in Congress have lost both their past and their future. Barney Frank’s retirement is just another example.

Now for the snark — the ad Sean Beilat ran against Frank in the last election, created by Ladd Ehlinger, Jr. (creator of the greatest political ad ever and its sequel):

Update: From Conservatives for Congress (h/t Charles):

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is the 17th House Democrat to announce a retirement this cycle compared to seven Republicans.

And all of those Republicans are trying to win higher office.

Of the Democratic retirements, eight are running for another position while nine are flat-out retiring….

Pure retirements (Dems)

Dan Borenz (Okla.)
Dale Kildeez (Mich.)
Lynn Woolseyz (Calif.)
Mike Rossz (Ark.)
Jerry Costelloz (Ill.)
Dennis Cardozaz (Calif.)
John Olverz (Mass.)
Charlie Gonzalezz (Texas)
Barney Frank (Mass.)