I came across a story about a Christian baker in Iowa who is being boycotted for refusing to work with a gay couple.

I love boycotts with a passion, regardless of which side I’m on. Commerce is meant to be a voluntary association where goods are exchanged. Oftentimes prices, competitors,  or quality factor into purchase decisions, but the phrase “value is subjective” is epitomized by a consumer who flexes a moral objection to the producers of a certain product.

I didn’t feel particularly strongly about this article until I got to this line:

The Iowa Civil Rights Act was amended in 2007 to include protections for sexual orientation. The couple told the television station they had not decided whether they would file a Civil Rights complaint against the baker.

A spokesperson for the Iowa Civil Rights Commission declined to confirm or deny whether they’ve launched an investigation.

Once again, the government obscures commerce.

What good is a boycott in a land where commerce can’t be voluntary?