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Arrest in threats on Rep. Eric Cantor’s family

Arrest in threats on Rep. Eric Cantor’s family

Eric Cantor has been a focus of verbal attacks from Democrats and the Obama administration, and has been singled out to be demonized as part of 2012 campaign strategy:

Cantor also is a target of Occupy Wall Street:

Glenn Greenwald even accused Cantor of dual loyalty, or should I say, loyalty to Israel first.

Via ABC News, someone has threatened Cantor and his family:

A Tennessee man is sitting in jail today for allegedly placing two threatening phone calls to the office of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor last week — “screaming, profanity-laden messages [that] allegedly stated that the caller was going to destroy Rep. Cantor, rape his daughter and kill his wife,” according to the FBI and the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Glendon Swift, 62, of Lenoir City, Tenn., was arrested late Wednesday for threatening the Virginia Republican and his family in two voicemails left at Cantor’s Glen Allen, Va., office the evening of Oct. 27.

Will Democrats be held responsible in the press for overheated rhetoric and creating a climate of hate? Paul Krugman, Paul Krugman? SPLC, SPLC?

As we find out more about the perp, I’ll update, but your help in the comments is appreciated.


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It might help to post examples of when Dems advocated violence specifically against Cantor. I think that would be required to make the analogy between the target on Rep. Giffords’s picture and that shooting, and the one you’re requesting they make here.

    malclave in reply to Awing1. | November 3, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    Hmm, I somehow missed the target on Giffords’ picture. I tried an internet search, but none of the top hits on “target on giffords picture” which I checked actually had a target on Giffords’ picture.

    Your hypocrisy is noteworthy.

      Awing1 in reply to malclave. | November 3, 2011 at 9:06 pm

      Sorry, I meant to say “target on Rep Gifford’s district picture.

      Either way, that would be inaccuracy, not hypocrisy. I suggest you look up words you hear in the dictionary before trying to use them yourself.

        Milwaukee in reply to Awing1. | November 3, 2011 at 10:42 pm

        Maybe a better wording would have been “target on the sketch of a map of Gifford’s district”. There wasn’t a “picture” of Gifford’s Congressional District. It was a picture of the map of the District.

        What you did say ” “target on Rep Gifford’s district picture. ” still makes it sound far more personal than it actually was.

        How about “get in their faces and punch twice as hard”? I think I recall a prominent Democratic politician pushing that position.

[…] report from ABC News about a threat on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and his family.  ”Will,” that blogger asks, “Democrats be held responsible in the press for overheated […]

There will be some major violence within the next year, as Obama desires. Who knows where it will first occur?

DINORightMarie | November 3, 2011 at 9:42 pm

All the anti-semitic language at the Occupy Everywhere sites, along with the general class-warfare hate-and-division rhetoric being spewed by Obama and Co., are most definitely raising people’s willingness to risk making such threats, believing they will not be held accountable.

The hypocrisy is thick, indeed. However, this is not the first time Cantor has been targeted. In 2010 his election HQ in Richmond, I believe, was shot at (it might have been in Northern VA……my memory fails). The hate is just escalating with the rhetoric, IMHO. Kicking it up a notch. “Pick[ing] the target, freez[ing] it, personaliz[ing it]….” (-S. Alinsky) – literally, via verbal threats to family.

Personally, I would like more details on the perp. Who is he, and why now? Also, why target Cantor, in particular? Is the perp a white-supremacist type in the hills of TN, or is he a leftist who just got up some courage to hate on Cantor, the most powerful Jewish representative? Or, as in the Gabby Giffords case, just a crazed person doing deranged things?

Does anyone know? I don’t expect the MSM to report on real details, or real facts. So, if anyone finds out…….share, please.

Democrats? No.
Krugman? No.

Rick, above, has it right. Misdirection of responsibility is so pervasive in the media and has been for so long now that the average miscreant, thug, union idler, and “studies” major with time on his hands is entitled to behave however they want where ever they want in protest of almost anything they can conjure up. Laws dealing with civility and the public space are so poor, are so poorly applied, and so poorly enforced that it will be a miracle if there is not a disaster soon. Add to that complete contempt for due process by the administration at the highest levels and anyone outside the congressional and administration crony crowd and the kettle is approaching a boil. Fast & Furious; Eric Holder; constant stream of Presidential fiats, er, executive orders; Madison, WI; voter fraud; Occupy Whatever Wherever; immigration; AZ shootings; ACORN and its spawn; Solyndra, et al(?); the Fed and treasury; Debbie Wasserman Schultz; George Soros; far too many congressmen and senators; the Congressional Black Caucus; MSNBC…the list is long, and that’s just inside the borders. That we made it through the summer is a miracle.

I heard on the (Richmond, VA) news tonight the clown’s excuse when arrested was (a) he doesn’t remember and (b) he was drunk.

Yeah, like that’ll work.

Was it Family Guy who had the scare ad parody that trumpeted the phrase “HE’S A JEW!”

Isn’t that what this is?

Just as the sexual allegations against Herman Cain the MSM, who repeatedly lied about racism in the Tea Parties, are shouting “He’s a black man and he’s after your women!”

The pandering to hate is so evident it should be the target of mockery on The Daily Show. I am sure it would be, except that Jon Stewart has no problem being a partisan hypocrite and flat-out party shill. He knows he only has credibility with idiots and he’s ok with that.

Cassandra Lite | November 4, 2011 at 1:41 am

Responsible? Yeah, right. As of this moment, the NYT homepage doesn’t have a link to the arrest story. There is, however, this important piece of reporting: “Republican Sexual Harassment Furor Boosts Obama”

And this: “Woman Said She Felt Work Hostility After Complaining About Cain

People familiar with the account of a woman who worked for Herman Cain in the 1990s said that after she complained to higher-ups at the National Restaurant Association, she felt a “change of attitude.”

First the protests only sat around beating on tom-toms and speaking through a human-microphone….next came busting windows and defecating on patrol cars…and still nothing was done to stop OWS. Now they shut down the 5th busiest port, set fifteen foot fires, and we still hear nothing more than how “peaceful” they are.

Sure…this lunatic was caught long before he did anything, but with everything escalating, I’m afraid we are not going to make it to November without even more violence occuring.

One thing to watch for: As the elections get nearer, count on more Tea Party events. And with OWS anti-capitalists continuing to be allowed to get away with more, it won’t be long before OWS protestors feel obligated to shut down Tea Party rallies.

DocWahala – my fortune cookie says “Caution: OWS rhetoric is flammable”.

I am sure the that the perpetrator is a Tea partier. Not.

What would not surprise me is that he is one of the many anti-semite OWS types which the lame stream media ignores.

We are still waiting for Tea party inflammatory rhetoric causes violence but OWS inflammatory rhetoric inspired violence is everywhere.

[…] Arrest In Threats On Rep. Eric Cantor’s Family […]

[…] Arrests have been made in the threat against Eric Cantor’s […]