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All of the sudden, Politico wants to be fair and balanced

All of the sudden, Politico wants to be fair and balanced

After spending a week portraying Herman Cain as a sexual predator, allegations which so far have resulted in NO FACTS sustantiating the innuendo, Politico now wants to be fair and balanced and tell us that Cain actually led industry efforts to fight sexual harassment, Under Herman Cain, NRA launched Sex Harassment Fight:

With Cain at the helm as CEO in 1998, the [National Restaurant] association created a  video to explain sexual harassment laws to its members – and created a sample  sexual harassment policy for individual restaurants to use, according to a  Chicago Tribune story at the time.

The NRA’s Educational Foundation began offering a training program for member  restaurants called, “What’s the Big Deal? Sexual Harassment Prevention Program,” in addition to its ServSafe safety and alcohol training materials. Today,  according to the ServSafe website, restaurants can purchase employee and manager  training brochures, as well as DVDs to explain acceptable practices.

Scher, who observed the NRA’s actions at the time and has read about them  since, said the organization’s actions were, at the time, a proactive step.

And in a prophetic statement, Cain also warned of the consequences of frivolous suits:

Industry officials saw it coming — none other than Cain himself  warned as far back as 1991 that changes in federal law resulting from the  hearings could cause problems for employers.

“This bill opens the door for opportunists who will use the legislation to  make some money,” Cain, then CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, told Nation’s  Restaurant News. “I’m certainly for civil rights, but I don’t know if this  bill is fair because of what we’ll have to spend to defend ourselves in  unwarranted cases.”

Indeed.  But at least you didn’t have Politico in 1991.


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I will repeat it again.

Politico –> A Piece of $hit. (apologies for the cursing)

I have never seen such nonsense. Who the hell would take them seriously after this?

Since they were formed in 2007/2008? independents like me gave them a lot of credibility. They have revealed themselves to be a truely PO$ leftist outlet. I don’t trust anything they publish anymore, nothing but a media outlet entirely devoted to the dems and that moron in the WH.

I’m not even a Cain supporter, but I hate seeing the palinazation of Cain. Looks like this election season is not just about the candidates, the legitmacy of the media is on trial as well. I often find more information, truth both-sided info online than I do from ABC, NBC, CBS, MSDNC or CNN. And it appears the mainstream corporate lefty media does not realise people have access to the Internet to see all sides of any claims, any issues.

and again I thank you for keeping an open mind regarding the cain stuff. better then most conservative sites have done.

Cain’s popularity doesn’t seem to be dented by this non-scandal. Imagine the weeks ahead, when the left ratchets up the nasty meter on him. This is going to get uglier and uglier.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | November 5, 2011 at 10:26 am

It was never about being fair. It was always about driving traffic to their website. Here’s Politico’s Mike Allen on MSNBC just a day or two after Politico broke the “non-story” story:

Scarborough: Just to confirm, you have evidence as well of sexually inappropriate behavior?

Allen: What the women have said is that he said things that made them feel uncomfortable in that way.

Then he quickly changes the subject and bizarrely begins bragging about how many twitter responses the story generated.

Watch it:

And as others in prior threads have pointed out, Politico has written over 90 columns about the “non-story” story.

Sex sells. They knew the “non-story” story about allegations of sexual harassment would drive traffic to their site, and they got the added bonus of smearing a black conservative which might ruin his candidacy and take him out of the race. It was a grand slam for a lefty site with a semblance of respectability remaining.

Now it’s just another site trafficking in gutter journalism.

I think you misread the context of the headline, Professor.

This isn’t about Politico being “fair and balanced.” This is Politico trying to paint Herman Cain to be a hypocrite.

First, notice their choice of wording: fight (and not the more appropriate “reduction or elimination program.”

Second, this is Politico saying “Herman Cain launched a Sexual Harassment fight and then hypocritically engages in Sexual Harassment himself, suggesting to the reader that either Cain is uncontrollable in his compulsions or incompetent in not being able to follow his own policies.

It’s just one more facet of the hatchet job that Politico is pulling.

[…] they change it, Dan Riehl and William Jacobson have captured screen shots.In related news, Politico finally got around to reporting that while Herman Cain led the National Restaurant Association they were proactive in combating […]

“Indeed. But at least you didn’t have Politico in 1991.”

Haha! Nice!

As all of us who have been rickrolled, you can’t unhear or unsee what you’ve heard or seen.

We’ve seen how sleazy and underhanded you are, Politico.

We’ve seen how blatantly biased and willing to distort the electoral process of this Republic for your petty, venal ends.

We’ve seen that you have NO integrity, NO honesty, NO fairness, NO objectivity and NO balance.

We reject anything to have to say in the future. Your standard of proof now has to be triple what would be normally expected and maybe not even then.

You have sold your reputations for a few shiny baubles and tweets and being “liked” on Facebook.

Hope it was worth it.

That’s “We reject anything YOU have to say in the future.”

BTW. Politico? It not only didn’t work, Cain is actually stronger now. You’ve inoculated him against future attacks and he’s increased his donations.


I love it when manipulative bastards over think something and wind up stepping on themselves.

[…] related news, Politico finally got around to reporting that while Herman Cain led the National Restaurant Association they were proactive in combating […]

Katie Thompson | November 6, 2011 at 5:33 pm

The FACT that two women received settlements for sexual harassment allegations doesn’t count as a fact?