After spending a week portraying Herman Cain as a sexual predator, allegations which so far have resulted in NO FACTS sustantiating the innuendo, Politico now wants to be fair and balanced and tell us that Cain actually led industry efforts to fight sexual harassment, Under Herman Cain, NRA launched Sex Harassment Fight:

With Cain at the helm as CEO in 1998, the [National Restaurant] association created a  video to explain sexual harassment laws to its members – and created a sample  sexual harassment policy for individual restaurants to use, according to a  Chicago Tribune story at the time.

The NRA’s Educational Foundation began offering a training program for member  restaurants called, “What’s the Big Deal? Sexual Harassment Prevention Program,” in addition to its ServSafe safety and alcohol training materials. Today,  according to the ServSafe website, restaurants can purchase employee and manager  training brochures, as well as DVDs to explain acceptable practices.

Scher, who observed the NRA’s actions at the time and has read about them  since, said the organization’s actions were, at the time, a proactive step.

And in a prophetic statement, Cain also warned of the consequences of frivolous suits:

Industry officials saw it coming — none other than Cain himself  warned as far back as 1991 that changes in federal law resulting from the  hearings could cause problems for employers.

“This bill opens the door for opportunists who will use the legislation to  make some money,” Cain, then CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, told Nation’s  Restaurant News. “I’m certainly for civil rights, but I don’t know if this  bill is fair because of what we’ll have to spend to defend ourselves in  unwarranted cases.”

Indeed.  But at least you didn’t have Politico in 1991.