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Won’t you please come to Chicago

Won’t you please come to Chicago

just to sing?

Thanks to reader Joe, who writes:

Spotted this unfortunate billboard in Chicago (which is shocking, I know) on Western Ave near the I-90 entrance ramp. Felt like it was juxtaposed nicely with the billboard from those greedy, evil corporate fat cats at Big Red.

Keep up all the great work!


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Subotai Bahadur | October 30, 2011 at 1:44 pm

And this is surprising, why? This is Chicago; with generations of history of misgovernment and the home of the current regime. This is mainstream there.

Subotai Bahadur

Hey Joe,

Shouldn’t there be some kind of Surgeon General’s warning on that billboard?

Is that a digital billboard?

From the Museum’s website, a description of the exhibit. Shared suffering. Yeah. How’s that “dynamic alternative” workin’ out for ya.

“Koretsky’s captivating scenes of survival and suffering were designed to create an emotional connection between Soviet citizens and others struggling for civil rights and independence around the globe. This vision of a multicultural world of shared sacrifice offered a dynamic alternative to the sleek consumerism of Madison Avenue and the West and, according to the curators, can be thought of “as a kind of Communist advertising for a future that never quite arrived.”

This whole “communist” alternative suggestion really, really bugs because it didn’t work, it never worked, yet you have those spoiled and insane children demonstrating FOR it, like they’re deprived or something. When you look at the occupiers and their definition of being poor and see that they want their $200,000 college loans paid off, you realize that they’re probably the most materialistic of us.

They want money. Your money. And they’re willing to march in the streets if they think they can get it.

Look at the Heritage Foundation’s definition of “living below the poverty line.” Poverty in America includes air conditioning and an X Box. Communism means a free education.