Florida Governor Rick Scott is proposing refocusing funding away from liberal arts programs at state universities and colleges, which has various groups accusing Scott of being anti-anthropology, or something like that.  Instapundit has the story and lots of reader comments.

Let me suggest that Scott is not going far enough, and should follow the advice I gave Rick Perry in early August, when Perry was accused of waging an “assault” on the Texas state university establishment:

While we await a reevaluation of how educational goals are measured, how about a partial quick fix:

Eliminate political science departments, which produce more esoteric unproductive research than all other departments combined; then forbid anyone from using the term “political scientist” without a license, but never create a department to hand out licenses.

It would be a good start.

I’m not against political scientists.  Some of my best friends are political scientists (well, to be more precise, I knew people who were political science majors in college because anthropology was too difficult).

It’s just that taxpayers should not have to subsidize political scientists while they spend years and sometimes decades trying to figure out how to stick it to the taxpayers.

And anyway, it’s in their own best interest.  I’m just trying to avoid otherwise intelligent people suffering the humiliation of begging for dead-end jobs from a Soros-funded media tank, or worse, ending up trying to make names for themselves by blogging at The Nation, Mother Jones, Salon.com, or, heaven forbid, The American Prospect.

What was that Shakespeare line about political scientists?