Thanks to reader Glenn who spotted this in Woodlands, Texas, and sent me an e-mail with the subject line “Is dissent still patriotic?”:

Spotted while stopped at a red light in the Woodlands, TX. The driver went on to turn left (go figure.)

I’m sure these are regurgitations of previous entries, but at least they’re plastered in a neat and orderly fashion. They read;

Dissent is Patriotic
WAKE UP before it’s too late!
Turn off your TV- Think for yourself
Don’t support the troops- SAVE THEM!
Screw Left and Right- CHOOSE LIBERTY
The Official 9-11 story IS A BIG LIE
INVESTIGATE 9-11; False Flag Terrorism
Some unintelligible blather about being BETRAYED
Ron Paul rEVOLution
WAKE UP SHEEPLE! (blah blah blah)