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To each according to this bumper sticker

To each according to this bumper sticker

Thanks to frequent photographer Jason who writes:

This one was parked at a hospital in Raleigh, NC. The sun was messing me up, so I had to get right up close to get the sticker on the right.


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Kudos to Jason for getting the shot in difficult conditions!

“Because everyone deserves what you worked hard for.”

That about sums up the attitude in this clip where Peter Schiff goes out and engages the OWS crowd. I gotta say kudos again, as Mr. Schiff does it with good cheer. He does it respectfully and without any condescension. He’s really trying in good faith to persuade these people they are wrong. There are a few of these videos of Mr. Schiff out talking to the protesters.

The bumper sticker Jason photographed reminded me of my favorite line in this video when a woman says to Mr. Schiff, “You should want to share your success.”

I think it might be more accurate to say, “You should want to share the money you made taking risks, working long hours, enduring extreme stress, losing out on time spent with your family because of the demands of your work etc., etc., … you should want to share it with a bunch of strangers camping out feeling sorry for themselves.”

Here’s the link. In case it’s bumped, it’s entitled, “Peter Schiff takes on the 99%.”

“And who will help me eat the bread, said the Little Red Hen….”

Sounds like the OWS crowd never were read the Little Golden book version of “The Little Red Hen” and therefore has never learned the lesson. Share the risks, share the rewards. Don’t share the risks, and you can whine all you want, it ain’t gonna rain bread.