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The Real Reason Ron Paul Demands Metal Currency

The Real Reason Ron Paul Demands Metal Currency

Now you know…


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Can we just elect Gandalf? 😀

Magneto said “now the time come
To gather our forces and run!!!”
Oh no …
This can’t be so …

And then it occurred to me!

You couldn’t be bad
Magneto was mad!

– Paul McCartney & Wings

Matthew Knee should get a medical degree, deliver babies for 50 years and be elected to Congress for 12 terms, before snarking on someone who has. Perhaps Matthew should put down his cut and paste crayons and be introduced to co-blogger Kathleen who actually reads, comprehends and writes interesting pieces while disrespecting no one.

    scooby509 in reply to Mark30339. | October 25, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Nope, sorry, we don’t need any qualifications to poke fun at presidential candidates, though you might take the time to read Mr. Knee’s before you declare him unsuited to the task.

    And being elected to Congress isn’t an accomplishment, nor is having a bunch of humorless groupies. For one so dedicated to small government that he has served (on the taxpayer’s dime) for 12 terms, can you point me to one sentence in the US Code that was cut out thanks to his legislating?


That is AWESOME! The label that mimics the mass produced “tagging” style banners makes it.