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Mother Goose Lives; Frenchmen Cry

Mother Goose Lives; Frenchmen Cry

In seven months, foie gras is going to be banned by California. The impetus for the bill was, of course, animal rights activists who claim that the fattened goose or duck liver promotes cruelty to animals. Naturally, chefs are fighting back and planning types of resistance:

“This is a rather embarrassing temper tantrum on the part of these chefs; the bill will take effect whether they like it or not,” said Lindsay Rajt, an associate director with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “The idea of paying upwards of $100 to eat pieces of a diseased organ would be laughably funny to most people if it didn’t involve cramming pipes down birds’ throats and painfully force-feeding them.”

I don’t like foie gras myself, but I know it’s a staple of French culture. I can’t imagine the force feeding of animals is much more unethical than feeding them hormones or keeping them in small areas, as a lot of poultry producers do. (Forgive me for linking to PETA. For the record, I am practically a carnivore.)

Foie gras is an easy target because it’s expensive and linked to a decadent part of western European culture. I doubt the same activists would be successful in harassing the morals of a group that is not linked to the bourgeoisie.


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Yes, because there is absolutely NO other urgent problem facing the state of California that we need to address except for the consumption of over-feed fowl./sacr-max

PETA- People Eating Tasty Animals
The truth about PETA-

Donald Douglas | October 16, 2011 at 4:08 pm

It’s the enviro-fascism that kills me. I love this quote from the article:

“I want people to have the freedom to eat what they want,” said Ludo Lefebvre, one of the chefs behind the stove here on Friday. “Animal rights people would turn everyone into a vegan if they could. I don’t want animal rights people to tell me what to eat. Today it’s foie gras. Tomorrow it’s going to be chicken, or beef.”

Well, here in the Progressive Peeps Republic of Santa Monica, as of last month, plastic bags are illegal. So, the foie gras is one less unbagged item to carry. Well, that would be if we still did our grocery shopping in Santa Monica.

My wife came home from the supermarket one evening last month, banged on the front door (I knew she was pissed off about something … it wasn’t the usual “Please help me carry the bags of groceries in” knock).

I opened the door to find a pile of individual grocery items on the front porch. She was making another trip back from the car carrying everything without any bags.

“This country is going insane!” she fumed as she added to the pile and ordered me to help her transfer the pile in the car to the house. “Honey, it’s not this country. It’s this city,” I told her again for the umpteenth time.

Boy oh boy has this typically completely-uninterested-in-politics Japanese girl been turned into a conservative firebrand by living in the most progressive of cities.

She now drives a few extra blocks and does all her grocery shopping in West Los Angeles where the merchants provide plastic bags.

LukeHandCool (who almost choked to death on a raw slab of duck sashimi in a sushi restaurant in Japan when it became immovably lodged half way down).

I would not rule out their desire to get rid of the $5 chickens that are a weekly staple in my house. I get several meals out of one chicken (thank you Wegmans), usually one meat and potatoes meal and one mexican meal and a couple lunches. They just know foie gras is an easier target, it is not that they are not trying for others. I believe Holland (perhaps a different European country) has recently implemented an adsurdly high tax on saturated fats (meats, cheeses, butter). It is taking hold and if radicals like Cass Sunstein had their way it would probably be marching into our neighborhoods and shoved down our throats too; or put another way pulled from our cold hungry hands. The OWS protesters want their debt forgiven, I just want the boots of tyranny off of my neck and for them to stop driving up food and energy costs with their unicorn dystopian visions.

P.S. Kathleen, great post title 🙂

You’ve learned well from the Professor.

Plus, it will shut down another California business, one that provided a livelihood for the famers, restauranteurs and processors. Pretty soon California will be commerce frei.

1. Kathleen, if a Web page is cached by Google, you can link to the page without sending the site traffic. Here is an explanation of how to google the cached version. The search instructions work, but the other information is a little outdated: in my Firefox 7, the link and an image of a cached page appear only when I move the cursor to the right of its Google entry (a >> appears; let the cursor linger over it).

2. I don’t know whether foie gras constitutes animal cruelty or not. I don’t eat the stuff.

3. I’m against animal cruelty; I’m for protecting the environment; I’m for equal opportunity. However, I have become ruefully aware that providing political support for these things is tantamount to enlisting as a useful idiot.

4. The pretentiousness of the NYT piece approaches Onion quality. It would be hilarious if I didn’t visualize future historians saying “This is how they occupied themselves while their civilization was sliding toward catastrophe.”

    Kathleen McCaffrey in reply to gs. | October 17, 2011 at 8:24 am

    gs, good points as always but I actually think the site should get traffic. first of all, the NYT did technically do the reporting so they should get credit in some way (even if their style isn’t to our liking). secondly, I trust the LI readers won’t click on the ads to add to the NYT’s benefit :-). lastly, some corporations block links to cached pages. but that’s a great point and I appreciate the thought. I’ll try to incorporate more of those links in the future.

It’s unnecessary animal cruelty, while doing nothing to help feed people, enhance nutrition, or facilitate business. Ban it and move on. There are more important things to think about.

First, they came for my goose liver……

Shouldn’t the headline be “Mother Goose Liver rather than Lives?

I like how the politician compared it to prohibition, apparently forgetting how prohibition ended.

I belong to PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.

Ok, it’s old, but I remember the first time I heard it, in thickly accented English from an Argentinian friend of mine, who DOTES on meat, as do I.

I have another unoriginal idea, but I believe it to be true, the more time goes on. Liberals are about draining the pleasures and fun out of life. Pure and simple.

They are angry masochists, who cannot stand for others to be ‘normally’ happy. Libs are happy when they can control the rest of us, are ecstatic when they have something to be “righteously” angry about, and pleased when their own miseries can be transmogrified into somehow abusing and making the rest of us miserable.

I had this flash some years ago, when going to a beautiful and large aquarium in some city…and we had sat to watch a dolphin show. Ah, but first we had to endure a terribly sad, guilt-inducing lecture on how WE…including those of us who had never done the heinous things we were being accused of and warned about….were killing off all sea life. It’s not that we shouldn’t have a brief and cheery word on why we shouldn’t throw our plastic beer carriers in the ocean…most of us kind of knew why and hadn’t done it in the first place…but no, it was done in a long, drawn-out and dark way.

I just wanted to see Flipper do flips.

In my glorious youth, we had shows where we didn’t have to endure the CRAP of lectures. But that was the day I realized that 1/2 the world wanted to just have the normal warm entertainments of Man…a good book, a good companion, decent eats, a laugh, 500 cable channels (and now, streaming movies) and the freedom to pretty much do what we wanted if it wasn’t too distasteful or harmful to someone else…whereas the other 1/2 wanted POWER to make up for their own internal miseries.

I am not sure what the real percentages are, it might be a lot lower for the Miserable Crowd, but they seem to dominate in politics and “movements” and PETA!

So there’s the explanation for human history. The wolves who want power, and those who are only happy when everyone else is miserable, versus the rest of humanity that just want to see Flipper flip. Maybe that’s a bit flippant, but hey, it seems to fit in with the PETA/Foie Gras thing, or Bloomber’s war on salt, or Michelle “Big Booty” O’s war on the rest of us enjoying fattening foods (Let ’em eat non-caloric greens…”.

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[…] that and the California foie gras ban, I won’t look to the Golden State for investment. Their legislative body is immune to common […]