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Thanks to reader Bob who writes:

Seen in Longmont Colorado. I was stopped behind the car and the turn signal just came on.

Obama08 supporter from decal on the side window. (Ok, I had to be careful and quick while driving to take this one.)[my note, not in this photo]

Back sticker:
“Insurance CEO’s get the treasure.”
“Patients get buried”

Note snow on the mountains from storm last weekend.


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Another misinformed liberal. Health insurance companies are not raking in the money. I handled my company’s insurance group plan before my retirement and consistently, year after year, they paid out more than they took in in premiums for our group. I got monthly reports on everything they paid out for our employees showing where themoney went. I’m sure there were many groups in the same situation. It’s very aggravating to hear people say “stick it to insurance companies, they rakng in the money”. Like they are cheating the public and it’s a bad thing to make a profit…if they do make a profit.