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Rats Good, Pilgrims Bad

Rats Good, Pilgrims Bad

Sums up the bumper stickers of this West L.A. lefty’s Prius.  Of course, thanks to experimentation on rats and other animals, we aren’t dying in droves at young ages like the pilgrims.


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“Rats have rights”

And that rat apparently also had a Prius.

Is it possible that the brain dead will inherit the earth?

I think the rest of us are off the hook on that “illegal alien” thingy. It looks like Priusite is only concentrating on some guy named “Art”

I see. The illegal pilgrims should get their rights ‘rat’-ified.

As ridiculous as these bumper stickers are, they’re obviously not saying the pilgrims were bad, just commenting on the odd state of an immigrant society complaining about immigration.

Of course, if we accept their logic then most societies wouldn’t be able to complain about immigration, but I’m just defending the point that this isn’t saying pilgrims are bad, not their actual logic.

VetHusbandFather | October 5, 2011 at 8:37 am

Let me get this straight… British Colonists were ‘illegal immigrants’ to the Americas, which is okay with this lefty. So since that was okay, it is also okay for people to immigrate to the United States illegally now. But in between there chronologically, it became an occupation when the United Nations endorsed the legal immigration of Jews to Israel after WWI and WWII?

Actually, there is physical evidence which indicates that “native” Americans were not the first settlers of North America. There was at least one earlier wave, which either originated from Asia, or, more likely, from Europe.

In any case, there were native American tribes who allied themselves with European settlers in opposition to native savagery, including: genocide, murder, rape, and slavery. So, at least some of the Europeans were welcomed by the existing population.

Then there is the practice of human sacrifice by Aztecs, and others. Unfortunately, we have not managed to escape that regressive behavior. Eventually, society will have to establish when dignity is assigned to human life, and determine a means to enforce the recognition of this moral imperative.

As for rat rights, I tend, in general, to place human dignity above that of animals. However, until I fully realize my omnivorous nature, I do treat them humanely.

My burmese python will provide a good, if temporary home, to any rat who so desires it.

(All such rats are killed humanely, I might add.)