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Qaddafi killed, captured, still on the loose? Update: Killed

Qaddafi killed, captured, still on the loose? Update: Killed

There are conflicting reports, as detailed in the live updates at The Telegraph.

Updates:  I’ll wait a bit before updating the headline, but it appears he’s dead (photo at The Telegraph link).

DEBKAFile says he’s dead, killed in NATO airstrike near his hometown of Sirte.

PJTatler has al-Jaeera video of what appearst to be dead Gaddafi.

Libya’s Prime Minister confirms death, according to ABC News.

This video seems to show that Gaddafi originally was captured alive, and then was killed.


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Some people just need killin’.

First there was that guy in Yemen who just need killin’.

And now there is Qaddafi. And Qaddafi was one of those people. But how long before we conclude that those who take over power in Libya also just need killin’?

And now Obama has decided some thug in Uganda just needs killin’.

Didn’t they used to call Bush a “Cowboy” and worse when he did stuff like this?

Why is it okay for Obama to do this?

Because he is the Won.

I have never quite understood why we went to war in Libya. Qaddiffi has been around doing his stuff for decades. Why all the sudden was he persona non grata? The only thing that changed was the release of the Pan Am bomber and the BP deal. Since the British and obamawere complicit in the release of the bomber, it must have something to do with the BP deal. Did Qaddiffi renege on this deal and this is his punishment? Never doubt that BP is big enough to cause this war. They did, after all, give obama 20 billion dollrs, supposedly for paying off Gulf victims but has anyone heard of any victims getting any of this money?

    The short answer is that Qaddafi ticked off the French and Germans, who then started to make noise about their drilling rigs in the Libyan Oil Fields not being protected from Egyptian and Tunisian rioters/terrorists.

    For their arrogance, Qaddafi then threatened to nationalize the oil fields. The business interests in France and Germany panicked, and the military started backing the rebels who were encouraged by Egypt and Tunisia. The Rebels would immediately control a key seaport with backing.

    The US got involved because of the NATO treaty which considers an attack on one allied nation to be an attack on them all (which we shouldn’t have, because technically there was no triggering attack, there was only a civil war action which the opposing party was supported by NATO aligned forces). The treaty was intentionally misread by ALL parties involved in order to “force” the US into acting (i.e. claim that “we have to support our allies”).

      The left spent years shrieking, No War for Oil!!! about Iraq and when faced with a real war for oil, suddenly motives can’t be questioned.

    el polacko in reply to BarbaraS. | October 21, 2011 at 4:20 am

    well he did welcome obama as “a brother” and hailed the fact that america has its first muslim president…so there’s that. can’t have that sort of talk you know.
    now that i’ve seen the shreiking, bloodthirsty mob that did him in, i’m sure that the country is now in the very best of hands.

Just 2 thoughts on the video:
1) I’m glad Qffy is gone, but mob “justice” makes me sick. Specially a mob killing an unarmed man while shouting “God is great”.
2) That video gives me no confidence in whatever Libya’s new govt will look like. I hope they prove me wrong.