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Post-Palin reader poll – Who benefits?

Post-Palin reader poll – Who benefits?

Which candidate will most benefit from Palin not running?

NOT who do you want to win, but who will benefit.

Poll open until 5 p.m. Thursday.


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I believe Cain benefits the most. I doubt most Palin supporters, I’m one, can see much to like in Romney. Some will go for Perry I think, but Cain will gain the most.

    Dittos. The thought of Romney as the candidate is utterly depressing. Cain is the only one I can see who seems to understand what needs to be done and has the guts to do it. I love that he’s not a blow-dried career politician.

None of the above. Soros. Obama. Matt Taibbi. Imus. Mike Tyson. And all the other nasty cretins. They have won. And the national electorate will vote for Obama again. It’s been nice living in the best nation on earth. I always worried about the kind of world I would be bringing kids into – and now, I am numb – for they have voted this upon themselves, and for all their education, they bought the rhetoric. And, we have Obama – and all the deception that comes with him.

We lost something bright and happy today.

    doombroker in reply to Rose. | October 5, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    No, no.

    Darbacour in reply to Rose. | October 5, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    A non-Palin GOP candidate makes Obama look more legitimate than he actually is. Like Rose said, the cretins have won.

    I completely, totally, and adamantly – albeit with great respect, of course – disagree. As a candidate for President she was THE target and we would all have had to work our backsides off constantly to defend her at every turn. Instead she is the hunter – and friends, it is now OPEN SEASON on liberals, leftists, progressives, and crony capitalists of all stripes. It is a target-rich environment and Sarah sure knows how to bag ’em and hang ’em on a wall!!! The Dems may think that this is good news for them, but I betcha the smart ones aren’t sleeping tonight.

    rightConcept in reply to Rose. | October 5, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    I have to agree. The establishment and the leftist mainstream media won today.

    She was thoroughly Borked.

    And it will happen again and again.

    Kerrvillian in reply to Rose. | October 6, 2011 at 10:03 am

    Yes, Rose. You are correct.

    Palin’s decision not to run directly benefits the enemy the most. I don’t fault her for it. I fault the people on OUR side who refused to see the truth.

    When a bully is picking on someone you don’t jump in to help the bully. EVER. That’s what happened in 2008 and continues today with every smarmy “Sarah Palin’s so stupid” smear that doesn’t deserve a retort as much as it deserves a punch in the nose.

    We lost in 2008 because of the detractors on our side and we will lose in 2012 because Sarah Palin doesn’t want to subject her family to being a group of pinatas.

One would imagine that, for whatever good it will do, most who would have supported Palin would now jump onto Bachmann’s Tea Party Wagon.

    Agreed, but Buchmann has stumbled badly as of late. She really needs to get some momentum going. I do think she’s the most conservative of the candidates left standing. Her chances… not so good I’m afraid. The GOP can’t stand her.

      rightConcept in reply to flop. | October 5, 2011 at 11:26 pm

      Nah. Bachmann is out of her depth. It’s either Cain or Perry for me and both of them I will be holding my nose as I defend them from the incoming leftist attacks.

        Maybe so, but I wonder whether the tea party can really get behind Cain or Perry. My sense is that many tea party folks aren’t going to vote RINO just because. Many will stay home.

        Moreover, where does this leave the tea party? Sarah was it’s de facto leader.

I’d say none if them benefits in the sense of picking up supporters who would have gone for Palin because nearly everyone has assumed for a long time that Palin was not running and people have already moved to other candidates.

    Milhouse in reply to JEBurke. | October 5, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    What makes you think most of her would-be supporters assumed she wouldn’t run? I don’t think that’s the case at all. She gave every sign of running, and those who were planning to support her were waiting for a possible November start to the campaign

StephenMonteith | October 5, 2011 at 10:27 pm

Mitt Romney.

The Establishment was looking for its anti-Romney and so was the Tea Party. Sometimes, they looked in different places, like Chris Christie and Donald Trump; sometimes, the same places, like Rick Perry. Sarah Palin was the last of the big anti-Romneys that both the Establishment and the Tea Party might have agreed on.

Now, their best bet is Herman Cain. But Herman Cain can’t beat Romney. Maybe if Perry, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul all drop out between now and Iowa, Cain can win there and then build a case in New Hampshire and South Carolina. But they won’t drop out, and support behind Cain will fail to coalesce. It might have for Sarah Palin, and it certainly could have for Rick Perry; but not Cain.

Romney wins.

Romney benefits most. Cain and/or Perry will benefit short term but neither will hold up down the line and neither will beat Romney.

We are stuck with the establishment for another term… and if Romney plays the milquetoast card, which he is all he really knows how to do, we might have to suffer another 4 years of Obama.

Brutal. Just brutal.

Ah, cui bono?

In this order:

Sarah Palin
Herman Cain
Michelle Bachmann
The American electorate
The Republican party
The TEA Party
The Democrat Party
Last place: The Liberal Media.

Imagine if Christie and Palin had attached an endorsement to their announcements. They both still hold enormous power to sway the GOP and the nation by uttering three words: “I support [____].” Endorsements typically don’t mean much, but the timing of these two could be vital. Since both may want to jump in in ’16 or ’20, my guess is they won’t endorse until it’s obvious who’s going to win. But, I’ve guessed wrong before.

Probably Romney benefits the most, but I wouldn’t rule Cain out. The pork-industrial complex and GOP elite would love Romney (but also Perry or Gingrich) and business as usual. On the other hand the conservatives will have to coalesce very fast behind one person to have a chance in 2012. Cain nullifies the race card. Perry or Gingrich may get a second wind.

The biggest winner is the Journolist, which succeeded in it’s Alinsky-ite plan to nullify if not destroy Sarah Palin. In the end Palin was surrounded by a miasma if insanity created by one lie after another. It would have been difficult for her to rally the GOP and then the nation. She would have had to rely on the broad support of the American people without the elites. It would have been a very tough battle but I thought it was achievable. It would have been a long time before she gained any thanks. We are in very, very deep trouble and unpopular decisions lie ahead for any leader.

The pork-industrial complex won. All those lobbyist jobs are probably safe. The trough will stay open and will be painted with a new coat of red paint. Expect much talk and little action regarding cronyism.

The living constitution won. I shudder to imagine Romney SCOTUS appointees. The court hangs in the balance.

Israel lost. Israel had a fearless rock solid supporter in Governor Sarah Palin. The remaining GOP field gives lip service to Israel. Depending on the eventual candidate I question it’s firmness. There are long standing deep ties to the enemies of Israel in the GOP establishment. Luckily for Israel some ME power centers would prefer Israel’s continued existence and function as a diversion.

Washington, DC metro area real estate prices are safe.

Social democracy, statism, government intervention and the heavy hand of the state won. Libertarianism will be put back in a locked closed. Depending on the eventual candidate the GOP might even try and breath life back into the mouldering corpse of Keynesianism.

The neo-conservative and isolationist wings of the GOP will have to battle it out. I would bet on the neo-conservatives. The Palin doctrine split the difference.

Goldman Sachs and friends won. Perry or Romney (and probably Gingrich and Cain) will be reliable friends. In this respect the bread and circuses named Occupy Wall Street will be interesting. It is the nexus of a power struggle. At first blush I think it helps Romney and hurts Obama.

A sad day as many, included Levin, have noted. She put family first and the Palin family bowed to the politics of personal destruction.

    jakee308 in reply to Viator. | October 6, 2011 at 11:01 am

    The one bright spot in that?

    No one. NO ONE. Can say the Media isn’t biased.

    At least not with a straight face.

    It’s now a given. A “Settled Scientific Fact” if you will.

    They can hide no longer behind a reputation that is 50 years out of date and wasn’t really so accurate then. The only reason the Media (newspapers mostly) appeared fair is because there were so many outlets competing for attention.

    This kept them more honest, or at least focused, than what we have today.

I will take a different tact.

I am glad Sarah is not running. She should have ran before Perry announced. I think had she done so, Bachmann and Cain would have been relegated to sideshow status and she would have the majority of the anti-Romney vote. The unfortunate problem for Sarah is she will never get the Romney supporters/GOP Establishment to support her for the general election. The result will be just like 1964, only with more disastrous consequences. We can not afford to lose in 2012.
The funny thing for the GOP is even the GOP Establishment is not quite sold on Romney which is why the big move to get Christie to run. Romney seems to be stuck in the polls. The only way Romney wins is by plurality; just like McCain in 2008. Romney will lose to Obama in 2012. Yes, the polls say differently; but these same polls were also saying McCain would win the general election in 2008.

I think a Palin run would further splinter the anti-Romney vote. Bachmann and Cain are showing they are not ready for Prime Time. Both of their organizations are in shambles and are not raising the money needed to make a sustained run (I think this is the real reason Ed Rollins left the Bachmann campaign–concerns about his financial health). In the short term, Bachmann and Cain may see a bump but in the long term, I think Perry gets the momentum from Palin not running.

One last thought, I think one of the reasons Palin is not running this year is because she wants no part in dealing with professional campaign advisors. I think she can deal (quite ably) with all of the attacks from the Left but she has a tough time dealing with some of the jackels/jackelettes (Nicole Wallace) who presumably are on our side. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Clearly, the candidate that benefits the most will be the one that Sarah decides to back. Her ability to raise interest is unmatched by anyone in the political spectrum. I do believe she has the unique ability to decide who the next POTUS will be. Kingmaker, indeed.

    jorgen in reply to Syd B.. | October 6, 2011 at 11:00 am


    Until today: Romney gets nearly all the left-of-center votes. Cain, Bachman, Perry and Gingrich are sharing all the right-of-center votes with a little portion each with the result that none of them can win against Romney. Whoever she backs will now have the chance of beating Romney.

The communists have infiltrated just about every organization you can think of. What makes anyone think they have not infiltrated the republican party? Certainly the things the GOP has done and said shows just that. The communists have dug in so deep and are hiding so well it will take decades to remove them all if we even can do this.

I am disappointed that Sarah is not running, but in talking to severl other republicans, I have come to the conclusion she couldn’t win. They won’t support her. They say they will sit home if she wins the nomination because she is stupid. The media has done its work very well. I, for one, will never forgive them for this. I was very angry that they selected our candidate in John McCain in 2008. I do not want this to happen again. I will never buy another magazine, newspaper or watch their channels on TV. I will not buy any product when the maker endorses the dim party or any dim candidate. They are all in the tank for the communists and obama. I wish everybody would do this. We can live without them. They cannot live without us.Total destruction is what they deserve.

I still say McCain threw the election in 2008 on purpose. He did everything possible to ensure he did not win. He allowed his staff to trash Sarah Palin even though she was his running mate. I can only think he did this because of jealousy. He was jealous of her popularity that exceeded his. Never mind that he really had no popularity. I was truly sorry she campaigned for his senat re-election. She should have let him wallow in the mud.

I should have followed up earlier-

The correct answer is …..


It maintains the status quo.

Which, benefits Romney.