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Out of the shadows

Out of the shadows

Thanks to reader Brian who saw this in the parking lot of this brew pub in Indianapolis, and writes:

I live in a much more downscale area, much more blue collar, and I never see this kind of thing in my neighborhood.  Apparently ostentatious progressivism is proportionately related to income, shocker right?

Thanks Brian for bringing this vehicle out of the shadows:


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Gee I wonder what this means …any thoughts on the matter Professor. …holder and obama are going to legally lie to us

Plan to allow agencies to lie about papers’ existence decried

U.S. push to make lying a policy raises concern

I knew Grim Natwick (as one of our customers) when I was a teenager and I doubt he’d care much for this ostentatious display.

I don’t think he would have liked the sight of Betty riding around hanging on to the back end of a pickup.

LukeHandCool (who used to love drawing Don Martin-style cartoon figures as a boy).

They’re not *lying*, they’re protecting us from the truth!

This is a trifecta of moonbattery at it’s finest!

I’m surprised there’s not a Grateful Dead sticker on there somewhere.

Dunno. Most of ’em are unicorn-hugging crap, but a couple are ok, like “May the Funk be with you,” and the Harley sticker.

Did ya’ see their menu? They serve “Imperial” pints. Also, they’ve gone “green” but you can get their brew in PLASTIC bottles for easy lightweight transport (on your bike, I guess) and carry-in to (like concert) venues that don’t allow glass. But, hey, isn’t plastic a no-no for GREENIES?