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Open – California Dreaming

Open – California Dreaming

This California time zone is messing with my head.  I think I’ll walk into the desert, sit with my legs folded and palms raised towards the sky, and watch the sunset.

A couple of things I noticed:

A long-range rocket already has been fired from Gaza at an Israeli city.  The Shalit deal was not a ceasefire deal.

Least shocking news of the day, ACORN is helping Occupy Wall Street.

Not a big fan of Public Policy Polling, but I can’t not mention its poll that shows recall support against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker losing strength:

Walker’s not out of the woods by any means.  48% of voters in the state want to recall him, while 49% are opposed to such a move. But it’s not clear if Democrats will have a candidate strong enough to unseat Walker. The only one who beats him in a hypothetical recall is Russ Feingold. But Feingold’s already said he’s probably not going to run, and his margin over Walker is just 3 points at 49-46.  In May Feingold led Walker 52-42 and in August Feingold had a 52-45 advantage.  So even with their strongest possible candidate Democrats’ prospects against Walker are slipping.

Just like I predicted.

Did Perry have any choice considering he is running for President, Perry opposes Confederate plates.

What else?


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Charles Curran | October 26, 2011 at 7:32 pm

Barry O says that he repaid his student loans. I say, make him prove it. He opened this can of worms. This will show under what name he obtained the loans.

    DINORightMarie in reply to Charles Curran. | October 27, 2011 at 6:28 am

    He has said that for years. No MSM reporter will challenge him. And, if it isn’t the MSM, he won’t do anything.

    Also, knowing what others have said about his various “documents” released online only, or to a chosen few to see/touch, he would produce a likely fraudulent document, anyway.

    Who would be able to prove him a liar? All his records are sealed. If anyone tries to access them, they go to federal prison.

    He has the power of the presidency to protect his past.

Any thoughts on the Ohio Collective Bargaining [recall?] election, anyone?

“Yes On 2” if you know any Ohio residents…..

Thinking of GAZA, “Arab Spring” [in Quotes], Libya, Sinai..Doug Ross summarized well

Perry looked good on O’Reilly. He needs to be himself instead of the nasty infighting on debates.

California, a beautiful place, imho, sucks. It’s the cradle of the nanny state. It always takes me 2-3 days to acclimate to the different time zone and, if you go up into the mountains, it will be even longer.

I was stuck out there during the 2010 elections. Talk about zombie. iPad. Mac. iPod. iPhone. Frantically checking.

Hoping for Kasich and Issue 2. It’s tough. No money is pouring in to support it but millions and millions from DC unions. Rumor is the Republican Party is waiting for it to go down and then will push for a right to work state. To me, this is unconscionable.

Anti Issue2 signs are EVERYWHERE.

Word is out there that Perry might be bailing on some of the debates.
More fodder for the left. Not a good plan imo.

“This California time zone is messing with my head. I think I’ll walk into the desert, sit with my legs folded and palms raised towards the sky, and watch the sunset.”

I hope it’s not too late … after all, he is from back east … Professor, yes, to answer your question, surfer shorts are the proper attire at this time of year (still rather warm) in the desert … but please do us all a favor … Californians are just not yet ready for the surfer shorts with over-the-calf dress-socks look.

Give us time.

LukeHandCool (who is descended from peasant, but aesthetically sturdy stock … oh, who is he kidding … his wife and daughters have to tell him what to wear whenever they are to be seen with him in public).

Scott Walker is the best governor in America right now, and the best that Wisconsin has had in a hundred years. Those cheeseheads in the 48% who want to recall him don’t understand that a small minority of tax scavengers will benefit by getting rid of Walker so they can get their hands back into the public till, but everyone else will be on the paying end if a Walker recall were successful. By the time it happens, if at all, more evidence of the good things he has done for Wisconsin should be evident, even to the cheesebrains.

If a Walker recall were to be successful it would raise the possibility that good government just isn’t possible anywhere because the people are too dumb to know it when it’s right in front of them.

Obama says we’re gonna be up a creek without a paddle if we don’t re-elect him cuz we’re gonna have to do stuff for and rely on ourselves.

Professor, just six or seven miles up the “Palms to Pines” highway from PD is a great turnout/observation point from which to watch lights and shadows play across hills, mountains and gullies during either sunsets or sunrises, depending on your mood. Unless you’ve already boogied.

Brown to seek sweeping Calif. pension rollbacks

1st Mexican truck to enter US interior within days

New San Francisco bridge built in China to be shipped to US

But Wisconsin and Wall Street are ground zero. They may be related or just a distraction.

While you’re contemplating your navel in the land of fruits and nuts, a new group is protesting at OWS.

“Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders”

Read more:

    Wow. They’re angry because they’ve been swamped with

    “…. “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters.”

    Who could have seen that coming? But the good news is they are OK with donating 18 hours a day preparing free food for “professional protesters”.

    If there’s that much free labor available in NY some entrepreneur is sure missing an opportunity to open a profitable no-labor-cost dining establishment.

DINORightMarie | October 27, 2011 at 6:31 am

I sure hope no one comes to Occupy Palm Desert. 😉

Did you by chance get an opportunity to witness any of the fleabaggers’ increased agitation while traveling?

Oakland is heating up, as is SF. Seems the more violent ones are coming out in the “laid back” state.

Enjoy your mantra. 😀

    Where did you get the idea that CA is “laid back”? Berkeley 68? The Watts riots? The Rodney King riots? The Mehserle-Grant riots? The Weathermen? The Black Pathers? The SLA? Earth First?

    Oakland hasn’t had a good riot in — I dunno — a few weeks at least. They were overdue.

More detail from Doug Ross on the new FCC Test and “Stealth Fairness Doctrine”