This California time zone is messing with my head.  I think I’ll walk into the desert, sit with my legs folded and palms raised towards the sky, and watch the sunset.

A couple of things I noticed:

A long-range rocket already has been fired from Gaza at an Israeli city.  The Shalit deal was not a ceasefire deal.

Least shocking news of the day, ACORN is helping Occupy Wall Street.

Not a big fan of Public Policy Polling, but I can’t not mention its poll that shows recall support against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker losing strength:

Walker’s not out of the woods by any means.  48% of voters in the state want to recall him, while 49% are opposed to such a move. But it’s not clear if Democrats will have a candidate strong enough to unseat Walker. The only one who beats him in a hypothetical recall is Russ Feingold. But Feingold’s already said he’s probably not going to run, and his margin over Walker is just 3 points at 49-46.  In May Feingold led Walker 52-42 and in August Feingold had a 52-45 advantage.  So even with their strongest possible candidate Democrats’ prospects against Walker are slipping.

Just like I predicted.

Did Perry have any choice considering he is running for President, Perry opposes Confederate plates.

What else?