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What else?  How much longer do we have to put up with this s – – t (warning, do not click unless you are prepared to be grossed out)?


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That wasn’t the question I answered.
Some other guy did it.
I wasn’t there.
It wasn’t me that did it.
I’m innocent.
I ain’t done nothin’ officer.
Wha’ didido? wha’ didido?
You’ve got the wrong guy.
I was somewhere else.
I bought this in bar.
I found this on the sidewalk.
I didn’t hear the question correctly.
You mistook my answer.
You misquoted me.

I invoke my rights, as a citizen of the United States, to keep silent and to have my attorney present.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | October 8, 2011 at 12:33 pm

Intrade (as of 11:32am CST today):

Romney wins GOP nomination: 61%
Perry wins GOP nomination: 19%
Obama wins the election: 47%
GOP takes control of Senate: 70%

Gross! I like the photo with the background of trash and filth and the sign OWS for a better world. That’s the kind of world we would have if every person was taken care of by the government and the profit motive was destroyed. There would be no incentive for anyone to organize a business that creates the services that give us a clean and organized world. They think the government could do it, but the government vampire would die without the private secctor host to feed off of. Then we would all be left standing in the trashheap of the socialist dystopia. Then the only way to get anyone to pick up the trash would be putting a gun to their head. I’ll take the free market thank you, the real free market please.

    MaggotAtBroadAndWall in reply to ella8. | October 8, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    When Nancy Pelosi gave her little pep speech to support the OccupyWallStreet freaks, she said as part of her remarks, “God bless their spontaneity”.

    I don’t think the guy spontaneously relieving himself on the squad car is what she had in mind, but it sure fits her comments.

Regarding the ABC story on the pushing of Solyndra from the inside primarily at DOE . . . this may be a little cynical, but a portion of this story sounds like it could have been fed from inside, perhaps as an effort to throw this guy Spinner (and his wife) to the wolves, and to provide a basis for the political damage to ultimately stop with Steve Chu and DOE.

Curiously, both Treasury and DOJ seem to have gotten some solid information indicating that the house of cards were about to fall sometime in early 2011, as indicated by this buried on the jump page of the story:

There also appeared to be objections from the Department of Treasury to the Department of Energy’s decision, in early 2011, to restructure the Solyndra loan — a restructuring that gave private investors the first opportunity to recoup some of their losses should the company fail.

In one pointed memo, shortly before the company declared bankruptcy, a top Treasury official wrote to the White House to make clear that the decision to restructure the deal did not have Treasury or Justice Department approval — despite early suggestions that approval from both agencies may be required.

“To our knowledge, that has never happened,” wrote Mary J. Miller, Treasury’s assistant secretary for financial markets. “While I expect that DOE has a view about why loan subordination can occur without DOJ approval or Treasury consultation, I wanted to correct any impression that we have acquiesced in the steps to date.”

Though arguably phrased in the language of institutional turf protection, that warning can also be read as awareness of a multiple-alarm blaze about to break out, and that DOJ and Treasury were really setting up their firebreaks.

If Treasury and DOJ were merely reminding the WH that they had not acquiesced in the restructuring, then how is it that they were so aware of the details of the plans? They obviously were in the loop.

And, note that the story does not identify the official or officials in the White House to whom Mary J. Miller was addressing her concerns. I wonder why not? That is obviously key information.

What may prove really significant in the long run is the extent to which DOJ and Treasury — but especially DOJ — were aware of any prior signals of improprieties that should have caused them to step in or intervene.

PRT – Personal Rapid Transit finally becomes a reality:

Seven Criteria Being Used for Defining What Is (and Is Not) PRT

*Fully automated vehicles (no human drivers).
*Vehicles captive to the guideway, which is reserved for their exclusive use.
*Small vehicles available for the exclusive use by an individual or small group traveling together by choice. Available for service 24 hours a day.
*Small guideways can be elevated or near ground level, or underground
*Vehicles able to use all guideways and stations on a fully connected PRT network.
*Direct origin-to-destination service, with no necessity to transfer or stop at intervening stations.
*Service available on demand rather than on fixed schedules.

Cowboy Curtis | October 8, 2011 at 1:29 pm

In Fast and Furious news: Deputy AG had received extensive briefing 18 months ago

People really need to go to prison over this. I have always been loathe to consider handing an American official over to a foreign country for prosecution, but given the utter lack of an identifiable justification for this operation, and most importantly- this had no national security element to it, at all- some folks might need to be handed over to Mexico on this. I’m willing to cut officials a whole lot of slack over shady doings to protect our country. I’m generally more pissed off that they were careless enough to get caught than care that it was done. I want us to have no-name men who are able and willing to do the dirty little tasks that must be done (even though it breaks the law) to keep this country safe and further our important national interests. This is not such a case. Its not even within shouting distance of a stone’s throw to such a case.

Eric Holder seems to be kind of a “nation of cowards” when it comes to discussing Fast and Furious.

Our country is in dire need of an enema to flush the filth out.

People died. Holder lied. Yes, he lied, period. Now, will he get at least the Martha Stewart treatment?

I’m holding my breath, uhm ‘kay … I think I look with lips of blue.

If I knew anything about Twitter, my tweet of the day about Occupy Wall Street would be:

“Evolution according to the left: Homo sapiens go from using tools to becoming tools.”

Tea Party Pundits Attend OccupySanDiego Rallyand answering the questions about:

* What the motivation was.
* What they think of Team Obama.
* If it was grassroots or astroturfed.
* The media presence and take on the event.

There are two critiques emerging. First, that advocating voters choose a candidate based on their religious beliefs is a “test” forbidden by the Constitution.

Is really this poorly thought out?

The constitution does not prohibit Christians or other citizens from choosing a candidate based on their faith. It prohibits the Federal Government from establishing religious tests for candidates and office holders.

I don’t know who “strieff” is but he appears to be an idiot. Do they not have editors at