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Been in the car all morning. What did I miss?

Herman Cain black enough for Lawrence O’Donnell yet?

Kathleen Parker and David Frum mourning the loss of their sole source of attention?


Tell me what I need to know.


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Donald Douglas | October 7, 2011 at 12:48 pm

Well, I’m working on a David Frum post, and will be linking you. Look for it in a few minutes. Other than that, same old progressive BS. O’Donnell? The guy’s a self-declared communist.

DINORightMarie | October 7, 2011 at 1:02 pm

The biggest thing right now seems that they have some evidence that the #OccupyWallSt is total astroturf, either to attack Romney, or to just distract from the failed Obama administration.

Safe travels! G’mar Hatimah Tovah.

My new saying, with special thanks to Bill Maher and Michael Moore and Lawrence O’Donnell for the inspiration:

“Our guy is twice as black as your guy.”

LukeHandCool (who also wants to thank Toni Morrison for the inspiration when he says, “Herman Cain is our first black Reagan.”)

The socialist to the libertarian… “So you are trying to tell me we have had a centrally planned economy since 1913? That socialism leads to the concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite 1%? So you’re telling me that I spent my entire college career fighting for the same thing I am fighting against.”

    ella8 in reply to ella8. | October 7, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    “What? Capitalism is a system of voluntary interactions with the power in the hands of the consumer? What? Central planning is a coercive system of redistribution that only favors those with power while eroding the liberty and wealth of the masses? But it worked so well in the beginning.”

      ella8 in reply to ella8. | October 7, 2011 at 2:00 pm

      “You almost had me there for a minute, but I can’t turn my back on the green movement. The movement depends on controlling the consumer and concentrated power. Sorry, back to my fist pumping and ranting”.

        ella8 in reply to ella8. | October 7, 2011 at 2:12 pm

        “Yes we can grow the economy while we fight for the Earth and destroy the evil oil, gas, and coal, and nuclear industries. Just look at how the solar industry is booming, look at Solyndra. What’s that, oh they went under? Well um we have to kill the evil dirty energy companies. What’s that, you think rising energy costs will hurt families? Well they should not have so many children. We have to kill the evil industries”.

I think you are pretty much up to speed Professor….carry on….with whatever you were doing…’re in good hands…;-)

There’s been only one posting on LI on the Lightsquared
Soros Surfaces on the Edge of White House Controversy Involving LightSquared

Read more:
LightSquared comes under further scrutiny
Senator calls for records of its dealings with White House, but LTE operator continues to sign new partners.
With all the other scandals of this evil administration, why hasn’t a special prosecuter been appointed? I heard on GLC that as of November 3, 2011 Obama will have the ability to shut down all communications in the U.S. Anyone else heard about that?

Is there more to OWS than meets the eye or acknowledged by conventional wisdom.

Libertarian Wall Street Protesters Demand End to the Fed

“Obama Is Not the Answer

Libertarians also point out that – while the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee are trying to hijack the Wall Street protests – they have been part of the problem, not part of the solution.

They point out that Obama has appointed Wall Street insiders to all of his key economic posts, and accepted more money from Goldman Sachs and the other big Wall Street banks than anyone else (and is still raking it in). As such, despite his populist rhetoric, he’s with Wall Street, not the protesters. Indeed, he is Wall Street.

They point out that Obama has continued the process of turning the U.S. into a banana republic, and whether you call it communism, fascism or crony capitalism, Obama has been at least as bad as Bush.

They point out that Obama has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing, someone who thinks high levels of unemployment are good.

They point out that Obama has been more brutal than Bush and has destroyed our liberties even faster than Bush.

For these reasons, libertarians correctly state that re-electing Obama is not the answer. And they note that Ron Paul’s consistent, decades-long positions are much closer to the American peoples’ demands than Obama’s.

Postscript: Anyone who still thinks Obama will save us is high.

On the other hand, libertarians have been out of power for a long time. Neoliberals and Neoconservatives – two masks on a single face of corruption – have been in the driver’s seat for decades. Libertarians should welcome the protests as a chance to challenge the status quo, to promote liberty and to end the Fed – the chief enabler of corruption in our country today.

Folks dismissing the Occupy protests as being Obama propaganda or left-wing haven’t yet learned the facts, are blaming the fact that the mainstream Democratic party is trying to infiltrate the movement on the protesters, or are letting Fox, Drudge or other mainstream news sources blow a sub-set of the overall protests out of proportion. See this, this and this. Indeed, as the Associated Press notes, the protesters are fed up with BOTH mainstream parties.”

Will the Paulists, and the libertarian analysis take the day? Or is this progressives seeking cover and maneuver room? The clincher is that they all know Obama is in Wall Street’s pocket. Urban areas, however, are full of old and new leftists waiting for mass action. Beware of the capacity of organized vanguards like hard leftists and unions to always prevail in a situation of mass action. They have the requisite background, experience and ruthlessness. Democratic centralism (Leninism) is a powerful tool.

In any case OWS is more complicated than presently reported.
Note how demonstrations have coalesed at Federal Reserve District Banks.

Notice how this analysis coincides with some of Palin’s analysis? One of the reasons why they had to nullify her. And of course, yet again, she hit a political sweet spot dead on.

    ella8 in reply to Viator. | October 7, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Check out the Lew Rockwell article at today. (Would send the link but can’t copy and paste right now) Warning it contains some very ugly truths that left nor right would like to swallow.

A blessed Yom Kippur to you and IDF too.

In a Zogby poll, Cain is at 38%, Perry at 18%. Holy cow, Batman, a 20-point lead.

Why don’t the Wall Street Protesters attack Steve Jobs? Afterall, he’s one of those evil, greedy capitalists. He’s in the top 50 richest Americans. Certainly, Rosanne et al. would welcome the beheading of his family accompanied by the seizure and distribution of his estate. If those protesters really, really, really believe the crap they’re spewing, they’ll join ranks with Fred Phelps and the Westboro nut jobs to protest at Jobs’ funeral.

Who are Kathleen Parker and David Frum? I simply won’t read anything by either one anymore. I’ve wasted too many minutes of my existence on them.

O’Donnell is a horrible, nasty, wicked person.

Someone has put up a Draft Sarah petition here

I signed it to show support, don’t think it will change her mind though.
(Warning: ipetition puts up a donate page after you sign, you can just close it without donating)

@windbag: looks like its one of Zogby’s online polls. Their methodology causes their results to be systematically flawed. RCP is right to not include them in their averages. I’ll believe it when I see a real poll showing these results.

On OCCUPYWALLSTREET: Big news! They will hold a Yom Kippur service this evening. Question is: is this good or bad for the Jews????

Reason TV visits OWS

featuring a little cameo from the Union Plumber (?) thug who was filmed in a long anti-Semitic rant shown here earlier. Notice how he tells the guy being interviewed by Reason TV to get lost.


THE BEER TEST: A helpful guide for Palinistas trying to decide among the current GOP field.

The breaking story of the week (maybe) Solyndra Story !!!! Professor: are the bread crumbs starting to get close to “high crimes…Etc.” ? (Solyndra, F & F, Etc.)

The DRAFT PALIN movement is afoot, and there is a FB page.


And here:

Poor Kathleen Parker. First losing her TV show so rudely (not only having to play second banana to but be axed months ahead of Eliot Spitzer) and now losing her main talking point attractive to liberals.

But, maybe she can carry the small gig she has left a bit longer by continuing to hyperventilate over what ifs. Like the “disarray” Palin’s non-candidacy forestalled. Avoiding “a plague on Republicans, who would have been left wandering in the political desert for another four years, or 40”! Or the specter that “[t]he nation would splinter even more into cultish groups untethered to reality, their focus either to destroy Palin or to worship her, two equally potent passions that can’t be harnessed in her presence.”

Byron York’s tweet was perfect: “Parker should get out more. Most voters aren’t as worked up as she is.

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