In meetings most of the day, what did I miss?

Seems like this is some of it:

Everyone out of Iraq by Christmas.  Then what.

Was Gaddafi originally shot by NATO special forces then turned over to the Libyans who killed him?

University of Iowa Poll (thanks reader Charles); who has to drop out if this is the actual result at the caucuses?:

Herman Cain  37%,
Mitt Romney at 27%,
Ron Paul at 11.5%,
Newt Gingrich at 7.7%,
Rick Perry at 5.9%,
Michele Bachmann at 3.9%
Rick Santorum at 3.1%.

No, Occupy Wall Street is not like the Tea Party, and stop saying it is.

Michele Bachman campaign staff quits in New Hampshire?.  Lights out?

Updates:  It’s on, this is the general election (h/t Patterico):