I did not watch Herman Cain on the various news shows, but Memeorandum is relatively quiet, so I assume there were no major gotchas.

Definitely get the sense the Occupy protests are getting uglier, not better.  The cream is not rising to the top, it’s the people we see riot at every G20 or other international gathering who are moving up.

The Israel prisoner swap is depressing, and will be even more so when Hamas holds its victory rally.  I’m happy for the Shalit family, but their happiness will be at the cost of the sadness of terror victim families watching the killers go free, to kill again.  There must be something else going on here, perhaps that is not public, otherwise it’s hard to understand Netanyahu agreeing to this.  Perhaps it was a strategic calculation to weaken the Palesinian Authority at a time it is seeking U.N. recognition back to the pre-1967 borders; or maybe there are events Netanyahu swill take place soon which will make the release of the prisoners seem like small change but make getting Shalit back impossible (e.g., collapse of Assad regime, war with Iran, etc.).

AxelPlouffe is going after Romney as a flip flopper.  Hey, that’s our gig! Axelrod says voters are unsure about Romney’s “core principles“.  No problem there for Obama, we know exactly what his core principles are.

What else?


Israel Matzav, IDF soldiers told to blow themselves up or kill their comrades rather than allow another Gilad Shalit.  What trading hundreds for one results in.

Israel Today, Israelis worried by anti-Semitic flavor of ‘Occupy Wall St.’ protests.  The same people who board ships for Gaza, call Israel an “Apartheid state,” and are part of the Boycott Divest Sanction movement.

Washington Times, Obama: King would have backed ‘Occupy Wall Street’.  He also spent much of the speech blaming “the last 10 years” before he took office for all our problems.  Never missing an opportunity to poke others in the eyes.


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