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Mars Ain’t The Kind of Place To Raise Your Kids…

Mars Ain’t The Kind of Place To Raise Your Kids…

…and #OccupyWallStreet ain’t so different.

Its Kids Speak Out Day at #OccupyWallStreet!  CNN reports:

Organizers of the “leaderless resistance movement” also billed Monday as “Kids Speak Out” day, given that many schoolchildren are off for Columbus Day.

“Even as banks got bailed out, American children have witnessed their parents get tossed out of their homes and lose their jobs. Public school kids have lost arts, music and physical education,” the movement’s website said. “Now our kids can see activists take these issues to the streets in a democratic forum at Occupy Wall Street.”

They can also see drug dealing, public urination and defecation (including on police cars), criminals and drug addicts, talk of bestiality, lessons on  escaping police custody, obscene signs, and anti-semites, too.  It’s fun for the whole family!


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“You ask me for a contribution …

Well, you know …

We’re all doin’ it on the can …

You say you got an incontinent-ution …

Well, ya know …

But when you want money for people who defecate …

All I can tell you is Smelly, you have to wait … “

Maybe they’ll also see the LEGISLATORS – at every level – who brought us to this state – the ones who spend us into oblivion, and then cry for more taxes. The ones who have all but bankrupted the state of California, and who have regulated businesses out of existence.

Maybe they’ll also see Wisconsin in a new light – where school districts, now allowed to switch to Geico, saving enough money to not only avoid layoffs, but hire new teachers and lower class sizes.

Obama should be impeached for fomenting this #occupy action. he is the Necromonger in chief.

    Aridog in reply to Rose. | October 10, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Good point IMO … vis a vis Legislators … the ones “we” elected and somehow turned into DC permanent residents.

    Man, this has gotta change.

This has actually been a fairly good launching pad for discussions with my kids about how lame lefty thought is and the type of person who is attracted to it.

How lovely. This will be “family fare” for as long as they want, now that mayor Bloomberg has given his blessing by telling them that they can stay indefinitely. There’s a mini-Woodstock with all the trappings in the middle of NYC. I wonder how the neighbors feel about this?

For another case of blatantly shameful hypocrisy, let’s now go to the archives: Fu***ng Brat!’ Protester Screams Profanity at 14-Year-Old Tea Party Speaker:

Yes, let the Kids Speak Out — unless the message is Pro-American and positive.

If they wonder why programs are being cut from schools, they should look no further than the unsustainable pensions of the retired teachers. At some point we will be paying astronomical taxes just to pay pensions for retired public employees and get nothing in return. Whether it is SS or public employee pensions, the younger generations are paying the price.

Just curious – if they’re “occupying” Wall Street, Atlanta, etc. – isn’t it time for the Tea Party to “liberate” Wall Street, Atlanta, etc.? Just sayin’.

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What we are seeing with the Occupy Wall Street protestors is nothing more than an exhibition of immature adolescents indulging in their hormonal propensity to exhibit anger. While anger can be an effective means of separation for kids who are in the process of leaving the protected nest, kids have to be willing to take whatever comes next if they truly want to be emancipated.

At a given moment in time, you either stop wearing the shirts your Momma bought you – or you don’t. These kids want to go out into the real world, however, they still want their Momma’s to keep buying them shirts. Its either one or the other, and the reason these kids are so inarticulate about what they want is because they want to realize their fullest potential in life, yet they simultaneously want to be taken care of by the State. They want the security of socialism because they are ill prepared (by academe in America and their coddled upbringing) yet they want to have the levels of opportunity only capitalism can provide.

Like typical liberals, these kids are trying to make the world conform to their view of it. Their only problem is that the real world doesn’t conform to the views of simplistic utopian dreamers. Competent people typically choose capitalism and the competitive environment which allows them to reach their fullest potential. People who are ill prepared or inept, typically prefer the security of socialism. Again it’s either one or the other.