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If you have good blood pressure,

If you have good blood pressure,

I recommend reading this discussion between Eliot Spitzer and a protester from Occupy Wall Street. It is actually pretty interesting and shows that Spitzer hasn’t forgotten how to speak like a politician:

MM: You think representative democracy is the best system we’ve got?
ES: Yes! I say that without any hesitation. Because it works. It works.
MM: But it hasn’t worked. That’s why we’re here. The people at Zuccotti Park believe the system is broken. They see this huge inequality. That you can go to college and not be guaranteed a job at all. That our life prospects are very slim. People don’t feel represented.
ES: You’re mixing a lot of issues. Let’s be a bit more rigorous with our thinking. Globalization, the fact that we’re now competing in the world—many people think this is a good thing. Two billion additional people are part of the economic system that, until thirty years ago, was uniquely ours. The good news about that is that many more people, over time, will participate in the upside. The downside is that we here are finding the terms of our own engagement shifting away in a way that many of us find unfair. That is separate from campaign finance. Yes, they’re indirectly related, but you have to separate the issues that you focus on.
MM: At Occupy Wall Street, or occupy anywhere, people don’t see these as separate issues.

Summary: A spoiled brat finds ways to relate to another spoiled brat. Complaints ensue and pet issues are expected to be addressed on the national level because… eh, they say so.

OWS is still going strong, but it’s getting pretty nippy outside so I’ll give them until Halloween. Or a really heavy rainfall.


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Darn, I’m torn. We’ve had far more rain than we need. But yet, a nice flood in the right places…

“I have an office. I’m sorry.” Then he says he teaches. She says she teaches. So these maggots feed at the trough and complain about quality. They both probably have great pension plans.

I like her comment about running the lives of 300 million people. Gah. Disgusting.

I think the best way for this site (and others like it) to deal with the OWS protesters is to give them all the respect they deserve: don’t mention them.

She teaches, huh? What is she teaching our children? If and when we get a real president in the WH, I hope he/she will make it a rule, regardless of the union, that any teacher who brings politics into the classroom in any form or fashion will be summarioly fired. In order to do this, there will probably have to be cameras in each one Such is the perfidy of the dims. The end justifies the means, you know and they would sneak this cr*p in if they can get away with it.

Eh… I’d go there but I don’t want to give Ich-Ray’s blog a hit.

OWS needs a good “south-easter” to cleanse their smelly bodies and wake up their confoozed brains.

Quite frankly, I see this movement causing the rest of us to grow tired of it fairly quickly.

They should be pickitting the White House…

I apologize in advance for the upcoming long comment. Two cents isn’t much anymore so I’m giving a whole dollar of opinion here.

I used to think that cold weather would cause the #occupyiers to go back into a nice warm home, like what happened in my town (one afternoon does not make an occupation). However, I think that there are probably a sufficient number of true believers in the NY group that will take pride in suffering through a winter.

Instead, I think the true doom of the #occupy crowd is in their lack of a single determining cause beyond envying the prosperous. The last I’ve read there were many groups; student loan people, the anarchists (ever chaotic), the unions, the anti-war groups and the homeless that are just taking advantage of the free food and shelter.

The ones with political goals will want their cause to be the leading ones and will struggle against each other. The groups that are just there to take advantage of the situation will cause further degradation as they shout for media attention, food, drugs, and just shout in general.

Further, the cities will face increasing pressure from their non-occupying citizens as the #occupiers disrupt their daily routines. The #occupyiers might call themselves the 99%, but they truly aren’t. The average person will get tired of their antics and start complaining. I believe I have read that it is already happening.

Eventually, the media will have to start focusing elsewhere. Either the #occupyiers will become a liability to the media’s effort to reelect Obama, or they will become a footnote as the election starts gaining speed. There is no other option for the #occupyiers. If they don’t keep doing things that will garner media attention, the media will go away. If they keep doing things to get media attention, which has mostly consisted of being enough of a nuisance to get arrested, they will alienate themselves from average citizens. This will make the gatekeeper media try to suppress the antics of the #occupyiers so as not to hurt Obama’s election.

I hope they stick around. I believe they do untold damage to the left wing in politics just by being there, looking the way they look and saying the things they say.

If Ms. Manissa Maharawal thinks that her future graduate degree in anthropology (let alone that there’s a problem if “you can go to college and not be guaranteed a job at all”) is guaranteed to lead to a tenure track position, then her department has some explaining to do.

I R A Darth Aggie | October 24, 2011 at 9:29 am

20″ of snow will do the trick. And be more fun.

For me, any way. I’m hoping tropical storm Rina gives OccupyTallahassee a good bath, but that won’t be till next week (if ever).