I recommend reading this discussion between Eliot Spitzer and a protester from Occupy Wall Street. It is actually pretty interesting and shows that Spitzer hasn’t forgotten how to speak like a politician:

MM: You think representative democracy is the best system we’ve got?
ES: Yes! I say that without any hesitation. Because it works. It works.
MM: But it hasn’t worked. That’s why we’re here. The people at Zuccotti Park believe the system is broken. They see this huge inequality. That you can go to college and not be guaranteed a job at all. That our life prospects are very slim. People don’t feel represented.
ES: You’re mixing a lot of issues. Let’s be a bit more rigorous with our thinking. Globalization, the fact that we’re now competing in the world—many people think this is a good thing. Two billion additional people are part of the economic system that, until thirty years ago, was uniquely ours. The good news about that is that many more people, over time, will participate in the upside. The downside is that we here are finding the terms of our own engagement shifting away in a way that many of us find unfair. That is separate from campaign finance. Yes, they’re indirectly related, but you have to separate the issues that you focus on.
MM: At Occupy Wall Street, or occupy anywhere, people don’t see these as separate issues.

Summary: A spoiled brat finds ways to relate to another spoiled brat. Complaints ensue and pet issues are expected to be addressed on the national level because… eh, they say so.

OWS is still going strong, but it’s getting pretty nippy outside so I’ll give them until Halloween. Or a really heavy rainfall.