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Herman Cain blows smoke in their faces

Herman Cain blows smoke in their faces

This ad by the Cain campaign is being called one of the worst political ads ever.

I disagree.

Sure it’s different.  I’m at the airport this morning, and a female anchor on CNN previewed the ad by saying, “I don’t know what it means!”  But we’re talking about it, and there is a subliminal message of defiance when the campaign manager starts smoking at the 0.40 mark.

Now if he were carrying a rifle too, it might have been the best ever.


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DINORightMarie | October 25, 2011 at 8:28 am

I think they have to pull out the Alinsky tactic of RIDICULE to try to take down its powerful message.

What the guy says is what it means. Only a CNN (or MSNBC) reporter would say something so lame and vacuous as, “I don’t know what it means!” Ummm….do you speak English?

It’s like speaking to a two year old (in your best Mr. Rogers voice): Can you hear him speaking? Well, dear, what does he say? What does it mean? Well, what do you think he means? Hmmmm? Toddler mentality.

It used to be everything had to be presented at an 8th grade level intellect, but this demonstrates a new low: for the media, it has to be presented at a two-year-old level so they can understand.

    I don’t think you can get through to these LSMers on any level, mush less a two year old’s level. I am sure you have tried to reason with a two year old at some time in your life. How did that work out? 😉

I get what they were trying to do with this ad, but I still think it’s just plain bad.

Funny that the first thing I thought of was Obama the closet smoker. Seems like a dare.

I see what they were doing but …. geez it’s bad. The music, Cain’s grin at the end… lol

Unconventional? Yes. Memorable? Probably not. But, it does get people thinking about Herman Cain. We’ll see.

Very good ad. I would have preferred somebody like Uncle Ted doing the music but I’ll settle for what was there.

Once Palin was out and Paul offered to cut my disabled brother’s SSI, Cain became my man. I will write him in if it is Romney on the ticket.

I would rather Obama win four more years than the Country Club wing of the party get another shot in the arm. You would think they would know that their hours were numbered when Bush the Lesser won by a margin of hundreds of votes versus the Goracle. But no. They still think they can steer the ship.

It is telling that the MSM and Democrats want Romney nominated.

[…] to see that Prof. Jacobson at Legalinsurrection also approves of the offbeat ad. He […]

it’s a good ad, and the MFM bimbo doesn’t get it because A: you have to be stupid to be liberal and B: they can’t fight the message head on so all they can do is try and start a meme that it’s “bad”.

looks like that’s w*rking, at least with some people.

Subotai Bahadur | October 25, 2011 at 12:45 pm

I saw the ad. From the first 3 notes of the background music; I was wide awake and watching. As for the ad itself, it is serious, not flashy, and contrasts Cain with the media-consultant driven favorite of the Democrats and the Institutional Republicans. The music however was a reach out to the TEA party and Sarah Palin supporters.

Krista Branch’s “I am America” is one of the TEA Party anthems. I was the one here who pushed our local TEA Party to use it and her “Remember Who We Are” at our rallies. I found out that Herman Cain has adopted it as his official campaign theme, and that she is appearing at his rallies. Remembering that this is the primary, that the general election voters are not watching this, but Republican primary voters are; yeah, this was a really good idea. It targets the very people he needs to rally to defeat Romney and the Institutionals.

Just FYI, here is a link to the theme song, so you can see how effective it is.

Subotai Bahadur

Yes. Liked it. Noted the you tube footnote pointing out that the only way to this you tube video was from a provided link since it was NOT in the you tube public area. Miss the rifle and was reminded of the Arizona pic two years ago of the well dressed citizen with a slung AR15 on his back.

Phineas, I agree. The energy level of this ad is too low, and the eighties aerobics music reminds me of bad elevator music. I know their hearts are in the right place, but this is a definite fail for me.

We need you to get involved because together we can do this. We can take this country back. Ewww, hackneyed.

Other aspects of the ad are original and captivating.

All in all, consistent with the view that Cain is uneven; many positives are offset by deficiencies.

Excellent frills, froofrah, or subliminal ghostly images..a powerful message directed at ordinary folk who are tired of ho-hum political ads….straight talk finished up with a charming and slightly devilish grin from Cain after that thoughtful little puff of smoke….love it!

geez it’s bad. The music, Cain’s grin at the end…

I can tell you this about Cain’s grin at the end. Before I was even aware I was doing it I grinned back at him (on my computer). Even after I caught myself, I did a thumbs-up gesture at him.

This is one small piece in a growing series where I wonder if Cain has the serious chops to be a presidential level leader who can define issues and lead Americans through a tough time. No substantive issues defined here–not even of character needed to lead.

As much as I dislike anti-smoking PC, I don’t want any of the young in my family to take up smoking. So, the message is what? If you want new, unconventional leadership, look to the wisdom of those able to take a deep drag and exhale? Might as well have had him stuffing a big handful of trans fat fries in his mouth. (And trans fat appears healthier than tobacco and doesn’t require “you will die” labels on its products.)

Demon sheep was funny and a way to get attention for the campaign from someone who needed attention. Cain doesn’t need attention. He needs clarity so that fence sitters can see if there’s substance or not.

The smallest matter is that the ending smile looked contrived and not trustworthy. Maybe the smile of a practical joker. Maybe the smile of a weaselly salesman.

I love Cain’s grin at the end – sort of says he knows something the libs don’t (which he does).

I’d vote for him. Is he perfect? No. But we need to remember that the perfect is the enemy of the good. And I don’t want the MSM picking the Republican candidate again. If he confuses them and pisses them off, that’s 2 points in his favor.

It’s as if David Lynch had produced a Herman Cain ad. And I like it.

aguyfromjersey | October 26, 2011 at 5:19 pm

Good Ad. Just a guy (OK a connected guy) telling you he believes. The face you’ll see anywhere in America. And the smile at the end from Herman. The kind of smile you get from someone who wants to close the deal, and knows he’s right. A winner’s smile.
I also love that they are freaked out about the smoking. Most cigarette taxes go to fund the CHIPS program (children health care). We’re doing it for the children.