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Have you hugged your Kucinich today?

Have you hugged your Kucinich today?

Thanks to frequent photographer Jason, who writes:

Taken a couple of weeks ago in Cary, NC…..this one seems to touch on most of the pillars of moonbattery…


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Yep, peace at any price.
All men are abusers.
Fox News is the RNC
Torture is unnecessary.
Surrender with bring peace.


That’s “Surrender will bring peace.

Here’s a tag for these pictures of bumper stickers (which I love and look forward to):


What fascinates me about these people — lots of them here as well — is the “mass media” breeding “mass deception” angle.

Of course, where do they get their info? CNN, NYT, WAPO, Reuters, BBC, etc (even if it’s be way of Kos or HuffPo).

Always reminds me of “Life of Brian” … but not in a good way.

This may be the first appearance here of one of my personal favorites – “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” That would be a good definition of feminism if the words “and men are not” were added.

Iowa Jim: My thoughts exactly.

I believe it’s a misdemeanor to hug your Kucinich in public. And you go on the Megan’s Law list.