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For your evening entertainment

For your evening entertainment

From the files, a freak show on the Ed Show, with Anthony Weiner commenting on Alan Grayson:


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BannedbytheGuardian | October 27, 2011 at 8:25 pm

Leave Anthony Aloooooooone!!!!!!!

Okay, so I got to about 2 minutes, after which point I realized that the only show with a smaller audience than the Capitol is the Ed Show, and my God I can see why.

God they’re tedious.

hey professor …here’s a little James O’Keefe on a got ya vid about liberal news basis ( NYT )if ya haven’t seen it yet …they talk about how the NYT in essence picks winners and losers

His show is called “the ED show?” “ED” as in “Erectile Dysfunction?” That explains a great deal about “Sargent Schultz.” Was he getting EDukation from Mr. Weiner? Tell me they took away their iPhones and twitter accounts before taping this episode!

Does anyone actually watch this clown? Evidently not…

The 178,000 viewers he attracted in the demo at 8:00 also registered as the lowest-rated show on MSNBC that night.

I started to watch… couldn’t finish. How about this, instead:

Shoulda substituted a picture of Weiner’s “public” parts instead of the video .

I noticed that they showed the (now-ex-) Congressman from the waist up only.

Resigned in disgrace, but in addition to benefits, still gets to be referred to as “Congressman” for the rest of his life?

I think Ed Schultz missed his true calling as a carny.

A dick with a show with a dick who shows.

Anthony don’t look too happy do he?