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Dear Mitt, did you ever own a rock?

Dear Mitt, did you ever own a rock?

The smear is long gone from the front pages, but will live on forever in Rick Perry’s campaign:

“I know for a fact that in 1984, that rock was painted over. It was painted over very soon, my family did that.”

Silly you, Rick, you thought WaPo cared about the truth.

The only thing WaPo cares about is that every night until you either lose or drop out, late night comics will be making jokes about your rock.

That’s the way they do it.

Dear Mitt, WaPo doesn’t care about the truth about you, either.  So please tell us now if you ever owned a rock.


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I would point out the fact that Perry never owned that rock … they leased the camp …

What rock ? Has anybody seen a picture of the rock, let alone the old “crackerhead” word on it ?

I want proof.

“…Mormon candidates must confront religion’s racist past
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has made no public comment on The Book of Mormon musical that’s been knocking them dead on Broadway. Romney, of course, would be mum on it for two good reasons.

First off the plate taunts, teases, hectors, lampoons and ridicules the Mormons on their holy book, history, practices and doctrinal statements. But most importantly, the play skewers Mormons for the church’s decades of racial prejudice and for their prodigious proselytizing activities in Africa. But the satire could just as easily apply to the long history of Mormons’ long standing purported curse of Ham teachings about blacks. It’s a play no devout, respectable Mormon would have anything good to say about.

The other reason that Romney would be mum on anything that tosses an ugly glare on his Mormon faith is that there’s no way at this stage of the election game to say whether his Mormonism will help or hurt him, or mean nothing to voters. Polls have been mixed.

In a 2006, Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll more than one third of voters said they wouldn’t back a Mormon for president. A June Quinnipiac Poll, which is the most recent poll on voter attitudes toward a Mormon in the White House, found that voter attitudes had softened somewhat. One third of voters didn’t flatly say they wouldn’t vote for a Mormon, just that they were “somewhat” or “entirely uncomfortable” with a Mormon as president.

But faith, religious and personal beliefs, and prejudices aside, Romney, and newly declared Republican candidate Jon Huntsman, despite the intense efforts of the church’s ruling elders to make its racial past go away, are still saddled with the heavy burden of the religion’s racial history.
For more than a century the Mormons rigidly enforced their policy that blacks could not be priests, serve on missions or be married in their temples. Some Mormon scholars tried mightily to debunk the curse of Ham teaching about blacks by citing various passages in the Book of Mormon that appeared to condemn color discrimination. But that did nothing to charge the iron clad prohibition against blacks having anything that resembled equal status in the church. The Mormons finally backed away from their ban after church leaders claimed they got a revelation from God in 1978 that declared blacks were now equals.

But the revelation came years after the heyday of the civil rights movement, and when discrimination and racial bigotry had become a legal, political and social taboo in America. The Mormon leaders counter attacked against the claims that despite the revelation on race, they were still closet bigots. They touted their much-publicized genealogical research on African-American families, their aggressive missions in Africa, and the increased number of blacks that serve in the important church body known as the Quorum of the Seventy to prove it.

But Mormon leaders would not relent on one thing. They rebuffed all calls for them to publicly apologize for the church’s long, stubborn, and dogmatic defense of alleged biblical encoded racism…”

    What does the salamander have to say about it ?

    1. You beat me to it, beloved2.

    2. Romney is the Left’s favorite GOP candidate, just as McCain was. Per 2008, they’re saving the demonization until he is nominated. Hopefully Romney is astute enough to understand this.

    3. Come to think of it, really nasty attacks on Romney could unify the Right under him, provided he handles the situation adroitly. (I know: nobody has been nominated yet.)

    4. Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus is Satan’s brother? Unfortunately, the Left are not the only people who resort to religious cheap shorts. Fifty years after the election of John F. Kennedy.

    5. ‘The Book of Mormon’ is an old stunt. Back in the 1960s, the Ivy League Left, disgruntled at LBJ’s ascension to the Presidency, flocked to a play called ‘MacBird!’. The theme was that, just as Macbeth murdered his king, Johnson had had Kennedy killed.

    6. It’s important to understand that we conservatives are ignorant bigots; leftists, when they applaud ‘MacBird’ and ‘The Book of Mormon’, are sophisticates. We only demonstrate our knuckle-dragging ignorance and bigotry when we criticize or complain.

The candidate that the media attacks most will get my most serious consideration. I’m sick of them picking our candidates.

It seems that the Democrats will leave no rock unturned…
This is from HA:
Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. submitted a resolution today in the House of Representatives to “call on Rick Perry to apologize for not immediately doing away with the rock that contained the word ‘N*****head’ at the entrance of a ranch he was leasing on and which he was taking friends, colleagues and supporters to hunt.”…
Do these representatives have nothing else to do while they are being paid by us? Is race baiting all that remains? The past three years have set back race relations like nothing else. Give it a rest already. I personally could care less whether you are green with purple stripes as long as you competently do the work you were elected to do. This is beyond the pale!

    retire05 in reply to MAB. | October 6, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    Add to that Mitt Romney’s most current swipe at Perry.

    Today Romney released on his web site what he calls “Rick Perry’s Plan To Get America Working Again.”

    The cover shows Rick Perry with a pistol in his hand. It is basically quotes from GOP establishment journalists about Rick Perry and the rest of the 114 pages are BLANK.

    Perhaps Romney should be talking about Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Eric Holder’s perjury, and jobs. Instead, he is acting like a high school bully who thinks he has the little 115 lb. guy on the mat.

    Maybe Perry should put out a book that says “Issues Mitt Romney has never changed his mind on” and fill it full of blank pages.

      You are absolutely correct. ALL REPUBLICANS should be talking about “Fast and Furious”, Holder the liar, Solyndra, Rev. Wright. Do not let the msm control the debate.

The MSM won’t care about Romney’s rock until after he is anointed the RNC candidate.

As they did with McCain in 2008 the MSM is manipulating the field to choose the least conservative candidate for the RNC to alienate the conservatives and deter votes and/or turn-out.

Between the usual corruption, union GOTV efforts and certain ethnic groups who vote overwhelmingly for the DNC candidate the MSM is hoping to deter the effects of Obama not delivering on his promises and poisoning the nation’s economy.

They will pull out the rock for Romney after the nomination ceremony.

Sticks and stones may break your bones …

But words spinned by journalists can do far greater damage.

workingclass artist | October 6, 2011 at 10:27 pm

Mitt is trying to mock Gov. Perry for a lack of a bullshit 159 page plan. Even the WSJ thinks Romney’s plan is lame. In Texas we like results from sound conservative economic policy based on good old fashioned American Capitalism.

“AUSTIN — Texas tax revenues have bounced back to levels nearly equal to pre-recession levels, indicating that the economy is in recovery, the state’s chief revenue estimator said Wednesday.

John Heleman said taxes on retail sales, motor vehicles and oil production are near 2008 levels, the last year before the recession. Only natural gas taxes are lagging, mostly because of low prices, he said during a quarterly briefing to the state House Ways and Means committee.

“The sales tax collection in 2008 was our all-time high, and then it went down in 2009,” Heleman told the committee. “It’s back up in 2011, and we’re essentially back to where we were in 2008 in terms of sales tax collections.”

Texas has no state income tax, sales taxes are the largest revenue generator in Texas. Oil production revenues are higher, even though the price per barrel trend peaked a month ago and is heading back down. These feed the Texas “rainy day fund”, which is now projected to climb back up to $7BB in 2013.”

Texas led the nation in exports 9 years in a row mostly with small business and manufacturing. Gov. Perry balanced the state budget and S&P upgraded our rating.

Conservative principles work in Texas and can work nationwide with experienced leadership & Mitt can’t compete with that.

workingclass artist | October 7, 2011 at 8:06 am

“In fact, Mitt Romney’s campaign had pressed Nevada Republicans to move the caucuses into January so that he could maintain momentum coming out of New Hampshire, a state he expects to win. Romney also is counting on winning Nevada, where he finished first in 2008…”