A friend writes:

I’m sure you’ve been following Romney’s latest flip-flop, in which he supported Kasich’s anti-union initiative in June but today traveled to Ohio and claimed he wasn’t familiar with the referendum.  It’s just too much.  The guy disgusts me, and frankly I just don’t know where to turn in this field.  Thinking of moving to Perry. Sure, he’s an idiot.  But he might actually believe in something.

Actually, I was not aware of it because I was traveling, but I now see that Jim Geraghty has a good round-up.  I don’t react as negatively, perhaps because my expectations are so much lower.

I could make a case for four of the candidates, but each has a downside.  Go with my heart (Cain, Newt) or with my head (Romney, Perry)?  (added)  I don’t share the view that Perry is an idiot, and Romney doesn’t “disgust” me, but neither gets me motivated the way the two less likely candidates do.

I’m hesitant to jump on the downsides because while I’m dazed and confused as to the Republican field, I’m quite clear that Obama must be defeated.  I’m just not sure how.

Update: Romney rushes to clarify his comments on union bargaining legislation.