What is David Frum going to do now that Sarah Palin is not running?

What linguistic stunts can he pull to drive traffic to his website?  Who is he going to call a grifter and con artist in order to make himself feel relevant and edgy, and gain the kudos of the nutroots?

What will this one-trick pony do now that the mainstream media no longer needs a nominal conservative to bash Palin?

Oh wait, the Tea Party is still around, so Frum serves a purpose on this earth.  He’ll retool his kit of insults, and reinvent himself as someone who can do a lot more than bash Sarah Palin.

But what will Frum do when Palin once again works to elect Republicans in 2012 as she did in 2010, and when crowds again follow her as she works for the benefit of others and the greater good?

It’s not hard to predict.  “She just won’t go away.”  “She is a publicity hound.”  “She feels the need to be relevant again.”

Like I said, a one-trick pony.  And someone who will be almost forgotten.


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