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Be thankful for little things

Be thankful for little things

This war has been going on for a long time.  At least we’re still winning.

Thanks to reader Dickie who writes:

First…..Let me express my thanks and gratitude for the time and effort you put into your site. I am an avid –several times a day- visitor.

I came across this bumper sticker that I thought you would enjoy…..scene on the back of a newer model VW beetle in the parking lot at a local grocery store in Lake Bluff, IL



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DDT killed bald eagles because of its persistence in the environment. ”Silent Spring” is now killing African children because of its persistence in the public mind. Public opinion is so firm on DDT that even officials who know it can be employed safely dare not recommend its use.

Assuming that the car’s owner means the natural environment I’ll agree with them. The roof over my head assures that the rain will not ruin my posessions. My air conditioning system keeps the North Central Florida humidity at bay and kills the natural mold that would otherwise grow on everything. Screens keep out the mosquitos. I could go on. And on and on and on.

I’m quite happy that the war on the environment is going well.