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A bumper sticker of the times?

A bumper sticker of the times?

A sign of the times, or just a wing and a prayer?

From reader and frequent photographer Bill in Florida, his very own vehicle:


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DINORightMarie | October 2, 2011 at 7:26 am

I would GLADLY vote for Herman Cain, if he wins the nomination. I have every confidence that if he were elected, he would surround himself with the people he would need to shore up his foreign policy and any other “weaknesses” that might be present. Currently he is my top choice of those in the race.

He is solid, Conservative, and knows how things need to be run to work. And I believe he could beat the pants off Obama!

Repeal ObamaCare – check. Cut spending – check. Cap spending – check. Tax plan/econ plan – check. Great communicator – check. Living in reality – check. (I had to throw that one in…..too many politicians don’t.) 😉

Yeah, Cain would be an excellent candidate.

(That does NOT mean that if Sarah Palin joins the fray, that I wouldn’t support her; just comments on Cain.) 😀

I was a Cain supporter before it was cool to be a Cain supporter. 🙂
Probably cannot win the Primary but if the Primary winner puts him in the VP slot, no holds barred, full speed ahead. We have a new team in 2013.

Can you just imagine Cain debating Biden? 🙂

I was a Cain supporter when I heard him answer a question with, “Everyone else on the stage has held elective office. How’s that working for you?” [paraphrasing] I get his daily emails. He has a plan. Can he win the Republican nomination? I don’t know. Can he beat Obama? In a heartbeat. I can see the debate results now. “Obama, without his teleprompter, stutters when trying to answer the difficult questions.”
If we are to return to the principles of our Founding Fathers, then we need leaders who are not professional politicians.
Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter [not difficult to figure that one out] had no foreign policy experience. They “hired” people with that experience. Well, Bush and Reagan did. And Cain is smart enough to know what he doesn’t know.
Obama thinks he knows everything. “How’s that working for you?”
John Bolton would be a good choice for his VP. I would love to hear Bolton debate Biden, especially when Biden is sober. Or after he’s had a few. Either way works for me.

I’ve also been a Cain supporter before it was cool. He is, in spite of supposed gaps in his Conservatism, quite solid; more so than the rest of the GOP field. He is articulate and inspirational and recognizes his shortcomings. He has vision. He can communicate his vision quite well. I’ve seen him speak 3 times and had the chance to talk to him one-on-one at one of those events. My wife has met him twice.

I like Cain, howevef I did hear a good argument against his 999 plan the other day. The problem with a national sales tax is that it would have to be coupled with permanent repeal of the income tax, otherwise the next time Dems gained control they would raise it as well as the income tax. The vultures are unstoppable and will do anything to spend more. This is a deal breaker for me. If he did something to address that, then I would be on board.

Wait! There’s something wrong with that picture. That can’t be correct. Maybe it has been photoshopped.

That’s a PRIUS wearing that bumper sticker

I pray that Herman Cain is the nominee. I do that so that no one can say the man hasn’t got a prayer.

In my rational side I don’t see it happening. The media trying to rationalize how a vote for Cain is racist? They want him destroyed before they have to openly admit that they are totally partisan.

I’d vote for him, and I’ve sent him money, including before he was “flavor of the month.”

Yes, I don’t agree with everything about him – or with everything about any of the candidates – but I heartily disagree with EVERYTHING about Bambi.

Remember, people, the perfect is the enemy of the good. I’d support Cain for President or Vice President. And yes, I’d pay good money to watch him destroy debate Slow Joe. 😀

I could support Cain. I have been following his campaign for quite awhile and he is clearly one of the few conservatives in the field of candidates. Cain/Bachmann or Cain/Santorum would be a strong ticket…