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WI Sup Ct Justice Ann Walsh Bradley stands accused

WI Sup Ct Justice Ann Walsh Bradley stands accused

… of hitting fellow Justice Michael Gableman:

State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is sticking by his story that Justice Ann Walsh Bradley hit him on the back of the head, but said Thursday it happened a year later than he originally claimed.

Bradley said in a strongly worded denial Thursday that she never struck Gableman. Three other justices have said they did not witness the alleged incident. The other two justices have not said whether they saw it happen.

Gableman recently told detectives that Bradley hit him on the back of the head on Sept. 18, 2008, for referring to Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson by her first name. But the Wisconsin State Journal reported Wednesday that the justices did not meet on that day.

The allegation came to light after documents were released from an investigation of a more recent incident between Bradley and Justice David Prosser. In that case, Prosser put his hands briefly on Bradley’s neck after she quickly came over to him during a June 13 argument. The investigative files that have been released have highlighted the discord that has plagued the court for years.

On Thursday, Gableman issued a statement standing by his account of being struck by Bradley, but saying it occurred a year later than he had originally told investigators. In his interview with detectives, however, Gableman said he clearly remembered when it happened because it was his birthday and noted that he had joined the court just a month earlier.

I don’t know if Bradley hit Gableman.  Perhaps we need a special prosecutor for that, too.

But I do know that Bradley did not tell the public the truth when she claimed that David Prosser put her in a chokehold, and that she lost her temper and charged at Prosser with a fully or almost fully clenched fist in the air precipitating the confrontation.

Bradley apparently will not be held accountable for her false statement to the public about Prosser.


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Wisconsin seems to have taken over from California as the state that exists primarily to entertain those of us in the other forty-nine.

And these people are judges?…in a state supreme court?

Unfortunately, it seems clear that Gableman has trouble remembering things. For example, he told investigators that Bradley loomed over Prosser, when she is six inches shorter.

I suspect his story could be true; but it does not look good for him, right now.

Bradley is a train wreck looking for a place to happen. She should be the one that is taking anger management and should NOT sit on the Court until this is completed. Sometimes this process takes awhile to complete, say a year or two!

They do say that female on male assaults happen more than is reported. (because guys don’t call the cops so the cops aren’t forced to arrest the blamee and the stats reflect that.)

Why no outrage …. never mind it’s liberals and liberal media.

The AM guy here, Sykes, also read a copy of the police report taken at Bradley’s residence. That interview included her husband (!?!).

Anyhoo, there were some extremely strange redactions from the document (obtained under a public records request); the reason for the redactions had to do with privacy concerns. Sykes intimated that “health” issues could have been the reason (perfectly OK under Wisconsin and Fed law.)

Raises a lot more questions about Justice Bradley.

Gableman narrowly defeated Abrahamson crony “Loophole Louis” Butler in 2008 and was almost immediately accused of ethics violations over a campaign advertisement Gableman ran against Butler that accused Butler of finding loopholes to return criminals to the streets. Nothing came of the ethics complaint… other than the obvious political mileage. No matter when Gableman misremembers being smacked by Bradley it occurred during the period when the Abrahamson cabal was still firmly in control.

There have been recent rumblings that Justice Patrick Crooks is unhappy with his current work environment and is pondering retirement. That means Scott Walker could be appointing Crooks’ replacement. Stay tuned.

I am so glad that our good professor and his resident toadies are commenting on the furor that Justice Gableman is causing. Raises a lot more questions, and why no outrage, indeed!