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Why do these people feel no fear of bragging about assaulting a lawmaker?

Why do these people feel no fear of bragging about assaulting a lawmaker?

Consider this part of the “Why do these people …” series, as in Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?

This also is a follow up to the post yesterday about the anti-Republican protester in Madison, Wisconsin who poured beer on the head of a Republican state lawmaker in a restaurant.

Now he’s bragging about it on video (transription and video via John McCormack):

 “I went to the Best Western last night and bought myself a Miller High Life, sat next to Represenatiave John Nygren, Robin Vos, Scott Suder. And had a friend come in who was filiming. And the bartender told him to stop filiming, and I see the security guy coming to kick me out. So I got up and went with the beer and–[Kristan mimics pouring beer]–all three Republicans”

“I would never use physical force, but he deserved to be assaulted like that,” Kristan said.

[Update 9-17-2011 – video pulled at YouTube, if anyone downloaded it or finds it elsewhere, please post link in comments]

Why no fear?

Because they have learned from experience:


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I’d be happy to pay for a plane ticket to any other democratic republic on earth for this fine fellow to try and duplicate his stunt. Suspect he’d immediately land in jail, and spend a long, long time there.

I hope the lawmakers press charges, and a police official who believes in his or her oath of office responds appropriately. “he deserves to be assaulted” means the perpetrator deserves to be arrested!

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If the police are looking the other way on left on right crimes, how is this any different than Selma police in 1956 ignoring whites assaulting blacks? Seems like a federal civil rights case either way.

Oh, wait.

Yet another thing that will await 2013.

Why do they feel no fear? Because I’m guessing the GOP lawmakers involved aren’t going to pursue legal action. Whether out of cowardice or apathy or embarrassment or fear of being scolded by a biased liberal media, they’re probably just going to sit on their hands and take it. Which makes it that much worse for the rest of us.

The GOP lawmakers involved have a videotaped confession to assault, and the perps identity and picture. Press charges and have him arrested, now, and punished to the full extent of the law.

I hope all three of them sue him for battery.

Normally, I lurk here, reading from Madison, WI, but regarding this report something must be said. It is absolutely appalling that anyone, anyone at all, should be assaulted over issues arising from their political participation.

And why has this happened?

This transition to physical violence is directly the result of the poor professionalism of Wisconsin’s police, that is, the Capitol police, the Madison City Police, and the Dane County Sheriff’s Department. Our local Progs believe that they can get away with pretty much anything they chose to do, precisely because the police and their unions are sympathetic. We are unfortunately in for some ugliness.

“Why no Fear?”

Why not just accept the fact that the Democratic Party has now become a breeding ground for violent Sociopaths?

If the GOP representatives won’t press charges, then don’t expect the police to act.

Too often, when conservatives are accosted, they don’t want to go to the trouble of filing charges. Example—Ann Althouse. A liberal agitator smacked her and tried ripping her camera out of her hand. When the police arrived, she said over and over that she didn’t want to see the aggressor arrested. OK—then what are the cops supposed to do? Give the guy a STERN talking-to? Try to make him feel guilty?

By his own admission, this guy is guilty of disorderly conduct. Moreover, he deliberately targeted an elected official. The elected official should use this video as evidence and press charges. I’ll bet the police will pick Mr. Kristan up and charge him with disorderly conduct. He’ll probably be convicted. Voila! A police record!

See how easy that was, GOP legislators?

Think of it this way—how many liberal jerks will be emboldened to do the same things themselves?

If you allow yourselves to be pushed around, you WILL be pushed around.

    Mike R in reply to smagar. | September 17, 2011 at 10:34 am

    Because a trial just gives them another publicized soapbox and newly minted “victim” status without imposing any serious punishment.

Let me guess. The guy doesnt have a real job does he?

    janitor in reply to Zaggs. | September 16, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    My guess too. No career to tarnish, or else already has tarnished it, and also judgment-proof. Why do I have the feeling that he’s living off of government assistance school loans or grants, Medicaid, Daddy or Grandma…

Progressive corruption. What do people expect when they advocate for normalization of involuntary exploitation and a substitution of totalitarian policies for moral knowledge? Do they really believe that denigrating individual dignity and devaluing human life would promote a positive outcome?

America is following a path to becoming a second-world nation.

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MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 16, 2011 at 5:09 pm

It’s pathetic how proud that punk is of himself. Both he and his friends are celebrating his anti-social, juvenile, behavior.

If some jerk no bigger than that punk is intentionally poured beer on me while I’m minding my own business trying to enjoy my dinner or drink, I guarantee you I’d deck him. I may go to jail, or he may kick my butt, but I absolutely would defend myself.

The legislator’s non-response is as pathetic as this jerk’s aggressive, rude behavior.

How nice is that Best Western? If it’s a decent place the hotel should have called the police. If it’s a typical Best Western, why not pick something up off the table and hit the guy back?

No need for sympathetic law enforcement or expensive lawyers. All little Miles needs is an old fashioned tune up.

The revolution can’t come fast enough.

Well with zero repercussions I can see a few more things this guy may try to get away with…

So, first of all the guy is a weenie. Second of all, don’t you have Concealed Carry in Wisconsin? And if you do, why would someone being physically attacked (beer bring poured on him) not pull out a hand gun and kill the weenie? Immediate problem solved, immediately. Future problems solved, immediately. Once one of these guys is shot to death for their violent behavior, they’ll all get a huge case of what I call “Concealed Carry Courtesy”.

When will Republicans ever learn?

    Concealed carry goes into effect on 1 Nov, that is, that’s the first day we can submit paperwork for a permit.

    That said, tossing beer doesn’t rise to the appropriate level of confrontation. No, this useless dickweed will suffer nothing, and enjoy the approbation of like-minded friends.

    Wisconsin cops…pffft.

      If your Concealed Carry laws are properly written and you have a Castle Domain law as written in Florida and Texas along with the Concealed Carry law you can interpret any aggressive act pretty much as a precursor to a violent threat to your life or the life of others.

      You don’t know that the guy who in one moment pours a beer over you is not in the next moment going to pull a knife and stab you. And that’s your defense in court. Anyone who is crazy enough to walk up to a stranger (or worse, up to an elected representative of the people) and pour beer on them is nuts. And nuts kill people.

      So, you shoot them. Dead. Right on the spot. In fear for your life. Screaming at the top of your lungs “I fear for my life!!! I fear for my life!!!” while you shoot. And you shoot and scream repeatedly.

      Problem solved. Because every other mutt in Wisconsin is going to pretty much immediately come down with a case of Concealed Carry Courtesy.

    “And if you do, why would someone being physically attacked (beer bring poured on him) not pull out a hand gun and kill the weenie? Immediate problem solved, immediately. Future problems solved, immediately.”

    Not quite. Our first problem is that if someone else is carrying, it’s likely they’ll hear the shot, see the person I shot and then see me holding my firearm. There’s a good chance I’d get shot myself at that point. Or I could be attacked by an angry mob, or cause a riot. So there are very many ways I could be dead or seriously injured.

    Assuming I’m still alive, I’m definitely going to be in jail a while, awaiting trial. While I wait, I’ll have to explain to the police, and probably to this person’s grieving family, that I shot him because he poured beer on me. I’ll lose my job, and my friends and family will think I’m a violent nut.

    Then the trial comes and now my freedom depends on the case my lawyer can make for me. He’s going to have to find a judicial precedent that holds that people are allowed to kill others if they pour beer on them. The only material facts are his dead body, my smoking gun, my strident statements to the police that I was acting in self defense, and the testimony of people who weren’t paying attention until I shot him. And the prosecutor will find every possibly excuse to parade grieving relatives in front of the jury.

    That’s why we pack in Texas!

Not that makes a ton of difference but..
On my headphones, it sounds like ole Myles said insulted, not assaulted.
Pretty good singing. Probably all been in choirs.

Thank goodness he understood his miranda rights and didn’t speak to the cops without the presence of his lawyer… maybe his lawyer, when he gets one, can supress the freely given video-taped confession… or maybe interpose an insanity defense.

Which is precisely why this crap doesn’t happen in TX. The odds are much higher, because the TX Castle allows deadly force in defense of oneself OR OTHERS.

At some point Representative Vos has an obligation to the rest of us to file charges against his assailant. Not to do otherwise encourages him and others to further assail our rights.

They feel no fear because they know the Dane County prosecutor would never take action against them for that.

That was easy.

And for all you people saying they should press charges, I will repeat, “They feel no fear because they know the Dane County prosecutor would never take action against them for that.”

And you don’t sue someone for battery, which is a crime, not a tort. Maybe sue for your cleaning bill and some sort of monetized pain and suffering; good luck with that.

Miles needs to be smacked down for two reasons: first for the assault on the representatives but being that it is in WI secondly needs a good ass kicking for wasting beer.

Sorry I guess I am just getting used to hearing about these things. Some loser drives past Governor Walker’s private residence every day shouting and he was finally arrested by the police after doing this for about 8 months.

    VetHusbandFather in reply to Lizard. | September 17, 2011 at 8:38 am

    I went to the Best Western last night and bought myself a Miller High Life

    Don’t worry he didn’t waste any beer. Professor, in the interest of journalistic integrity, you need to modify your headlines to indicate that the perp poured water on the lawmakers.

A video and an admission. Should the police charge him?

It’s easy to understand .. when you know your case will be heard by a judge like Judge Sumi.

I think the Miller hi life guy should track him down and ask him about the whole pink dress incident. Take it national: “He’s not livin’ the high life!”

but I agree with Milwaukee: “At some point Representative Vos has an obligation to the rest of us to file charges against his assailant.”

Or at least have his ass kicked by the racing sausages.

Isn’t this how Hitler started?

What happened to the small, still voice inside saying, “This is wrong”?

‘Rulag said. “And if there is violence you will have caused it. You and your Syndicate. And you will have deserved it”.

A thin, small, middle-aged man began speaking, at first so softly that few heard him. He was a visiting delegate, not expected to speak on this matter. “… what men deserve,” he was saying, “For we each of us deserve everything, every luxury that was ever piled in the tombs of the dead kings, and we each of us deserve nothing, not a mouthful of bread in hunger. Have we not eaten while another starved? Will you punish us for that? Will you reward us for the virtue of starving while others ate? No man earns punishment, no man earns reward. Free your mind of the idea of deserving, the idea of earning, and you will begin to be able to think.”’

– Ursula LeGuin, The Dispossessed

He pulled the video. I wonder if anyone copied it. I didn’t get to see it.

Re: “The victims should file charges . . . ”

Victims of criminal acts do NOT file charges. They do not make the decision as to whether or not a crime will be investigated or charged or prosecuted.

The police have a duty to investigate any information they receive that indicates a crime has been committed. So, the police have this video with the confession, they have news accounts – they’re all set. If they’re not corrupt, they’ll be contacting the victims for an interview today.

If they take no action, then, yes – they’re corrupt.

In New York it’s a felony to assault an MTA bus driver. In Wisconsin, it’s apparently not a crime to assault a legislator.

No, no. Nobody needs to sue anyone. That’s silly. Why should we tie up the courts, line lawyers’ pockets, and further validate hyper-litigiocity over what amounts to thoughtless boorishness? No, the simplest solution would have seen one or any number of the assailed (not “assaulted”) Republicans sock the little creep in the mouth then toss him out of the bar on his sorry butt. Simple.

If that little Bolshevik truly believes it is perfectly acceptable to assail someone simply because they hold a different political opinion, then he should offer no complaint should someone return the favor.