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Waiting for Obama speech on 20,000 missing Libyan surface-to-air missiles

Waiting for Obama speech on 20,000 missing Libyan surface-to-air missiles

ABC has an exclusive:

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Some exclusive. In fact, I ran a post on it earlier this month, Let the Libya “unexpected” consequences begin:

Such as a “no fly zone” over all of northern Africa, spreading across the globe, because while we broke Muammar Gaddafi’s army, we didn’t fix the problem of tens of thousands of mobile surface-to-air missiles.

As pointed out by Ace, this is old news, and calls into question the “no boots on the ground” strategy.

It also reminds me of this cartoon I ran back in March:



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Just one more instance that begs the question of whether the Obama Administration is incredibly evil or simply astoundingly stupid. Or a strong measure of both. Too hard to tell anymore.

    nordic_prince in reply to Merlin. | September 28, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Well, it doesn’t really matter which one, since the end result is the same: not only our security, but the world’s, has been compromised, and we have President Zero to thank.

1. I’m not worried about a no fly zone over North Africa; I’m worried about a no fly zone over North America (and the ensuing Great Depression 2.0 and probable overt police state): which, if the Islamists have a grain of sense, would be delayed until the day after (heaven forbid) Obama is reelected.

2. Apparently, Lindsey Graham isn’t seizing on this report to publicly thank the Deity for Three Strong Women in the Obama Administration–but SC voters should be reminded of his asininity if the missiles are used against the West.

President FUBAR

Is there any truth to the rumor that many of these surface to air missiles were built using new organic non toxic lubricants derived from bacon fat?

I’m shocked, shocked, to find there were serious munitions which were unguarded and have since gone astray. Since we have a couple of hundred miles of fence on the Mexican border, I’m sure none of those missiles will make their way into this country.

So the argument is between State and the CIA over these things? Weren’t the women of State anxious to get going in Libya? The left has made a huge deal of how unprepared the Bush administration was for the fall Saddam’s government in Iraq. The left criticized Bush for not guarding the Iraqi museums. Didn’t they anticipate this sort of thing happening, or was it unexpected? What a bunch of maroons.

By the way, Professor, your blog posting from August 21st of this year was about the end of Qaddafi. I think we can believe he is dead and gone when we see his head decorating a pike. Or whatever the denizens of Northern Africa do with disposed dictators. Where is NATO in all of this?

Have no fear. We just have to press the reliable ol’ smart diplomacy reset button.

Then there’s the trusty ol’ redundant fail-safe feature that is the Arab Spring.

What could possibly go wrong?

BannedbytheGuardian | September 27, 2011 at 8:52 pm

So ALL of his family & high officials are nowhere to be found?

So they just disappeared into the night?

Strange but in the meantime we could just nugget up Tony Blair & put him in some bedouin designer garb & install him.

What would be the difference?

How could Obambi have seen this coming? Who could have predicted? Chaos creates more chaos.

Military craft are trained to deal with MANPADs and other SAMs. But, when US aircraft initially encounter these missles they will probably suffer an increase in downed aircraft and casualties until the surprise wears off and they get used to the new threat.

The real problem is civilian aircraft that are virtually defenseless. You can park a car in the flight line at almost every major airport in the world and watch airliners take off and land. This could get ugly very quickly.

I guess I’ll be driving or taking the train for the next 5 years until the battery packs on these missiles start to degrade.

Of course, somehow this will be Bush’s fault.

I wonder who sold those Surface-to-Air missiles to Gadaffie Duck. Are they American made?

Well, maybe…how do we know that Libya had 20,000 heat seeking missiles in the first place? When did they get them? Are we sure they weren’t resold?

What use did Qadahfi have for them anyway, it’s not like he was expecting Israel or the US or Nato to bomb the crap out of him since he capitulated to George W Bush. Wait, if there were 20,000 shoulder fire missiles then how is it that he didn’t order his troops to shoot down every last NATO jet out of the sky? These are just the obvious questions.

However, the first civilian airliner shot down by a terrorist is totally Obama’s fault since he started this nonsense with the demand Qadahfi leave office and then started bombing the capitol of Libya. The failure to account for every last one of these missiles means any missile fired is potentially from Qadahfi’s stockpile.

Which brings us to a very ugly thought, did this incompetent President know of this stockpile BEFORE initiating his little war? IF not, why not because how do we know about it now? IF he did, then why didn’t he destroy or secure the missiles as he began bombing Tripoli? Furthermore, knowing about 20,000 missiles, how could he possibly order US pilots into harms way when even with our sophisticated anti-missile technology can’t possibly shoot down 10 or 20 missiles fired at them at once? All it would take is one platoon of men firing at the same time at one jet. Any reports of this?

    Milhouse in reply to dscott. | September 28, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    and then started bombing the capitol of Libya.

    Grrr. Nobody bombed Libya’s “capitol”, because it doesn’t have one. There is no such word as “capitol”. The Capitol is a proper noun, being the name of a specific building, just as “William” is the name of a specific person, and there is no such thing as a “william”. There is no building in Libya with that name.

I’m not sure how ABC scores this as an exclusive, unless Brian Ross happened to read Popular Mechanics three weeks earlier (9/7) as part of his ABC teams investigative journalism:
This article notes that CNN broke the story on 9/7 and there may have been bloggers on it before then.

Thanks, Barry O.
Hey,remember those good old days when you blasted George W. for declaring “Mission Accomplished” and then how you lambasted him for screwing up the securing-of-the-country-part-after-taking-down-Iraq-government!!!
Well, thank goodness YOU didn’t “Declare Success” in Libya and then …… what’s that? Oh, never mind……………

BannedbytheGuardian | September 28, 2011 at 12:42 am


They are allegedly Russian made. So Russia would know exactly how many & in what condition they were.

Give Vlad a call. Vlad is a pretty savvy kind of fellow.

However I seem to remember all the rogue nukes allegedly missing from the USSR that were going to destroy us.

Why there were BOOKs about it -maybe even Random House ones.

Stop giving obama the benefit of the doubt. Obama is arming every enemy the US and her allies (what’s left of them) have. He armed the Mexican drug cartels in Fast and Furious. And the druge lords in Hondurus. Has everyone fogotten his people negotiated with FARC (the drug lords in Columbia) during his campaign? For what? Who knows who else he is in cahoots with. He probably talked to every baddie in this world and promised them whatever they wanted in exchange for campaign funds. What makes anyone think he’s not doing the same thing now. He is in a position to “lose” a lot of stuff and is unaccountable for any of it. He has gone way beyond treason and is now in total destruction.

David R. Graham | September 29, 2011 at 1:40 am

“All it would take is one platoon of men firing at the same time at one jet. Any reports of this?”

Nope, total blackout of US losses by LSM/SRM.

David R. Graham | September 29, 2011 at 2:01 am

“He has gone way beyond treason and is now in total destruction.”

Has been from the start, not just from now. But he’s cautioning those enemies he’s arming (they are friends to him) that they better not touch him, just US citizens’, and mainly “white peoples’, will to be. He’s never tried to hide what he wants. He’s always been an open book. His ghost Bill Ayers wrote two to say it.

Also, no destruction is more total than treason. Ultimately, not he but the US Congress and electorate are the culprits here. Neither has wanted to believe what they heard from, by and about him. They’re afraid of him, or rather, of the deliberately indistinct, menacing intelligence “community” network that fostered and emplaced him: that is, the actual US government.

Breaking the back of that actual US government and suddenly, relentlessly re-forming the legal US government is the task a remarkably resolved portion of the US electorate has taken upon themselves. It is a great but heavy burden. May they succeed.