I’m sure that by “fight back” they don’t literaly mean “fight” back, it’s just a turn of phrase.  Like “take these son of bitches out,” words, just words.

And when it comes to the pension system in Rhode Island, which is on the brink of collapse, “fight back” means make sure that there are no reforms implemented which would save the system… oh wait.

As reported by The Providence Journal:

“Politicians at the Rhode Island State House are at it again — and your pension is in serious jeopardy.”

That is the theme of a “fight back” campaign launched Friday by eight of the state’s public-employee unions, working together as the “Rhode Island Retirement Security Coalition.”

By the end of the day Friday, the coalition had sent a mailer containing a “you are about to get steamrolled unless you fight back” warning to more than 30,000 households. It has also posted a 10-minute YouTube video on its website….

There was no response from legislative leaders or the governor, but a Raimondo spokeswoman said the treasurer remains committed to presenting a reform package “that creates an affordable, sustainable and secure system for retirees, active employees and taxpayers.”

State GOP chairman Ken McKay said: “I don’t recall union leaders — who are all lobbyists that spend a ton of time in the State House while the budgets are crafted — screaming about under-funding pensions while they were doing it. By the way, a couple of those bosses are officers of the state’s Democrat Party.”