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Turkish cyberwar on Israel

Turkish cyberwar on Israel

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, having threated to have warships escort ships seeking to break the Gaza blockade, has walked back those comments, claiming he was taken out of context.

But other Turks apparently are getting ready for another type of war with Israel:

Turkish hackers are preparing to launch a wave of cyber attacks on sensitive  Israeli internet sites, the head of a major Israeli website building company  warned on Sunday.

Elik Cohen, chairman of Daronet, which maintains more  than 3,000 websites, sent a warning to his company’s branches in Israel and  abroad saying that Turkish hackers could be targeting sites vital for trade and  the presentation of content belonging to banks and the government.

Cohen  added that Daronet’s defense systems have identified “tracks” left behind by  Turkish hackers who were “making preparations ahead of launching their attack.”

“According to all of the signs, we are looking at a planned attack by very professional hackers who have advanced technological capabilities,” Cohen said in a press release.

If I were Turkey, I’m not so sure I’d want to start something they may not be able to stop.

At least not if they have things that spin.


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Be nice if each and every Turkish hacker logged on to find his screensaver was now the Israeli flag.

BannedbytheGuardian | September 11, 2011 at 6:58 pm

I have no idea why Turkey is fixated on Israel. From all accounts visitors have found the people & country welcoming .

In WW! Winston Churchill had ideas of beating the Ottoman Empire & launched a hellish campaign at Gallipoli that killed tens of thousands of Australian & NZ troops who were hemmed on the beaches of Gallipoli.. On the Ottoman side things were not much better but a resourceful major named Ataturk quickly rose to the commanding position .

The invasion failed but Ataturk went on to form modern secularTurkey & Churchills aims were achieved though not how he envisaged it & with the massacre of both sides.

The Turkish began to migrate to Australia & built solid fine communities untainted by jihad. They built a Mosque & named it Gallipoli in honour of the battle – I never thought it was to Hurrah their victory but a genuine gesture of I can’t exacty think of but I am sure it was well intentioned. Due to the Turkish influence this Mosque has never been aggresive unlike a nearby Lebanese mosque.

I lived in that community for a few years & now rent the house to a Turkish family. I guess i should harass them , nix their intenet ,. threaten to cut off their water or at least raise the rent because they are Turkish ?Muslim ?

What is Turkey’s endgame for they have so much to lose internationally.

Provoking a cyberwar against Israel isn’t the smartest strategy.

Smart bullies pick on losers. Dumb bullies die young. Wonder if NYT already has Erdogan’s obit prepared?

Turkey is way overdue for an ass-kicking.

It actually doesn’t surprise me that PM Erdogan is now claiming that his comments about escorting ships through the blockade were taken out of context. That is usually the refuge of someone who makes a threat that they later realize they can’t back up.

As for the hacker attack that is brewing, the Turks may have the technical aptitude to pull off such an attack, but they don’t have the savvy skill necessary to do it for very long. Their tactics are generally brute-force, rather than subtle slicer work. That’s evidenced by the tracks that Daronet is finding.

The problem with brute force attacks is you generally get one big thrust, and then you’re toast as soon as the target adapts. You can do brief but expensive information damage, but then you’re done. Slicer infiltration would be more subtle, and thus less headline grabbing, but likely more damaging long term. But that’s not what Turkey wants; they want to try to embarrass Israel for the fact that Israel basically told them to go to hell, and that if Turkey’s citizens attack Israeli troops undertaking action, that those Turks will be treated as any other terrorist.

Did Erdogan really walk those comments back? Because news out of Turkey today says they will seek a naval confrontation with Israel – just not explicitly escort the blockade busters: