Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, having threated to have warships escort ships seeking to break the Gaza blockade, has walked back those comments, claiming he was taken out of context.

But other Turks apparently are getting ready for another type of war with Israel:

Turkish hackers are preparing to launch a wave of cyber attacks on sensitive  Israeli internet sites, the head of a major Israeli website building company  warned on Sunday.

Elik Cohen, chairman of Daronet, which maintains more  than 3,000 websites, sent a warning to his company’s branches in Israel and  abroad saying that Turkish hackers could be targeting sites vital for trade and  the presentation of content belonging to banks and the government.

Cohen  added that Daronet’s defense systems have identified “tracks” left behind by  Turkish hackers who were “making preparations ahead of launching their attack.”

“According to all of the signs, we are looking at a planned attack by very professional hackers who have advanced technological capabilities,” Cohen said in a press release.

If I were Turkey, I’m not so sure I’d want to start something they may not be able to stop.

At least not if they have things that spin.