As Althouse reports and Instapundit distills, concerning a violent protest:

…people seem to have acquired the idea that the usual rules don’t apply if you’re propelled by righteous anger against a demonized a political opponent. You’re “well-motivated” so what would otherwise be crimes become mere breaches of “decorum.”

One thing I’ve noticed while spending a particularly large amount of time on university campuses is that activists of my generation often have no understanding of civil disobedience. To far too many young leftists, “civil disobedience” is a get-out-of-jail-free card that should allow people to break the law so long as they are really, really, self-righteous about it.  The idea of evoking sympathy through the moral power of passively enduring suffering for a just cause is foreign to many safe, middle-class, revolutionary wannabees who want a free lunch out of their rebellion as well as their government.


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