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They’re made for each other

They’re made for each other

What’s the chance these two bumper stickers would be on the same vehicle?

Thanks to reader Dave, who writes:

Love the blog; please keep up the great work!

Here is a picture of a bumper sticker on a car parked in Arlington, Virginia.  Feel free to add any relevant commentary on the correlation between NPR supporters and the sentiment in the sticker on the left (no pun intended).

Correlation?  I’ll let the readers handle that.

Update: What timing. NPR edited the transcript of Obama’s speech to Congress to eliminate his false statement that Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party (h/t Instapundit).  As usual, NPR is seeing other people already. [Correction, per reader, it was PBS which edited the transcript, but as the commenter noted, it’s easy to confuse two sides of the same coin.]


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Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

Here is your hat, what is your hurry? See ya later, or not. Ugh.

OT. LOVED the blog of the day photo–most especially the quote at the end of the post. Left a comment that it should be carved on the cornerstones of both buildings. Thank you for sharing it with us, Professor.

Why do the moonbats always have foreign cars? Shouldn’t they exclusively drive Government Motors vehicles?

I see dud people.

I typically don’t approve of government handouts, but I would go for a program that paid for losers like this to relocate anywhere outside the U.S., with the provision that they can never return. Once they’re gone, they could make room for the millions of hard-working, freedom-loving people who are legally standing in line, waiting for their shot at fame in fortune in the USA.

PBS, not NPR. Though it’s easy to confuse them.

You said it, baby. Here’s a one-way ticket to all those places you falsely promised to move when Bush became president.

So would this person be offended if it were suggested to them that “This is America. Love it or leave it!”? Probably.

But what they want to do is transform America. These are kindred spirits to those who leave failing Blue states, only to bring their stupidity with them to their new Red state home. Thanks a lot for nothing.