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The Drudge of School Choice

The Drudge of School Choice

Today marks the launch of, the news hub of school choice activism in the U.S.

I’m really excited to see the site under the direction of Bob Bowdon, director of The Cartel Movie and contributor to the Onion News Network. Hopefully, the site will provide a nice amalgamation of different local school choice stories, as well as encouragement and support for those fighting the good fight.

I think it is sleek and incredibly timely. What say you?


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MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 19, 2011 at 4:43 pm

If our society were structured rationally, we would already be seeing a revolution in how public education is delivered.

Brick and mortar schools should be on the verge of extinction already. If Netflix can stream movies over the net, why can’t they stream lectures from the nation’s very best and brightest “super-teachers” to students sitting at home? And why can’t those live streamed lectures be recorded and loaded onto Youtube so that anytime a student wanted to go back and re-visit the material or clarify something, it is there to be accessed 24/7? That technology could permit the optimal class size that those “super-teachers” reach to go from, say 30 students per class, to hundreds of thousands — or even millions of students. And if as a society we reduced the number of brick and mortar schools, adminstrators, teachers, janitorial support, etc. by some enormous amount, like 80% or 90%, then we could afford to provide every student a state of the art computer, broadband access, a media reader like Kendle to access the textbooks, and pay those super-teachers like rock stars or A-rod. Every kid, regardless of the geographic region he lived, socio-economic status, race, whatever, would have the opportunity to be educated by the very best super-teachers society can produce. And the kicker is we’d save probably hundreds of billions a year compared to what we spend to educate children in the legacy state monopoly public education system.

There’s an education revolution ready to exploit 21st century technology just waiting to break out. But the teacher unions and other entrenched special interests will fight to prevent it with everything they’ve got every step of the way.

Clean, crisp, easy to navigate, lots of on-point stuff. Grouping of readings by topic/subect rather than “Newswire” would be helpful, but then… On the About page,“expose the scandal” should be a target rich environment and a lot of fun; “highlighting successes” a tougher go but at least as important. Education: a giant sandbox where a guy from The Onion should have a wonderful time.

Retired, my interest in tablets has been limited to a controlled kind of gadget envy (besides, my wife always has her postage-stamp-screen iPod with her, anyway), but there is so much excellent content on-line anymore the envy is beginning to morph into necessity (works for me). Meanwhile, the MSM just keeps slip slidin’ away. What a bunch of dolts.

Echoing MaggotAtBroadAndWall, I happened upon one of John Stossel’s programs over the weekend called “Stupid in America,” where he talked about the state of education in all its current permutations. One of the people he interviewed was a man named Salman Khan, who runs the Khan Academy (, which morphed into its present, worldwide configuration from very its humble beginnings tutoring his cousin in math. It is an amazing site — Khan talked about his math (and science) videos not only being used in conventional school settings, but by anyone and everyone who has a desire to learn or brush up on their math skills. If there was ever an example of what 21st Century schooling could look like, this site is it.

For crying out loud … that should be “from its very humble beginnings.” My apologies for my proofreading skills being temporarily AWOL.

Cool. I Highly recommend The Cartel Movie, BTW.

Glad to see this site cranked up! Knew it it would be first class given your abilities and passion for this Country and the education of our children.

I look forward to continuing to work with to get things straightened out through school choice rather than bureaucracy to do that which truly prevents children from being left behind.

Cheers Bob!