A major Israeli newspaper says yes.  According to an investigative report by Maariv’s Kalman Libeskind, Democratic operative and pollster Stanley Greenberg, who, along with James Carville, Bob Shrum, and others, was part of a team sent by Bill Clinton to drive Netanyahu from office in 1999, is again trying to influence Israeli politics.

His mission: stoking economic discontent into a protest movement intended to again, replace Benjamin Netanyahu with a leader more willing to sell out to American leftists and make concessions the Palestinians.

Arutz Sheva (a major Israeli publication that unlike Maariv, also publishes in English) explains:

Greenberg directed the strategists to create a protest that was not led by one specific group, in order to create social ferment. An unnamed left-wing leader would eventually step into this ferment and take the reins, Greenberg predicted.

Nice country you have there.  Shame if something were to happen to it.

UPDATE:  Arutz Sheva also reports a new poll, suggesting that the protests have yet to have the desired effect of weakening the Netanyahu government, although they may be strengthening the left at the expense of the center-left.  Were and election held today, rightist parties are projected to gain three seats (of 120) in the Kinesset (Israel’s parliament),one for a nationalist party and two for religious parties. The left parties would be significantly reshuffled, and their coalition on balance would probably have slightly more a extreme membership, with the Green Party gaining seats for the first time and the left-wing Meretz party doubling its seats form three to six.


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