My friend sent me this link yesterday, and I could hardly believe the headline: Margaret Thatcher has become a hip youth icon.

Harry Mount was at a party:

held at Maggie’s, the Thatcher-themed nightclub on the Fulham Road, in west London.

It will come as no surprise to Dan [Hannan]’s readers that he is keen on the Lady, as indeed am I; as were most of his guests. But what was staggering that, later on in the evening, the nightclub opened its doors to people who weren’t Dan’s guests. And in poured a tide of young, attractive and fashionable clubbers. When I left, at around 11.30, there was a long queue building up on Fulham Road to pay a £15 cover charge to get in.

Admittedly, this was the heart of Sloaneland. The clientele was mostly public school and well-off, and they clearly had a retro taste for 80s music. But, still, it was extraordinary that they should go to a nightclub devoted not just to a Tory leader, but to the Tory leader who was so reviled by the young for so long.


1. Why didn’t I go here when I was in London?!

2. Do you think conservative politicos will ever be as popular as their lefty counterparts among the youth? I doubt it since the other side paints a glossier, more attractive narrative that appeals particularly to those with little invested in, say, the economy.