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Sorry Ted, you can’t “talk our President down off of this rhetoric”

Sorry Ted, you can’t “talk our President down off of this rhetoric”

Self-made millonaire or billionaire, and now most hated person at Firedoglake, Ted Leonsis wants Obama to stop with the class warfare:

Someone needs to talk our President down off of this rhetoric about good vs. evil; about two classes and math.

Our country was founded on the premise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Is anyone happy right now with all of this?

Hit a reset button ASAP.

Rethink how to talk to businesses and sell business leaders on your plan to make America great!

Many of us want to be a part of the solution. We aren’t the problem.

Sorry Ted.

It’s all he has.  It’s who he is.  He cannot change.  You’ve been had.

Join the Tea Party movement.  There’s still room.  And it’s not illegal, yet.


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Poor Mr. Leonsis. He voted for Obama and he has maxed out on personal donations to Obama’s re-election campaign. Now he is complaining that the Obama administration is using class warfare to attack him. What did he expect, gratitude? He gave them everything he could and now they don’t need him any more. As Glenn Reynolds would say, he is such a rube.

Listen Ted,

Every single member of the hive paid for the streets you used to make your ill-gotten fortune. The gutters and storm drains and sewage systems carrying away the filth so that you could bathe in your millions? That’s right! The hive paid for those, too!

Your lucky the hive paid for the police to protect you from the hive …

After reporting you to I will proceed to report you to

Your robberbaron days are over, mister.

The Hive

I bet Ted is even keeping the money he saved thanks to the “Bush Taxcuts”

He should have known him at “redistributive change.” Leonsis must be unfamiliar with left-wing regimes.

Tax rates should be low and comprehensive across the economic spectrum.

Now, a short review of government revenue and spending in fiscal year 2011.

federal = $3.6 trillion ($1.3 trillion deficit)
state and local = $2.4 trillion

GDP = $15 trillion
total government spending = $7 trillion

That is $22 thousand per capita spent by the government at all levels, representing nearly 1/2 of the national GDP.

While I agree that the tax code is a contributing factor in distorting our economy and should be revised, it is clearly not the principal factor. There is no need to conduct class warfare in order to correct the excesses of the public sector.

We cannot afford progressive redistribution schemes through the color of authority, if we wish to optimally preserve individual dignity and contain progressive corruption of individuals and society.

Sorry, Leonsis, but whatever your reason was to support Obama, it was based on false principles. People seem to like the social economics advocated by the left, but they are only a means to their end. One of the worst injustices to be levied against Americans is the welfare system and related programs. The whole situation is further exacerbated through a selective rule of law, which is especially due to the unmeasured immigration of illegal aliens.

    Iowa Jim in reply to n.n. | September 27, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    How are you getting $7 trillion? $3.6 trillion plus $2.4 trillion is $6 trillion (which is too much, itself)? Should the $2.4 trillion be $3.4 trillion?

You would think that Ted would be THANKING him, that’s what you’d think……

Ted, you got exactly what you paid for. Man up!

So, Ted, get out there and campaign against the guy. Your donations are chump change to you, emphasis on the chump! Maybe you should take a look at Cain!

Amazing that an Obama mega-donor wants to stop the class warfare rhetoric. Doesn’t he buy into it? Or maybe, just maybe, he is seeing a glimmer of truth that it’s not working, Mr. 0. Driving people and businesses away, in fact.

Ted is perhaps acquiring at taste for TEA. 😀

David Brooks says, “Sap”.

    Rosalie in reply to gasper. | September 28, 2011 at 8:21 am

    Leonsis, just line up behind Brooks. It’s gonna be a long line. You were taken in by an actor playing a part. Brooks and Buckley – and multiple others – have proven how superficial they are. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if you vote for him again.

Isn’t this the same clown who assaulted fans at an NHL game? And isn’t he an AOL exec?

What do expect with his stunning executive skills?

This may not be the right place for this but…..I got an idea for Ted, Warren, and the guy at the town hall in California. Figure out how much extra money you would be willing to pay in taxes, and go out a hire unemployed people, and pay them that as a wage. Doesn’t matter what they do. You could jest tell them to stay at home all day.
Feel guilty about your money, give it to a charity, (not your own foundation), animosity, and don’t take the write off.
How about pooling all the DIRTY money you have and starting a company, maybe making Solar Panels, and sell them at below cost, and eating the loss?
There is so much you could do with someone else money

Ted is not getting a taste of the “tea”. He’s getting a whiff of the fumes from the underside of the bus. Everyone and everything is expendable to obama. Only the clueless and willingly blind haven’t seen this before now. Ted and those like him are now irrelevant. They had better get used to it… until obama needs them again.

Crossposted to Ted’s site (like it will ever show up)

Robbing Peter to pay Paul (and Ted) seems to be very popular with Paul (and Ted). Now that Peter is running out of money, the Robbing has gotten down to Ted’s (rising) level, he’s suffering from cognitive dissonance. In the immortal words of Pogo, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

But now he has become a “winner in life’s lottery”, and his former friends are directing their venom at him! Of all people! He’s a good guy, he works hard, he has a comfortable house, he donates to more charities than you can shake a stick at, why do they hate him so?

Welcome to the club Ted. Where have you been until now?