“Passive-aggressive whining about people who dare to disagree with you” is Jim Treacher’s latest comment here, directed at me.

Bizarre.  He’s been commenting furiously in the comment section here because I wrote a post critical of The Daily Caller’s handling of the Mike Tyson video about Sarah Palin.

My post wasn’t directed at him, or even at the specific author of the Tyson post, but rather at the lack of editorial judgment at The Daily Caller, a professional, investor-funded operation which acted like a bunch of amateurs seeking to spike weekend traffic and in so doing damaged the brand.

Similar criticism was widespread throughout much of the conservative blogosphere and even from Greta Van Susteren.  That criticism, and the damage it caused to The Daily Caller, will not go away just because a Daily Caller staffer always tries to get the last word in at the comment section of a critical blog.  Look in the mirror guys, not at the comment sections of other blogs.

I suggested in my original post that The Daily Caller didn’t know when to stop digging.  I think I have been proven right.


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