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Someone tell The Daily Caller to stop digging

Someone tell The Daily Caller to stop digging

“Passive-aggressive whining about people who dare to disagree with you” is Jim Treacher’s latest comment here, directed at me.

Bizarre.  He’s been commenting furiously in the comment section here because I wrote a post critical of The Daily Caller’s handling of the Mike Tyson video about Sarah Palin.

My post wasn’t directed at him, or even at the specific author of the Tyson post, but rather at the lack of editorial judgment at The Daily Caller, a professional, investor-funded operation which acted like a bunch of amateurs seeking to spike weekend traffic and in so doing damaged the brand.

Similar criticism was widespread throughout much of the conservative blogosphere and even from Greta Van Susteren.  That criticism, and the damage it caused to The Daily Caller, will not go away just because a Daily Caller staffer always tries to get the last word in at the comment section of a critical blog.  Look in the mirror guys, not at the comment sections of other blogs.

I suggested in my original post that The Daily Caller didn’t know when to stop digging.  I think I have been proven right.


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It looks like some “If I comment the most and get in the last sarcastic word, I’ll win them over” synapses have gone haywire and are controlling his brain.

Talk about “touching a nerve.”

I suspect it’s some kind of face-saving thing, or high sensitivity from a cumulative amount of criticisms. Big people take responsibility. On another note, I can’t say that I approve of the way Greta Van Susteren handled it either. Enough already with the media giving pea-brain celebrities platforms to blather. The opinions of these people are not news.

    JimTreacher in reply to janitor. | September 24, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    One thing it couldn’t possibly be: genuine disagreement.

      Lots of snarky short comments do not support that assertion. Care to expand on that?

        JimTreacher in reply to Owen J. | September 24, 2011 at 9:27 pm

        If I do, I’m a troll. If I don’t, I’m a coward. It doesn’t matter what I say either way, because your mind is made up.

          Juba Doobai! in reply to JimTreacher. | September 24, 2011 at 10:42 pm

          I do know that by doing whatever you are doing on this thread, instead of issuing mea culpas for the DC, you are losing a lot of credibility amongst readers who trusted you. You are expending trust capital in defense of the indefensible, and that is unfortunate for you. If you cannot see that the DC’s uncommentaried promulgation of Tyson’s filth — commentary added too late to do any good, especially in view of Carlson’s disrespectful MILFistan remark — is an insult and violence to Sarah Palin, to all women, especially to Conservative women who are the only ones on the receiving end of such attacks, then you are not whom we thought you. You are just another member of the LSM who thinks it’s wise to attack someone whom you don’t like because of their or your political ideology. It doesn’t take courage to be a hyena. It takes courage to be a mouse willing to free a lion from a trap. So far, regrettably, you are no mouse, Treacher. (This danged iPad insists on completing your name with ‘-ous’.)

          Weak. Silly. Childish.

          The only thing I’ve “made up my mind about” is that thus far, you have failed to advance an argument.

          So how about it? Do you have an argument or don’t you?

          JimTreacher in reply to JimTreacher. | September 25, 2011 at 4:12 am

          I understand that you’re frustrated by my refusal to agree with you just because you insist it’s my only reasonable option.

          Jim @ 4:12: On what basis do you conclude I am frustrated?
          On what basis do you assume I want you to agree with me?

          I asked: “Do you have an argument or don’t you?”

          This is a very simple question. You did not answer it.

          Why did you respond, but not answer the question?

Does anyone have a pool going to pick when Treacher trolls this thread? I think our host summed it up best with one word: bizarre.

    JimTreacher in reply to windbag. | September 24, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    “Why won’t you shut up even though we keep insulting you?”

      I thought you didn’t take this stuff personally?

        JimTreacher in reply to windbag. | September 24, 2011 at 6:40 pm

        Pointing out your errors in logic is nothing personal.

          Huh? Logic errors? You lost me (again).

          That is not what you did. I did not use a logical argument in my comment. I made an off-hand, semi-humorous comment, pointing to the likelihood that you would troll this thread (you didn’t disappoint on that…thanks for playing). I then agreed with Prof. Jacobson’s subjective assessment of your intense interest and compulsion to respond to several (most? I won’t take the time to tally) of the posts in the original thread.

          So, where is the error in my logic that you claim you are pointing out? I offered a prediction of your behavior and an agreement as to the description of your behavior. Your turn.

          JimTreacher in reply to JimTreacher. | September 24, 2011 at 9:26 pm

          And then what happened?

Here’s the deal – Tucker Carlson is not wrong. It does need to be aired. The problem is – it’s so ugly, no one wants to look at it. What do you do with it?

It’s not just Tyson and the filthy ESPN hosts, it’s matt Taibbi and Don Imus chortling over violent rape fantasies (again directed at conservative women, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.) Bill Maher, and his buddies – the same… it is an ugly fact.

Who called them out on it? Everyone turns their backs – not knowing what to say.

Because, on the one hand, the response is “Sarah Palin wants to be President (or VP in 2008) – she has to be able to take it, quit whining.” And while that’s true, it allows this to go on. Excuses it. Tempts it, even. How much can they get away with saying with that giving them permission to act out?

It has to be brought to light – and yet doing so implies that Sarah can’t take it. So we’re trapped.

And it is getting uglier and uglier – Tyson is just the ugliest and most despicable manifestation yet. And if that doesn’t say it all –

How do we address it? WITHOUT hurting Palin. Where the hell is NOW? WTF is wrong with women in this country who should be outraged and marching in the streets.

    ella8 in reply to Rose. | September 24, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    I agree it is good to shed light on it as vile and disgusting as it is. If I ever saw Mike Tyson I would spit in his face. I am past the rage of marching in the streets though. I just see a spade for a spade, and I have been quite aware for a long time that many of the scumbags on the left are womanizers, here and abroad… Bill Maher, Wiener, DSK, Clinton… to name a few. The reason why guys like this support abortion is because when they get the hooker pregnant they can ship her off to planned parenthood to have the contents of her womb scraped and discarded. I long ago let go of the illusion that the left cares about women’s rights and health.

      ella8 in reply to ella8. | September 24, 2011 at 2:06 pm

      I almost forgot about those who are womanizers of the worst kind, like Joe Biden and Thomas Friedman whose support of the one child policy is enabling the worst of all abuses towards women, forced abortion. If that day ever comes in this country, I can tell you I would be doing more than marching in the street. If anyone ever lays a forceful hand upon my body or someone that I love to tear a baby out of the womb against their will, it would be more than the innocent child’s blood being shed.

        ella8 in reply to ella8. | September 24, 2011 at 2:13 pm

        My heart goes out to the women in China for the suffering they are subjected to under their tyrannous government and with the help of planned parenthood international which is supported through our funding of the UN. All of the enablers of this policy are vile disgusting womanizers. In defense of the Daily Caller, they did have a good light shedding article on this subject recently.

    JimTreacher in reply to Rose. | September 24, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Thanks, Rose. Welcome to the outcasts.

    Owen J in reply to Rose. | September 24, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    The problem is HOW he did it – not THAT he did it. He did it either as a crass ploy, which is despicable, or very stupidly, not realizing what the original post implied about his position on the matter.

    The defense raised so far, and by Treacher in particular, argues that it was in fact a crass despicable ploy. So either it was, or they really are that stupid over there.

    All the evidence to date is that the DC crew, and especially Treacher and Carlson, are at a fundamental level, deeply stupid people. Not that they are unintelligent in the bookish sense, but that they are unable to use that intelligence in a constructive fashion.

    Having made a huge mistake, they insist on defending it on specious grounds and resorting to assine one-liners and generally behaving badly.

    That is what this is all about.

    Yes, Tyson needs to be condemned and in a truly just society would never see the light of day (or the dark of night) again. Tyson is amoung the worst people who have ever existed and his hosts on this occassion are little (if any) better.

    But that is not the issue of the Prof’s post.

    I remember the days when my liberal Democrat friends cared about women’s rights. They cared about things like this degradation of women. They fought for better conditions, and decried publications like Playboy for their portrayal of women. We were all on the same page.

    Where are they now? Why do THEY stand silent? Are they listening? Are they thinking to themselves, this is wrong? Will ANY of them, from NOW to your next door neighbor stand up against this? So far the answer is no.

    Does if bother them? Is there a nagging thought tickling the back of their brains that tells them they are responsible here, and if their previous convictions meant anything, they would speak out? Will that propel them to act? Will they enact a silent protest at the ballot box? Tell the pollster one thing, but vote their convictions at the ballot box?

    Obama was an empty vessel with a mirrored facade. People saw themselves, their own high ideals and expectations reflected back, and they believed he shared those ideals and aspirations – they were swept up in a wave of optimism. The result, the reality, is this ugliness. The question is – what will good people (on the left) do? And when.

    (And, without Tyson’s comments being aired, these regular people would never be aware that the mirror is shattered – never have the chance to make an informed decision, or take action to fix what has gone wrong, what they voted in.)

      Rose, one only has to look back at the effluence of Sexism Filth spewed by leftists all over Hillary Clinton during the 2008 DEM primary race to see that NOW is a sham, a purely political organization pretending they are non-partisan champions of “women.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

      In fact, NOW socialists have given non-partisan feminism a black eye. They pretend they own “women” just as the CBC pretends they own blacks.

      That strong conservative women exist outrages the Left and NOW in the extreme. This is why there was instant insane hatred of Sarah Palin starting the instant she was announced as McCain’s running mate.

      It isn’t the person Sarah Palin they hate… their hatred is of the poster girl of so-called “turncoat women” who have the unmitigated gall of being anti-socialist conservatives thus invalidating their meme that they own women.

      In their socialist minds, conservative women are Gender Oreos, Gender Infidels, who are deserving of the most vile of leftist hatred… thus, the most disgusting and debased the attacks on conservative women, the better.

      The Daily Caller sexism attack on Sarah Palin simply played into the hands of Socialists who must be laughing their butts off that such knuckling dragging dupes on the right exists.

I want to be really clear – Matt Taibbi/Rolling Stone is JUST as despicable as Mike Tyson. Don’t let him off the hook.

    janitor in reply to Rose. | September 24, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    You’re right, Rose. It needs to be called out, but in some way that doesn’t give special attention or credence to one source’s filth as a matter of point-counterpoint “controversy” about which reasonable people could differ. Perhaps in the case of the constant biased, ongoing, and inappropriate media disses against Palin, the whole collection of inappropriate media could be the focus of the story, not merely one current example of it as if that one is an anomaly.

Step aside, I’ll handle this.

Hey Daily Caller! Listen up! Stop digging!

Personally, I believe the reason why Tucker did the banner headline story about Bachmann’s history of migraines was to slow her fierce Iowa momentum. The idea that this was important information that the electorate needed didn’t hold water to me.

While I am not outraged by what Tyson said — it’s never a surprise when a pig says “oink” — I am disgusted at the way the radio hosts egged him on for minutes on end as if they were doing no more than engaging in the “Ginger vs. Mary Ann” question. And Tucker, while he did use quotation marks (duh), did not in the course of reporting the outrage act as if it was as outrageous as it was. “Tyson: Sarah Palin ‘met the wombshifter'” could just as well have been “Mike Tyson’s shocking Palin statements”, but Carlson — the guy who has already dismissed Palin as having only the “MILF vote.”

Jim Treacher is one of my favorite bloggers, and on top of that, he was the first nationally known person to say something nice about my writing. But he’s gotta back down on this, because Greta Van Susteren has a valid point.

The worst of all of it was the ESPN guys, who seemed to enjoy and encourage Tyson’s insanity.

Surprising that Treacher is sticking his nose in it – his hands were clean, the smart thing to do would be to keep quiet and let Carlson defend himself.

I just have one question for the Daily Caller, what would ever give them the idea that I have any interest what so ever in anything Tyson would ever have to say? To me that is the real insult, that they class their readers into the group of brain dead zombies that listen to what some washed up celeb or rapist has to say. unbelievable.

TheLastBrainLeft | September 24, 2011 at 2:45 pm

I like Treacher, but he has to ditch Carlson.

He was doing the same over at Ace of Spades when this arose as well. He can’t accept that many of us found what the DC did was out of bounds. Yet he goes all over the ‘net complaining about people not accepting a difference of opinion. In other words he doesn’t like our opinion, but we are not supposed to disagree with his. I’ve lost all respect for him. I think the DC must be headed down the drain and he’s afraid of losing a paycheck. That’s about the only thing that explains this behavior that makes any sense. The fact that Poor added the editorial comment 16 hours after the blurb was published pretty much indicates they know they fouled up. They should have said so and not become so defensive. They shot themselves in the foot.

    JimTreacher in reply to laddy. | September 24, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    He was doing the same over at Ace of Spades when this arose as well.

    Yes, daring to disagree. Blasphemy.

      Jeez! You letting a bunch random blog commenters make you look foolish?


      You think this is really a good use of time?

      BTW: To anyone else: Who’s got the solid evidence this is really Jim Treacher? I know the people at DC are decidely second-rate, but this behavior is straining my credulity.

        JimTreacher in reply to Owen J. | September 24, 2011 at 9:33 pm

        Your sputtering may not be as convincing as you intend.

          That statement is certainly true, one might say “dumbfoundingly true”: it may not be, or it may be, or it may be to some and not to others, and to various degrees in any case.

          But who exactly is my “sputtering” intended to convince?

          JimTreacher in reply to JimTreacher. | September 25, 2011 at 4:14 am

          I honestly don’t understand what you’re saying, but I appreciate that you were able to say it without any personal insults.

Around my house we call it “The First Rule of Holes.” As soon as ANYONE notices someone digging, they get called on it, fast and hard. Needless to say, they holes don’t get very deep.

The real problem here is that Tucker Carlson has two conflicting objectives:

1) He wants to have a successful news oriented website.
2) He wants to influence the outcomes.

You can’t do both with one site. Breitbart figured that out a long time ago, and he keeps his news-aggregation and news-advocacy sites separate.

And apparently he has the subtlety of a Texas Longhorn with diarrhea at a NY dinner party.

Treacher is a real piece of work. He blocked me on Facebook about 6 months ago when I posted that I didn’t agree with something he wrote. At the time, I couldn’t believe how childish he was. Now I’m not at all surprised by his actions. You can find him on multiple blogs spinning the same nonsense.

    JimTreacher in reply to jeannebodine. | September 24, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    What’s more childish: blocking somebody on Facebook, or holding a grudge about it for six months?

      Remembering something that happened and referring to it is not the same as holding a grudge. Especially when it is used to show contradictions in what a person says and what he does.

      Hmm. How would that work out? All this talk about politicians breaking campaign promises right and left is mere grudge holding.

He sure hasn’t done himself, or the DC, ant favors with his tiresome schtick. Some of us tried to warn him, but he wouldn’t listen. I don’t think of his particular predicament so much as a hole. More like he’s gone too far out on a limb, and concending anything would be a swift drop (off the DC payroll one suspects.)

So, for me, dealing with him became a bit of an exercise in rope-handing, which he played along with as if he didn’t have a care. But, given the RINO establishment and their need for the Tucker Carlson’s of the world, maybe he’ll be alright, so long as the checks don’t start bouncing.

here’s a little cheer me up

This week’s Economist/YouGov Poll is full of bad news for President Barack Obama. The frontrunners for the GOP nomination in the 2012 contest are pulling very close to him in head-to-head matchups, and his approval rating has been at or near the lowest levels of his Presidency for the last few weeks. And the worrisome economy keeps it there: this week just 36% approve of the way he is handing his job overall, the lowest rating ever in the two and a half years of his Presidency.,14.html

Digging holes in a field of land mines is Treacherous work.

Everything is proof that you’re right, William. Every single thing.

Some news is not fit to print. The New York Times has worked out the details very well and is a master of not reporting news that’s fit to print.

This is beyond digging and down into full excavation … which is usually fascinating … and usually precedes construction … but all I can see coming is a cave-in.

Any of the excavation workers call Sarah a “back-ho”? Quick, publish their thoughts!

I think I’ll have the last word here, thank you very much.

Well, Professor, it would seem as though you laid a trap for Mr. Treacher and he stepped right into it, proving your point entirely.

My goodness. Who couldn’t see that coming like a speeding freight train?

Someone, please, take Jimmy’s shovel away from him.

    JimTreacher in reply to turfmann. | September 24, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    “You’re a doodyhead. And if you don’t shut up when I say so, you’re just digging yourself in further.” The rhetorical genius of it is truly breathtaking.

      turfmann in reply to JimTreacher. | September 24, 2011 at 5:36 pm

      Are you OK, Mr. Treacher? I don’t recall you being given over to non-sequiturs and petulance.

      Go back and read your comments in this post. You sound like an adolescent, or worse, a common troll, not a contributor to a leading website.

        JimTreacher in reply to turfmann. | September 24, 2011 at 5:42 pm

        I just did as you requested. Which was the adolescent part, insisting on my right to disagree, or pointing out the errors in logic?

        People sure to go to great lengths to tell other people to shut up.

          turfmann in reply to JimTreacher. | September 24, 2011 at 5:56 pm

          I requested nothing of you, indeed, I did not address you at all.

          No one is trying to revoke your right to disagree, but your commentary here certainly falls within the parameters of the old saw:

          “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”

          But… Don’t let me stop you. I am but a humble lawn jockey who posts anonymously here and there. No one cares in the least what I have to say. You make your living with your words.

          And what you are writing is unbecoming.

        JimTreacher in reply to turfmann. | September 24, 2011 at 5:59 pm

        “Go back and read your comments in this post.”

        “I requested nothing of you, indeed, I did not address you at all.”

        Are you crazy? Is that your problem?

Professor Jacobson,

This is the point where Mrs. Pavlov would yell out, “Stop ringing that freaking bell !!! The dogs are going nuts !!!”

I imagine Mrs. Jacobson is now saying, “Okay, William, you’ve had your fun … come on now.”

“Stop digging!” cry the mole men.

We need the Saturday Night Race Card Game now, have to move along.

Gosh, this is beginning to look like it’s the script to a play. So, since we’ve degenerated into a performance, perhaps we should wish each other luck.

Oh shucks, forgot that just isn’t done in the performing arts, instead we should simply say: “Break a leg!” But, would that be too cruel to say, really?

Who had 4:51 in the pool? You won. Again, bizarre, Jimmy, bizarre.

From the DC Caller home page: “Founded by Tucker Carlson, a 20-year veteran of print and broadcast media, and Neil Patel, former chief policy adviser to Vice President Cheney, The Daily Caller is a 24-hour news site providing original reporting from an experienced team of professional reporters, thought-provoking commentary and breaking news.”

That’s it, folks. If you want to imagine that the DC Caller is Conservative, or Liberal, your chances of being right are cloaked in a penumbra of intent. Weighing everything, one still comes away with what is a merely a personal opinion about Tucker’s intent when he says or publishes any one thing. It does leave enormous and comfortable room for the ideology of the DC to be whatever it needs to be at any moment.

But it’s not pointless to point it out or presume upon it.

We’ve all outgrown the Uncle Walter fairy tale of the “impartial media” and we now cast a jaundiced eye at the selective process of what is deemed newsworthy. And the deeming is not controlled by the consumer. The reader cannot be blamed for whatever impression he draws from the overall picture presented.

Particular instances do not inform completely, anymore than a single dot in a Seurat painting reveals its place in the entirety of the artistic rendering– but it has been carefully placed all the same.

If the overall impression of the effort is ugly, why rail at the consumer for their opinion of it? Airbrushing the presentation after the fact is just an admission that hack artists need their audience as much as they despise them.

Frank Luntz: Now … how many of you changed your opinion about the disgraceful behavior of the Daily Caller after reading Jim Treacher’s hundreds of posted comments? Let me see a show of hands …

(No hands go up.)

Frank Luntz: Anybody?

(Still no hands go up.)

Frank Luntz: Okay, this happens sometimes on live TV.

(One hand slowly goes up.)

Frank Luntz: Okay, what did Treacher say that made you change your mind?

Man: I … I just have to go tinkle.


How do you respond to the kind of attacks, the filthy, disrespectful language and imagery?

Why didn’t Taibbi get called on the carpet NATIONALLY, by good people of all parties, stripes, colors, incomes? WHY?

Why is it ok for them to say what they have said? Why was it ok for there to be a national witch hunt following the Giffords shooting?

Examoples that have gone ignored…

…Playboy writer Guy Cimbalo in June 2009 published a list of conservative women he’d like to have hate sex with…

…Bill Maher and HBO ply BIGOTED MISOGYNY ad nauseum…. MARC MARON, COMEDIAN: I don’t want to be crass but I just hope that Marcus Bachmann takes all that, you know, rage that comes from repression and denial and brings it into the bedroom with her. I hope he f–ks her angrily because, because that’s how I would. And I’ve thought about it. I just… [Laughter and applause]

…Matt Taibbi and Don Imus –yuk it up over Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann…Don wanting to see them make out and Matt wanting to get some good Bachmann porn made in the fashion of Palin porn. (The audio has been pulled down, none of my links are working) Femisex blog: Bachmann Porno is on Matt Taibbi’s bigoted mind

Is it ok for Rolling Stone to do this? Didn’t they sort of give permission for Tyson to do it too?

Hey Jim,

The Professor is on the radio on WRKO AM 680 Sunday night.

How many times are we going to hear the operator cut in to the host’s and the Professor’s conversation with “an emergency breakthrough call from Jim Treacher”?

I’m guessing a dozen times.

Wow. Just simply, wow!

Jim, you really need to stop proving the good professor’s point. Right now, you simply appear petty and childish. At some point that should become obvious even to you.

    It’s sad to see someone who has done good work and will continue to do good work damaging their reputation over small issues. I think of John Ziegler.

    JimTreacher in reply to WarEagle82. | September 24, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Well asserted.

      WarEagle82 in reply to JimTreacher. | September 24, 2011 at 9:23 pm

      I see Jim has not yet reached that point…

        JimTreacher in reply to WarEagle82. | September 24, 2011 at 9:31 pm

        The point of shutting up because you tell me to shut up? No, guess not.

          Literally LOL! Just had a visual:

          “Jim! Stop hitting yourself in the head with that hammer!”
          “NO! I won’t just cuz you told me so!”

          But thanks – been a hard week and that laugh did me good.

          WarEagle82 in reply to JimTreacher. | September 24, 2011 at 9:48 pm

          The point is now your obsession. You are simply proving the professor’s point with every obsessive, snarky, pointless response.

          I am not telling you to shut up. That is not my place.

          However, I am trying to impress upon you that you would at least stop hurting yourself by ceasing the obsessive, snarky, pointless posts. But it remains your privilege to continue to dig that hole.

          You are long past “better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” threshold so it may not matter much any longer.

          You are approaching “Andrew Sullivan” status but you appear not to see that either. Good luck with that…

          If people think you a fool, don’t open your mouth and prove it to them.

          JT? You just proved it to them.

          You and your Porno Peddling Pack of Daily Caller Creeps are going to be hounded for years over this. Better get used to it, SlimeBagger.

          You coming to a comment log to argue proves just what morons you, Tucker Carlson, and your other Daily Caller Troll Buddies truly are.

          See ya, Sasquatch.

          JimTreacher in reply to JimTreacher. | September 25, 2011 at 4:03 am

          “Disagreeing with us even though we keep insulting you and impugning your motives” = “Hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.”

          I don’t think you guys realize how much you’re behaving much like the worst of the Palin-haters.

          “Disagreeing with us even though we keep insulting you and impugning your motives” = “Hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.”

          No, not really. “Repeatedly making brief nonconstructive comments to no evident purpose except undermining your professional reputation” = “Hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.”

          And indeed, the comment above by Voting female is out of line.

Actually, I say the opposite – tell them to keep digging, I think they need the exercize.

Clearly they have no interest in redeeming themselves and are doing their damndest to put themselves beyond help. Let them be put out of our misery.

    Conservatives who delve into Sexism Attacks on Conservative Women Politicians be warned… it will bring you to sorrow.

    I, like millions of others, have been sharpening my claws for over three years on Liberals who do that and they are needle sharp.

    People don’t like the flack? Then don’t crawl around in the Sexism Gutter.

What is this new merger going to be called?

The Legal Caller or the Daily Insurrection?

Owen J | September 24, 2011 at 9:38 pm

Literally LOL! Just had a visual:

“Jim! Stop hitting yourself in the head with that hammer!”
“NO! I won’t just cuz you told me so!”

But thanks – been a hard week and that laugh did me good.

Owen J,

Nicely summed up. Some folks just can’t take advice. That’s gonna leave a mark…

    On a more serious note (having known some addicts): He just doesn’t get it that people here, from the Prof on down, are trying to help him (well most of them). He’s looking like an ass, hurting his reputation and his brand, and writing is (I gather) what he does for living.

    Reputation is all he’s got — it’s the foundation of his professional life, his only asset — yet here he is, running around, posting comments in blog that are snarkly, thin-skinned, inane, idiotic, and sometimes just plain mean and stupid. He’s hurting his career and he thinks we’re trying to shut him up — which in a sense we are — because it’s clear to us that he’s hurting himself.

    He’s acting exactly like the junkies I’ve known who have all manner of rationalizations as to why their “lifestyle” is good and healthy and other have no right to “dictate” to them and let’s just “agree to disagree” while they circle the drain.

    Now personally, I could care less about about him — I was only vaguely aware of him before today — but I gather he was once successful as a writer and I can imagine what people who do care about him must feel about him destroying what he’s worked for along with the reputation he’s created.

    I imagine it’s painful for them, and as causing pain to others is generally bad, I wish he’d stop it.

    Now maybe he’s thinking it doesn’t matter — no one reads blog comments or they don’t matter if they are read and so will have no bad effect — but in that case, why has he spent all day posting here? It seems to be really important to him.

    In the end, the only conclusion possible is that he is a deeply flawed sort of person who no longer deserves whatever position he gained, or never did in the first place.

    In a short time (well a short time here, at least ) he seems to have proved to many people who might have formerly thought he had worth that he has little or none. It is either sad spectacle or a deserved come-uppance depending on your point of view.

    But you can’t force help on people. If Teacher is determined to destroy himself in public, all we can do is to let him and move on.

      JimTreacher in reply to Owen J. | September 25, 2011 at 4:07 am

      Your no-doubt genuine concern and piercing insight into my motives are noted. Nonetheless, I reserve the right to disagree, and I feel no obligation to thank people for insulting me and pretending they know why I disagree. Projection is a powerful defense mechanism.

        Indeed it is, as are mirror imaging, denial, and self-delusion.

        But you still haven’t made a case. I am aware that you disagree — I take issue with how you have chosen to express it. That is distinct from my preceptions about the harm you are doing to your reputation.

        And since you see fit not to say here why you disagree, simply making that point over and over again seems — as been said — a bit odd.

        Either you have a position to defend or you don’t. Either you intend to state it or you don’t.

        What you seem to be saying is:
        “I reserve the right to disagree. I reserve the right to not state why I disagree.

        I assert I have an defensible position and that my disagreement is valid.

        I object to the tone that some here have used in addressing me and I find some the comments directed towards me insulting.

        I have no intention of engaging in constructive debate here on the points at issue for reasons of my own that I do not choose to reveal, as is my right.

        I assert that I have privilege to respond here in any manner I see fit, without further explanation, in consequence of what I perceive as the abuse to which I have been here subjected.”

        Did I cover things adequately? Please feel free to correct, enlarge, or amend.

As much fun as it can be, I’m done feeding the troll.

Blog wars serve no purpose. Taking criticism personally serves no purpose. It’s the big picture that matters. Most people who may read this don’t know or care who each of you is – they want the story – and the discussion OF the story – NOT the insults and not the wor is me, or we’re mad at you stuff.

Remember that on a blog you are not talking to a person. You are talking to an audience. What do you really want the AUDIENCE to know. The IDEA – the POINT. Not the stubbed tow before you came on stage.

    I disagree, Rose. Blog wars do serve a purpose. The Conservative Blogosphere is self-correcting like any other peer group.

    The deserved thrashing these Daily Dump Thugs have gotten, and are getting, are object lessons that *words matter*.

    I will be surprised if the Daily Dump does something like this again but if they do, Dan Riehl, the Professor, and a big pack of others will again open a big ole can of Whoop Ass on them, not to mention Greta.

And dammit – I need to start using the preview function . (wor is woe… tow is toe.)

TONIGHT – Bill Maher: Sarah Palin Would Hump Perry if He was Black…

Roughly one minute into his opening monolog on Friday’s “Real Time,” the host mocked Texas governor Rick Perry’s performance at Thursday’s presidential debate and disgustingly quipped, “Sarah Palin was watching and she said, ‘If only he was black, I’d f–k him’”


Treacher keeps saying that he’s correcting errors in logic. Where? Whose? How? All I see is juvenile and unbecoming snark … and a reputation gone down the drain.

When, I wonder, will Jedidiah Bila quit the DC?

Let this be a lesson to the youngsters: easy on the Red Bull, kids!

    Jim: is this your idea of a cute rhetorical trick?

    Perhaps you might to look up “passive agressive” again.

    When you refuse to answer a simple question, you call your motives into question.

    What are you trying to accomplish here?

I would say DC got what they wanted. Everybody is talking about the mike tyson farce and thus DC. Who cares what this pervert says? Who cares that DC printed what he said? I never read anything this pervert says just like I never read anything red foxx said. It will be ugly, it will be nasty and it will make my skin crawl, so since I know the end results and anger I will feel, why should I bother reading the trash.

Just finished reading the comments and it does appear that JT is/was on some personal vendetta to right the wrong he thinks has been done to the DC here. Unfortunately he missed the cut off point where his defense of the article as news slipped from something readers might have been interested in hearing into something that now appears to be just whiney trashing of his arms. Most people who have heard/read this have made up their minds whether it was DC trashing Palin or news.

What a week.

Einstein and Jacobson both proven wrong.

Just finished reading the comments too, and I have a question too.

Are we sure that was Jim? I mean anybody can be anything on the internet, and I’m not sure those comments would pass the Turing test. Jim is normally much sharper and funnier.

Jim Treacher?

You and your Porn Peddling Pals at the Daily Dump go ahead and post another Sexism Attack against a Conservative Woman and label it “news.”

I Triple Dog Dare Ya!