Love this move:

Republicans have decided they’re not going to give a  rebuttal to President Obama’s jobs speech later this week, a decision House  Democratic Leader Nancy  Pelosi took as a high affront to the White  House.

At least three GOP lawmakers also have announced  they’re not going to show up for the presidential address. House Speaker John Boehner’s office then confirmed Tuesday evening  that nobody from the party would deliver an official televised  response.

Pelosi said the party’s “silence” would “speak  volumes about their lack of commitment to creating jobs.”

“The Republicans’ refusal to respond to the  president’s proposal on jobs is not only disrespectful to him, but to the  American people,” Pelosi said.

But Boehner spokesman Mike Steel said Obama’s proposals on  Thursday “will rise or fall on their own merits,” suggesting a GOP response was  not needed.

I don’t agree with any organized boycott of the speech.  Showing up at a Joint Session of Congress is part of the job description, although I do believe individual members can vote their consciences with their feet.

But not responding? Silence is golden, and speaks louder than any teleprompter in this case.