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Saturday Night Card Game (The “Negrophobia” card is played)

Saturday Night Card Game (The “Negrophobia” card is played)

This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before.  Broken dreams and shattered hopes that the use of the race card for political gain would not get any worse.  But I told you it would.

This may be the night, however, when it has peaked, because it can’t possibly get any worse than this post by “Dennis G.” at the popular left-wing Balloon Juice blog (via Crawdad Hole), The Modern Negrophobists reaction to the President’s speech…

Balloon Juice, you may recall, was one of the first entrants into the Saturday Night Card Game, making an appearance on November 14, 2009.

“Dennis G.” uses a mid-19th Century cartoon of a drowning white man refusing to be saved by a black man, followed by this assertion about anticipated reaction from right-wingers and the professional left to Obama’s jobs speech:

This cartoon from 1862 could run in the papers tomorrow as an example of the typical Republican/Wingnut reaction to President Obama’s speech (it would also cover the reaction of more than a few firebaggers as well). This has been the reaction to everything President Obama has done so far, so I see no reason why it would stop tonight.

Wow.  Right-wingers and firebaggers — who Dennis G. presumes all to be white  — refuse to be saved by Barack Obama because Obama is black.

And the proof?  Well, all us wingnuts and the firebaggers refer to Obama as a “lawn jockey.”

Oh wait, my mistake, that was a Balloon Juice blogger referring to Juan Williams as a lawn jockey.

I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the rise of the race card began to slow and our nation began to heal.  Because it couldn’t possibly get any worse.


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    Kerrvillian in reply to myiq2xu. | September 10, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Honorable and Charles Blow? Is this oxymoron day? Need to remember to read the memos sent out by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy more closely.

    I also apparently need a better television. The channel I was watching (NBC) didn’t present anything like the speech that Charles Blow saw. The one I saw was full of straw man arguements, same old-same old and “pass this bill” when the bill hasn’t even been written, yet.

    I watched an Obama who was outdoing Nancy Pelosi “You have to pass the bill so we can write it!”

    Apparently one has to have the secret decoder box that allows you to see an inspiring, dynamic Obama instead of one prattling the same Alinsky-based blame and shame game.

It hasn’t peaked. We’ve got 14 months of opportunity for progressives to one-up themselves, again, and again…

“Because it couldn’t possibly get any worse.”

Don’t kid yourself. It’ll be fever-pitched all next summer and fall, and if Obama loses….well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For the next few years, things will be getting a whole lot uglier, not better.

To a certain extent, it has peaked.
People know that most of these claims as superficial, often comical.
Nobody, of any note, has been forced to resign over a “racial” charge as flimsy as most of the current crop.

Peaked? No way, professor. Between now and November, 2012, it’s only going to get worse. Oh, and it will keep up afterwards, as the Obamatons all cry that only racism could defeat their Dear Leader.

Believe I posted this at my place, a while back..

Remember the Rodney King riots? If and when (hopefully) obama loses, Rodney’s riots could be thought of as child’s play.

If the black person in the image is supposed to be Obama, he gets insulted as well. I don’t see how any relevant point is made, since the person using the graphic is insulting the President just to pretend they know how conservatives think.

They can try to argue that the President will lose re-election based on race, but he has the hurdle of an enormous 9.1% unemployment rate to contend with first. And right now, black people have the highest rates of unemployment. Accusations of racism isn’t going to make much of a difference for them (or anyone).

The Muslims are murdering, raping, enslaving, and coercing conversion of black Africans, and others, because they are black. On a related note, it’s amusing that activists are concerned about “apartheid” in Israel (following the Palestinian’s war of aggression and numerous massacres of Jews and others throughout the centuries and as late as the early 20th century), while ostensibly ignoring the dark history of Islamic enlightenment in that region and surrounding areas.

The Tutsi slaughtered the Hutu slaughtered the Tutsi because they were black.

Native Americans murdered, raped, enslaved, and pillaged other native Americans because they were red.

People resisted Hitler because he was white.

People resisted Stalin and the other communist cretins because they were white, brown, and black.

There is a common theme that runs through these campaigns, and it is not about “race”, but about competing interests.

Following enlightenment, people in large measure rejected left-wing regimes and their advocacy for progressive involuntary exploitation and totalitarian policies. That is the reason why Obama and others of his kind will receive a cold reception in America and other nations where the people still value liberty through self-moderating behavior, and they favor charitable works and donations (i.e., voluntary exploitation) over coercion in order to assist individuals who momentarily falter.

In any case, while appeals to emotion and quelling dissent with this tactic are still effective, and will likely remain viable for the foreseeable future, it is progressively becoming quite boring. Quite boring and yet quite profitable.

The Race card will keep being played as long as it’s important to democrats.

First, just reading that blog makes one realize the amount of thought and research he must have put into it. Then you realize that it was the same amount of thought and research he put into voting for Obama. Then it all makes sense.

David R. Graham | September 10, 2011 at 10:12 pm

“Because it couldn’t possibly get any worse.”

With respect, yes it could. Easily. General execution formations already do dry runs (“flash mobs”) with impunity. “Flash” wet runs with impunity are estimable phenomena. And there is general arrest and termination, as in “take these son of bitches out.” Contemporary Cairo at the Israeli Embassy is monitory.

The National Socialists of 1930s Germany rested their idolatrous, positivistic religion of nature on the racism of Nordic superiority. The National Socialists of 2000s United States rest their idolatrous, positivistic religion of nature on the racism of Black American superiority. In both iterations of the National Socialist frame of reference (a new religion of naturalism based on a single racial superiority), external preemption is required to collapse it because internal preemption is incapable.

Curious that this by Angelo Codevilla has not gained wide attention. It identifies the source of the vexation:

And it seconds Laurie Mylroie’s *Bush vs. the Beltway* with respect to that source.

David R. Graham | September 10, 2011 at 10:20 pm

“The White House Insider” asserts that race is the central focus of the 2012 reelection campaign of the cat in the White House:

As every management defense lawyer knows, sometimes claims of “racism”, “sexism” and etc. are the responses to charges of incompetence. In this case, it’s incompetence. Here’s a nice summary of Obama’s presidency:

Negrophobia? That’s like sex with dead people right?

I hope these lefties keep using the race card and continue with name calling instead offering any factual responses defending Obama and his rhetoric.(I was going to say policies instead of rhetoric but then I remembered there has been nothing but rhetoric offered since Obamacare}
So far they are losing 55 to 60% of the Independent vote and I bet they can get it up to 70-75% if they really try.

Until Republicans get out of the country clubs and into Black Communities and educate them about how Republicans really are, the race card will continue to work. All thoughts otherwise are cute dreams, but hopeless in the face of reality.

    Many of us are working in the Black and Low Income Communities. Almost every week, I end up with someone different saying to me “I always thought Republicans only supported the wealthy and powerful. I didn’t think that a Republican would act the way you do, would support the ‘little guy,’ would nurture personal freedom, liberty and individual rights.”

    Now, I don’t correct them that I’m actually a Conservative, but the point is still the same.

    Many of us are making inroads into the Communities that for years have been the bastions of liberalism, in large part because Republicans abandoned them as part of the “welfare state” and everyone assumed that the votes of these communities could simply be “bought” by liberal pandering.

    As examples from my family:

    My father sits on the board of the Rescue Mission of Syracuse, New York, and that organization has been making significant inroads into the homeless communities and low income populations, helping them to learn skills necessary to get jobs and lift themselves from poverty.

    My mother picks up and delivers food for Caz Cares (the local food bank), in the town where my parents live.

    I volunteer teaching life skills to the Black Community, especially youth, in El Paso through a program run by a Black Church. Because I have backgrounds in Manufacturing & Finance as well as a Law Degree, I am able to teach about financial planning, budgeting, debt reduction, job interviewing, technical skills, and a whole host of other topics which are crucial to 15 to 21 year-old individuals to try to get them a chance at becoming financially self-sufficient.

    It’s these sort of inroads to the Black and Low Income Community which are rapidly eroding support for modern liberalism (Statism). More and more, those communities recognize that the Liberals and the Democrat party has utterly failed them by simply throwing money at them and creating dependence. But when Republicans and Conservatives show up to help, while it is harder and we challenge the people we’re helping, at the end of the day, the people find that they’re self sufficient, and no longer need help (or need a vastly reduced amount of it). The minute you empower someone to break the chains of dependency upon the government and support themselves, they will flee from that dependency as far and as fast as they can, because somewhere deep down, there is an inherent pride in being able to say “I AM able to support myself.”

    (Ironghost, I’m going to repost your comment and this response to my blog as a topic, because I think it’s important enough to have the discussion. I’m going to credit you for the comment, but if you’d like me to remove the credit, let me know)

Who does the race card work with? Obama already has the black vote. All this race baiting accomplishes with them is to anger and incite.
Does it work with independents? I’m not sure in the long run, but every recent poll shows Obama losing more not less Independent votes. The media parrots the charges of racism but they have been nothing but cheerleaders for since he was nominated.
It is my belief that even the Left does not even believe their own racist charges, but guess what, They have nothing else! Thats the only card Obama has left them.

    Actually, President Obama is starting to lose the “black vote” badly (in historical terms). He SHOULD be getting somewhere north of 94% of likely African American voters saying that they would vote for him again. It’s not anywhere near that number. The exceptionally high unemployment rate for African Americans, and especially youth, is dragging down his electoral support.

    Will there be some individuals who pull the voting booth lever simply because of race? Sure. But that number is actually a LOT smaller than people (on both sides) think it is.

    The Black Communities that I travel in are actually VERY upset with Obama due to his consistent failure to provide ANY sort of reasonable jobs plan. Most of them inherently understand that the Federal Government is the problem, not the solution, to their woes. Further, they largely recognize that Obama policies have damaged the Black Community’s employment prospects, which now stand at almost Great Depression levels. Already over 40% of the African American Community think that the Nation is on the wrong track, and those individuals are likely to at least stay home, if not actively vote AGAINST Obama in the next election.

Racism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Or something like that.
If you think for a minute that it can’t get any worse, just consider how bad it will get when Obama loses.

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