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Road Trip, Part 1

Road Trip, Part 1

Name withheld for a reason which will become obvious.

From reader “Joe”:

I just returned from a road trip from SD to VA for my mother’s funeral.

As I drove down the WV Turnpike I snapped this pic of a billboard. I’d seen it before on a previous trip so I had my SLR all ready. There is another one, identical to this, in the opposite direction on another billboard.

Not as sharp as a static image but I was doing 70mph. (I know, I guess I violated your rule about being careful!)

Hopefully ***all*** the coal states depicted will vote against democrats  next year.

Update:  Road Trip, Part 2


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That so many coal-dependent people bought into that “clean coal technology” lie amazes me, that after that “they can build their coal-fired plant – but it will bankrupt them” didn’t sink in to states like WV back in 2008.

Obama was planning on eliminating coal as a fuel. It was obvious to me from that and other statements yet much of coal-mining south-western VA still voted for Obama…….because of that D by his name, and coal miners are staunch die-hard union supporters and members.

Yet another “scales falling from their eyes” moment? We’ll see. WV is deep blue.

Still, I really hope WV goes Republican this time…….but I just won’t hold my breath.

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | September 22, 2011 at 9:57 am

I found another picture of that billboard in another location, or maybe it was just facing the other direction.

It says

The president talks about creating jobs
but his EPA is destroying jobs

stand up for coal jobs

But I couldn’t even find a picture of the billboard on that site.

I am hearing commercials on the radio from another coal industry advocacy group here in Kansas City.

Those of us who depend on coal to heat our homes and power our essentials are rooting for the coal miners too. Thank God for coal miners and thank God for the energy we need to sustain our American standard of living. That goes for all of the other workers and industries that provide for our way of life too. I wonder if the liberals sitting around on their iPads and iphones, who go home to a nice warm shower and a hot cooked meal made from food that was stored in a refrigerator, ever think about what would happen if there was not enough electricity to go around.

    Bill Gannon in reply to ella8. | September 22, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    No, ella8, they never make the connection. Logical analysis is a forbidden skill in progressive families. To their way of thinking the benefits of modern living are “due” them because they are so smart, and because they “care” so deeply. And it is right that this is so.

    The nitty-gritty of how things work is not something they care to explore. Takes away from their available “thinking of ways to rule other people” time.

Some of us are thankful for the abundance in our life, others they must be oikophobes.