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Put the U.N. on the next debate agenda

Put the U.N. on the next debate agenda

Via NRO, Anti-Israel Durban Declaration Reaffirmed:

On Thursday, Western negotiators at the U.N. caved in to the demands of envoys from Islamic states to renew a modern-day form of the decades-long U.N. smear campaign alleging that the Jewish state is racist. Diplomats agreed on a new “anti-racism” declaration that went public Friday at noon….

Most revealing of the pathology of today’s United Nations is what happened to Western democratic countries when they were outnumbered — they surrendered. Fifty-five Western states refused to vote in favor of the 2010 General Assembly resolution sanctioning Durban III. But now that the actual event is around the corner and has clearly shaped up to meet the worst expectations, only nine states have pulled out.

The U.N. has lost much of its usefulness, and now is a force as much for evil as for good.  Many of its agencies and agendas have become anti-Semitic freak shows.

At the next debate, I hope the candidates will be asked their positions on cutting U.S. contributions to the U.N., and working to eliminate — not just cut back — organizations like the Human Rights Council and various conferences which are a primary force for anti-Semitism in the world.


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We are funding our enemies agenda, that is just insane.

Indeed…”The U.N. has lost much of its usefulness, and now is a force as much for evil as for good. Many of its agencies and agendas have become anti-Semitic freak shows.”

If you read the original article at the NRO, you will see that the effort to reaffirm the Durbin Declaration was led be Benin and South Africa. Immediately. I’m thinking Benin??? How is it that Benin leads anything? And we now hear that South Africa is an Islamic State? I guess I’ve been under my rock for some time now.

Further reading of the article talks about how the G-77, “…which constitutes a majority of UN members — held firm to their demand to reaffirm the whole message of the 2001 declaration.”

G-77? Where have I been? When I looked up the G-77, it seems the G-77 not only includes all of the Islamic states, but Brazil, much of Central America and China. And oh, by the way, the G-77 now has 131 members.

I believe many of the G-77 receive substantial foreign aid from the US. How about addressing that issue as well in the next debate? Government officials in many of those countries would be riding scooters as opposed to the Mercedes Benz vehicles I’m sure they rush out and immediately purchase with our aid.

This also leads into another issue that we should come to terms with. Islam is not simply a religion. Islam is a totalitarian system wherein religion, law and governance are all woven together. And yet, here in America we embrace the incoming waves of Islamic immigrants as though they will adopt the same love for this country that we saw in the great waves on immigration in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Let me tell you something. The followers of Islam who have come here will NEVER, EVER follow the path taken by the waves of European immigrants who came here and assimilated because they loved this country. The Islamic people who are coming here have no such intentions. We need to wake up and stop the madness of allowing these people to come here and practice their conquest under the guise of merely “practicing religious freedom”.

America is a Judeo/Christian nation and if we do not protect that culture, we will lose our entire nation. We need to STOP the immigration of people from Islamic countries to America. We need no laws to do this. It’s no more then a simple matter proper administration at the State Department. By the way, The U.S. Department of State lists Benin as being only 20% Muslim. I believe that shows how current the people at The US State Department are in their thinking.

“Moss Isley spaceport” (Alec Guiness gesture towards the UN), “You’ll not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”.

The debaate question could be something like this: what kinds of foreign aid, international organizations or groups/commissions is it in the best interests of the U.S. to join or fund?

I believe that the UN would come in dead last — maybe one point ahead of aid to “poor countries” who are only poor because of oppressive governments (rulers and top bureaucrats taking everything for themselves).

The conclusion: U.S. declines membership in the UN and invites another country to house the “enemy” organization. This reason is not only because of its flagrant anti-Israel, pro Islamic-terrorist positions, but also because of its “globalism-run-by-bureaucrats” ideology. Simply because of the IPCC, it should be cut off at the knees. (woops, am I not being “civil”?)

I wonder how many of the electorate are interested in this idea.

“the Jewish state is racist.”

I didn’t know there was a Tea Party in power.


Move the UNHQ now.

Move the United Nations Headquarters on Turtle Bay to Port au Prince.


Too long they’ve enjoyed America’s largess on one hand, while attempting to tear down America with the other.

In Haiti, the entire world can bring the best of its talents on post-disaster reconstruction, mentoring, education, health care etc.

How could the world not respond if its diplomats must live and conduct diplomacy in Haiti?

More, just having the United Nations in Haiti would result in a multi-year jobs program in building and maintenance. The jobs created to keep the UN in a life to which it has become accustomed would probably employ directly 10% of the Haitian population, indirectly another 20%.

Without something dramatic like placing the Headquarters of the United Nations in Haiti– “Haiti, District of the World” or “Haiti, D.W.”–nothing will change.

Since the sanctimonious diplos think they can solve the world’s problems–let them try. Up close and personal.

More, it gets these thieving, lying, conniving quiche-eating milquetoasts out of NYC. That can only be good news. They’re complaining how the Headquarters is dilapidated, so–let’s give them a new venue.

Take good care.

What’s scary to me is that our kids are taught in school that the UN is a great source of hope for the future of the world.

I don’t like the fact that I’m put in the position of having to seem like some old meanie when I try to explain to our little ones that the UN is mostly not a good thing.

It’s hard finding a satisfying answer to a kid asking, “Why do they hate Jews?”

LukeHandCool (who loathes having to parent against all the latest educational trends … it’s tiring and it shortens the blessed innocent phase of childhood).

Haiti? Why make that place even worse?
How about Hades?

At the next debate, I hope the candidates will be asked their positions on cutting U.S. contributions to the U.N., and working to eliminate — not just cut back — organizations like the Human Rights Council and various conferences which are a primary force for anti-Semitism in the world….”

Governor Rick Perry has already stood up to the United Nations and Obama here:UN Takes on Texas Fox News July 2011
“…U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is calling for Gov. Rick Perry to commute the sentence to life in prison for Humberto Leal Garcia. Garcia was convicted of raping and killing a 16-year-old girl in February 1998.
But Perry apparently doesn’t plan to take his cues from the U.N.

“The governor would have to receive a favorable recommendation from the Board of Pardons and Paroles to consider the clemency requested,” a spokesperson for the governor told Reuters.

Read more:

Governor Perry is well aware of the UN corruption and I think one of his first actions as president would be defunding and inviting it to move on out!

The UN is a template for Star Wars’ Mos Eisley: “You will never see a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Haiti is too darn close. Once this garbage is out of our country, I don’t want them coming into our ports on their yachts. I want them on the other side of the world and since there are so many muslim countries, let it be Saudi Arabia or some other country in that area. Also a good idea is to refuse visas to anyone who ever was an employee or member of the UN.