Via NRO, Anti-Israel Durban Declaration Reaffirmed:

On Thursday, Western negotiators at the U.N. caved in to the demands of envoys from Islamic states to renew a modern-day form of the decades-long U.N. smear campaign alleging that the Jewish state is racist. Diplomats agreed on a new “anti-racism” declaration that went public Friday at noon….

Most revealing of the pathology of today’s United Nations is what happened to Western democratic countries when they were outnumbered — they surrendered. Fifty-five Western states refused to vote in favor of the 2010 General Assembly resolution sanctioning Durban III. But now that the actual event is around the corner and has clearly shaped up to meet the worst expectations, only nine states have pulled out.

The U.N. has lost much of its usefulness, and now is a force as much for evil as for good.  Many of its agencies and agendas have become anti-Semitic freak shows.

At the next debate, I hope the candidates will be asked their positions on cutting U.S. contributions to the U.N., and working to eliminate — not just cut back — organizations like the Human Rights Council and various conferences which are a primary force for anti-Semitism in the world.