In a post at NRO, praising Romney without bashing other Republican candidates:

But he’s not only a family man, he is a man of principle. He believes in the bedrock conservative ideals of limited government and free enterprise. He will stand up for America’s allies when they are threatened, with fortitude. And he will face down our adversaries. He is a formidable person, and he will certainly be a formidable president. Our allies can count on it, and our enemies should expect it.

I don’t think this means a lot in terms of votes for Romney, but it certainly is a plus, particularly to the extent it gives Romney another high profile Republican to campaign for him and help raise money.

It also reflects the continuing divide between the traditional Republican leadership and the upstarts. I viewed Pawlenty as someone who could bridge that gap, but it wasn’t to be.

While I don’t think this in and of itself is a huge event, it does signal a coalescing around Romney of a traditional segment of the party which was neither inside-the-beltway nor Tea Party.  That seems to be the territory Romney is mining.


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