Obama flubbed his history.  Via Ed Morrissey, Obama inaccurately called Abraham Lincoln the founder of the Republican Party:

Not true! Doesn’t Obama know history?

So now the media will erupt for weeks on end about what an “idiot” and “fool” and “know-nothing” Obama is, just like it erupted over Sarah Palin’s (accurate) comments about Paul Revere?

It’s even worse, because Palin’s (accurate) comments were made in an on-the-fly interview whereas Obama’s were in a prepared speech.

And all the enlightened conservative pundits who bashed Palin endlessly over Revere now will denounce Obama’s historical ignorance, right?

I know, I’m talking to myself again.

Update:  Sarah Palin may be the one liberals have been waiting for

Update 9-10-11:  NPR PBS has edited out the Lincoln error from its transcript of the speech (h/t Instapundit).


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