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Palin knew Revere better than Obama knew Lincoln

Palin knew Revere better than Obama knew Lincoln

Obama flubbed his history.  Via Ed Morrissey, Obama inaccurately called Abraham Lincoln the founder of the Republican Party:

Not true! Doesn’t Obama know history?

So now the media will erupt for weeks on end about what an “idiot” and “fool” and “know-nothing” Obama is, just like it erupted over Sarah Palin’s (accurate) comments about Paul Revere?

It’s even worse, because Palin’s (accurate) comments were made in an on-the-fly interview whereas Obama’s were in a prepared speech.

And all the enlightened conservative pundits who bashed Palin endlessly over Revere now will denounce Obama’s historical ignorance, right?

I know, I’m talking to myself again.

Update:  Sarah Palin may be the one liberals have been waiting for

Update 9-10-11:  NPR PBS has edited out the Lincoln error from its transcript of the speech (h/t Instapundit).


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Professor, the problem is not so much that Obama is ignorant, it’s mostly that he’s incompetent and deceitful.

i am jack’s complete lack of surprise

let me get this straight. The smartest president who ever served has a highly paid staff of people (all paid for with your and my tax dollars), and he muffs this one.

Can you spell doubel standerd?

Can we really hold President Obama responsible for the teleprompter’s ignorance? Maybe we should give the White House minions a week or so to clarify the teleprompter’s remarks before we judge so harshly.

    Anchovy in reply to Merlin. | September 9, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    I bet the teleprompter was made by some right wing conservative multinational company run by a CEO that has a corporate jet at his disposal and thinks making a profit is what he is in business to do.

his ignorance is historical, but then again, since he was neither born nor raised here, and has been taught from an early age to despise this country, it is unsurprising that this SCOAMF would not know, nor can he be bothered to learn even the most tidbits of our history, even when he tries to use them against us.

i had no plans to listen to the First Liar, but i did turn on the tv and put the channel on the NFL pregame stuff here in LA, just to do my part in driving down his ratings numbers.

the fact that the MFM hasn’t said anything about viewers is yet another indicator that the average American as seen enough of this incompetent to judge is worth. lets just hope that disdain carries through to next November.

Professor, you are not talking to yourself. We are listening. I not only read what you write, I am passing some of it along to my address list, along with your site URL. You are high on my “go to” blog list.

Keep up the good work.

BTW, I am eagerly awaiting the printed version of Obama’s jobs bill so I can study it in detail. Oh, there isn’t one? Such a surprise.

RefudiateObama2012 | September 9, 2011 at 9:48 am

Uh oh. Someone’s in trouble at the NYTimes.

    jeannebodine in reply to RefudiateObama2012. | September 9, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    “Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”

OT – Professor Jacobson, you’ll want this for tomorrow night’s card game:

Obama flubbed his history

Could be the reason for the dumbfounded looks, from the two gentlemen, behind the buffoon speaking.

Umm, check that “Barbarians From the Gates” Biden, always looks like that.

You’re not talking to yourself. All of us other little voices in your head are listening to you. Don’t worry, none of us think you’re crazy…

I assume that obama is referring to the railroad that Lincoln started, at least, that is where he has gone before with this line. Of note, that railroad was one of the most corrupt venture of all time. If was so badly constructed that it had to be built again and it gave rise to the great robber barons for which business in the US is forever tainted. That is a fitting anology for this jerk.

‘I’m One of Those Barbarians’; Boehner Greeting Biden Caught on Live Mic

via Breitbart.

Question is..Did Joey catch the dig..

Doesn’t Obama know history?

At this point, some (including me) are asking, “Doesn’t Obama know anything?”

    CaliforniaJimbo in reply to Iowa Jim. | September 9, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Blame the Teleprompter. The poor mass of electrons made the President look bad. But then again, the Teleprompter makes fewer gaffes than Biden…

New Obama bumper sticker?

“You Betcha He Botched It!”

Will you hear about this in media? Listen closely…………..Hear’em?……Crickets.

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The part about Lincoln being the founder of the Republican party was not in the original transcript that I read yesterday. This is why POTUS should rely on TOTUS!

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History? He can’t even remember that his first stimulus was a spectacular failure.

Ignorant, deceitful, and incompetent. . .

Well, maybe, but I think he knows exactly what he is doing.

He wants America to fail.
He hates America.

He is a TRAITOR.

Take good care,

Sandy Daze

I believe Obama is deceitful because he has represented so many things to be quite other than what they truly are. Obamacare is but one example. I don’t know that he is a traitor per se, however, I think it’s entirely possible he has been going for the gusto with government growth, benefit programs (which can only be continued with increasing the debt) and union support in order to craft an electoral majority that will keep him and the Democrats in power. Somewhere in the inner sanctum of the Democratic operatives lair, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has a big spreadsheet that says if they can get enough of the right kinds of people, in the right places, working for “the man”, on welfare or in a public union, they can win a national election even if only by a very slim margin.

This would explain a lot of things we currently struggle to understand such as why Obama clearly looked the other way on the economy for so long. If they are trying to craft even a slim electoral majority of have-nots, etc, we’re screwed. If Obama gets a second term, look for him to bring about Cap and Trade and a VAT through various administrative actions – just like they did with amnesty. Under such a master plan with Obama having a second term, look for at least two Supreme Court Justices to be replaced. Then they can accomplish through the judiciary what they can’t get through the legislative branch. That would bring about the proverbial “game over man” situation for us.

I’m not saying this will happen, however, I believe it is very possible the Democrats have been working towards such a goal. Clearly, even they must know that our deficit and our debt are unsustainable, but a VAT would fix that in very short order. If they can ever manage to finagle a VAT, things will go downhill for us for quite some time. The Democrats would then, however, have all the cash they need to do whatever they want. This is why it we must be deadly serious about the election of 2012. We need to not only get rid of Obama, we need to turn the Senate with a veto-proof majority.

Please do not become complacent about the elections of 2012. Obama and the Democrats have very ambitious plans, and if they get a second term in the WH and we don’t get back the Senate, we’re looking at the dissolution of this nation as we know it today.

    Weirddave in reply to Ipso Facto. | September 9, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    “I’m not saying this will happen”. I am. Quite plainly. Why be coy?

      Ipso Facto in reply to Weirddave. | September 9, 2011 at 10:08 pm

      I’m not saying this won’t happen out of coyness. I think at this point Obama is paying the price of his own incompetence, with respect to accomplishing the above outlined objectives.

      He certainly went right for the brass ring as soon as he got in, however, since he never even knew himself exactly what was in the Obamacare bill (I’m sure it came right out of the files of a few liberal think tanks) he had no idea that it was going to take up so much time and energy to get it passed. In his efforts to conceal the details and placate the public, his ineptitude and his deceitful nature was exposed to his detriment (thank God).

      With the clear arrogance of power that was used to literally lock the Republicans out of the rooms when details were being deliberated, the Democrats ended up with a white hot spotlight on Pelosi and Reid, and again, those two obnoxious people acted in such an atrocious manner that they effectively sewed the seeds of the Tea Party.

      When we look at the bailouts for companies that gave their executives six-figure bonuses and the other details withheld on TARP and the GM deal where secured stockholders were deemed to be “greedy” the public was beginning to wake up. PS, we the People lost 1.4 billion on the GM deal where the UAW got a seat on the board!

      Thus, Obama began to spend his political capital with the zeal of a 30 year slaughter house veteran who just won the lottery. The people were actually quite appalled. When it became apparent that Hilda Solis was a radical union shill, and that Salazar was an ass-kissing enviro nut, and that Van Jones was a czar and that Anita Dunn was keen on Mao Tse Tung, people were asking themselves if what they actually saw before their eyes was actually a part of US governance. After Obamacare was rammed through in the most blatantly hostile non-partisan manner against the wishes of the public, and we began to see the incredible spending and monetizing of the debt – the Tea party was born.

      At that point Obama had squandered about 90% of his political capital. But think for a minute. Obamacare establishes over 130 new bureaucracies. If there are 10K to 12K employees in each one, that comes up to about 1.4 million democratic voters. Lets say they all have families and thus lets add in a factor of 2.5 voters to the actual number of people hired. That comes out to about 3.5 million voters in their camp. Be careful now. The offices of the bureaucracies for Obamacare will not be located in a random fashion across the nation. The Democrats are smart enough to locate those offices in most critical counties of the most critical swing states. Remember that these people do nothing that doesn’t advance their cause.

      So lets go back to the spreadsheet in the inner sanctum of the Democratic operatives facilities. Now they are calculating where the 3.5 Million new employees will be located and they next factor in where the core groups of welfare recipients are located throughout the metro areas of the nation. They next add in the public union support they may be able to obtain, and they subsequently draft legislation to appeal to those potential voters.

      In the meantime, they hamstring the energy sector (did anyone notice Obama said not one word about energy in his JSoC speech?) by shutting down Gulf drilling. This shores up the uber-left (more votes) and sticks it to the states that are probably going to vote R in the next election. He also appoints two radical left judges to the SCOTUS.

      We have to remember that the Democrats have been financing ACORN for years to sway elections and they know that nearly every illegal alien here with a drivers license (like Obama’s uncle) votes as well.

      My guess is that while we think Obama is nuts and out to lunch and incompetent, he is actually working a plan much like the one I have outlined here. I now think that due to his incompetence, he blew it. He went too far too soon and he wasn’t deceitful in the right ways. He should have appointed some less radical people to the high profile positions so that we couldn’t see through his smoke screen. He could have slipped in a lot more programs because most people aren’t as politically engaged as those here. Obama thus blew his wad too soon and didn’t pay enough attention to unemployment. Make no mistake – people getting paid to do nothing even works for awhile, however, my guess is that there are now millions of people living in their friends’ attacks and many are now one step away from living under a bridge.

      I’m now saying that Obama screwed up with respect to executing his own deceitful plan and now he has lost the trust of many independents and even some on the left. I think the number of people who support the Tea Party platform is much bigger then most people believe it to be. Obama thus let his mask slip too far too soon. But then again, I haven’t seen the spreadsheet I think they have somewhere. I don’t know the numbers well enough to know if they still have enough of a constituency to get re-elected or not. Far too few people have enough sufficient knowledge about this and with four Jokers in the deck, not knowing what the Democrats know gives me pause.

      One thing we need to remember is that these people are the lowest level of human filth. If we play “fair” and go by “the rules”, we may not prevail because they have no compunctions whatsoever about doing whatever they need to do to accomplish their objectives.

      Again, don’t become complacent now that Obama looks to be going down in the polls. We need to stay on top of this and do everything we can possibly do to prevail in 2012.

Don’t let this one disappear and get buried. In fact, we need simple talking points, because there’s so much more. (Where are the gunrunner headline scandals. Etc.) Reminders, because the media not only has a short memory, in Obama’s case, it hasn’t even covered the negatives.

I’m sure I’m not alone at being re-enraged every time I think of the countless number of times the media wrongly, stupidly and unfairly has slammed Sarah Palin.

    Papa Ray in reply to janitor. | September 10, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Very good comment and round up of the situation.
    But you forgot the crats ace card or maybe it would be better described as their Joker card.

    As has been proven and suspected hundreds of times in the past, the democrats cheat. The voter fraud that they have been accused of and convicted of should be proof of how they are going to operate and subjugate the most important elections in our Republic’s lifetime.

    Did you notice that over the last three (3) years how the democrats have made massive efforts to stack the important positions within each state, to favor the democrats?

    They didn’t even try and hide it. Who decides how (or if) votes are counted in each state? Who “Investigates” any charges or accusations of fraud in each state?

    You will find upon investigation that many states have elected democrats to fill these positions and so have filled and established forces to make sure that any investigation favors the democrats or going so far as to not have any real investigations.

    In other words, voter fraud will try and determine the outcome of future elections.

    There is no iron clad fix for this. But cameras and recorders and voter participation and awareness may make the difference. But in the states who have elected the crats, I don’t hold much confidence that they will be caught, or if caught…convicted.

    Papa Ray

      Ipso Facto in reply to Papa Ray. | September 10, 2011 at 11:46 am

      Papa Ray

      You are absolutely correct, the Democrats have no qualms whatsoever about engaging in criminal activity to throw elections. This is one reason why it was so significant that over 6oo Republicans got elected to State legislatures across the nation in 2010. As a result of this, it will be a bit more difficult for them to be so blatant. That noted, I am disappointed we don’t see a clear effort to clean up the voter registration across the nation. This is a must. I hope everyone will write their State legislators about this very important issue.

      Another thing I failed to mention is that the Democrats have the Press on their side.

      All in all, even though I hope Obama is toast, we must work very diligently to prevail in 2012.

There are websites dedicated to misquotes: quotes which are attributed to somebody who didn’t say it at all. However, Lincoln being a founder of the Republican Party is a whopper. Not only does NObama not know history, but none of his minions who vet these speeches knew that. Remarkable in their stupidity and arrogance. Boy, am I glad I didn’t waste any time or money going to Harvard Law! The press covers for him, and his cronies.

I understand that the reason the Teamsters were the first union to endorse NObama is that he promised them to lay off the Federal racketeering charges. So we won’t investigate Fast and Furious or the Teamsters, but we will harass Gibson. Way to go.

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The leftards at memeorandum have LGF flipping out as he goes off his meds—the lardass confused PBS & NPR. Obama is a fool and a dunce and the country is disgusted with the way the lamestream MSM mollycoddles a fake tough guy who threatens to bring “a gun to a knife fight.” Obungler called for civility, but evidently Columbia U & Harvard Law don’t include that in their curriculum….

He’s an affirmative action clown. Only the lamestream MSM is silly enuf to make fun of Gov. Perry’s Texas A&M grades when the O’Bozo has somehow made his GPA “disappear” at Columbia, along with his senior thesis on US/USSR nuke disarmament back in the eighties.

I’ll bet he flunked a couple of community organizing courses during his brilliant academic career as well.

PS, after calling GWB “stupid” for years, it turned out that the phony hairpiece John [3 purple hearts, zero wounds] Kerry had even lower grades at Yale. Obamandias is dumber than dirt, and it shows. is a left wing website I guess. You can parse what “Founder of the Republican Party” but I would have to say that “helped establish” is the same as “founding” You people are grasping at straws

Check out the official republican website:

“Abraham Lincoln helped establish the Republican Party
with a speech denouncing an 1854 law, written by a Democrat Senator,
that allowed slavery to expand into the western territories. Two years
later, he co-founded the Illinois GOP. Lincoln was runner-up for the
1856 Republican vice presidential nomination and then became a
Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate.”Read more:

good on grayamerica. he injects a fact into the cesspool, and the seepage of brainless excremeent stops, just like that.

frikkin hilarious.


    William A. Jacobson in reply to drummerboy. | September 11, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Sounds like a couple of new commenters have come here from the ultimate cesspool blog. Fact is, Obama was wrong. Not a big deal, now we’ll wait for all the apologies to Palin (which never will come).